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Helicopter Parents Research Paper

When the days are gone people begin to acknowledge that the spare the rod and spoil the child often happen more and more. Instead of that name, a common name today is Helicopter parents. The term “Helicopter parents” is a “style of child rearing in which an overprotective mother or father discourages a child’s independence by being too involved in the child’s life” (“Helicopter Parents”). College administrators thought the parents were a little to involved in their child everyday life, that how they came up with the term because they see it more than ever today.

Helicopter parents have a big background, along with causes the children to have major health issues, and known for problems from hovering their child. Helicopter parents are widely known as overprotective parents because they are hovering around their child. They tend to control each person’s life. The parents are tracking every move. If the child does not answer the phone, they call the police to go out and look for the child. In high school they are labeled the soccer mom’s. The moms do not know they are a helicopter parent until their child begins college. They are the ones who call the professors at college to ask how their kid is doing.

Next, the Helicopter parents try to do everything, so the children do not have to worry about it. If the kid has a job they will take the check and go put in the bank. A study from the University of Mary Washington says, “Mothers managed the bank accounts of 29 percent of respondents” (Averill). Another college said that a parent came and picked out the classes when the child was not even around. “When parents do things for their children, they are effectively telling their children that they cannot handle these issues by themselves,” Schiffrin says (Quoted in Averill).

When a child that does not receive a letter of acceptance the parent calls and tries to persuade the college to let his or her child in. If that is still a no then they will go their limits to pull them into the college. Finally, the colleges are changing and have to set limits because the colleges realize that there are a lot of helicopter parenting now than ever before. Many of the schools are setting up orientation that has guest speakers and role playing skits showing parents and children a great relationship for college (Watson). This helps the parents know what they should and should not do while the child goes to college.

Now many college directors are calling meetings for the professors to teach them how to handle these type of parents and what or how to limit what they do for them. Second main idea is that helicopter parents may cause health concerns of young adults in college. Many of students are showing depression. The main reason why this is a big concern is moving away from home and having no communication skills because their parents always did that for then. Many examples are if the child has a problem with the roommate or former colleague the mom will come and step in before the kid even get the chance to communicate to the person (Haughney).

When it is around the time they are seniors in college, overprotective parents show the children the economic fears that they will fail in life. They think that their parents know everything and would not be able to survive in the world with today’s society. Another concern have been anxiety because the parents is always with them when they do everything, so they are nervous doing something one their own. Also, they watch and listen to other student talk about the experiences they lived and the children are thinking of high school and they were not allowed to do and wished they did not have helicopter parents (Van).

As they start college, experiencing their real first test of the year they get overwhelmed with all the studying and no knowing what is going to be on the test. When it is the end of the semester and finals begin, this is the real test for anxiety because they have so many at one time they begin to have a mental breakdown. Lastly, for health in college is self-efficacy. This is one of the main important health concern in college because their parent is overprotective. The parents that are not helicopter parents, students have higher life satisfaction, and self-efficacy (Haughney).

When something happens in school they go to the bathroom and calls their parents crying to them that they do not know what to do anymore. With this seeing their child fails is hard for them so they come right to school and talk to the professor without any consult of the child. The child then becomes embarrassed at school and get really low self-efficacy. While the other children get told to fail by their parents that are not overprotective cause the children has to learn. The other parents just want the children to exceed and not fall behind because they are the ones paying for college, so they will do anything for them to get good grades.

The last reason why selfefficacy is a main effect is because the children do ask the professor for help. They are to scared because their mommy always speaks for them. Instead of asking the teacher, they go to their mom for help and ask them to do it for them (Almendrala). The last main effect of helicopter parents are the number of problems that are caused by hovering. The big problem is employment because the parent is always right there beside them helping. They start searching for jobs and what areas they want the kid to live or what the best position for the kid.

They always find the jobs that may be close to home because they want to supervised them and watch them to make sure they are in work. When children are applying for jobs they are getting help with their parents and allow the parents to write/ fill out the application. The reason that they can use their parents is because that least young adults are so close to their parents in age. “Since they are so close twenty-four seven they can share resumes, jobs listing, and even human resource contacts” (“Bump Ride into Employment”).

When the children start the job and are doing on the job training right after their ay ends their parents are calling them the minute they get out of work. They are three months in the job and they have their first big meeting and of course they do not know the answer to; they stop and call their mom to help them out. The second reason that hovering a child is binge drinking. They are two kinds of parents; the good parents and the get-real parents. The good parents are the parents teach them about the larger values such as religion and sports. When they are at college, they think of what their mother would say if they had an ounce of alcohol.

They prevent drinking because the parent wants the children to grow up and be successful. The get-real parents teach them about drinking while they are still at home and show the limits to stop. Also, when the children know how much they can have and be able to help others that do not. Many of the parents sends the child to classes to learn about teen drinking and what to know to stay out of jail (Flanagan). Most of the college students are not engaged in school, they are mostly to find something else to do which is binge drinking (Mailonline).

Which the students are more likely to have over the limit of ten or more. Binge drinking has been happening since the 9th century and continuing more as the vears go on. Last but not least, hovering parents may cause brain development in some areas of learning. The one biggest is basic survival skills. With mothers that do everything for the child, they do not learn the basic’s of human hygiene, because the parents tell to go shower, or brush the teeth. The child often notices that they cannot when they go off to live on their own.

Most common items they do not know are cooking, cleaning, and do their own laundry (Almendrala). Within not learning the basics they can not make own decision and rather not if it is the right choice or not. By that the parents is the one that always makes the decision and often does not tell the child it is good or bad by that point. If they can not make own decision then they are not going to be able to problem solve. All of these things going hand in hand with the brain, first with the basic learning to decision to problem solving shows that the parents do everything for their child.

Helicopter parents have a big background, along with causes the children to have major health issues, and known for problems from hovering their child. Since the background of the parents are not the same, college are changing the ways can do certain things. While the parents are busy looking after them, they really do not see the outcome behind the child. Health may be the factor now but the future for the children is unbelieveable. Every child deserves to have a parent that teaches and helps them learn, and not one that does everything for them without asking them if it is fine.

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