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Gun Control in the United States

In the wake of all the school shootings in the past two years gun control has become a more serious issue than before. Gun control has always been a concern in the United States, but not until the first major school shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado did this topic become a reality to the American public. In 1999, this massacre left fifteen people dead including the assassins. And just recently on March 5, 2001 did the tradition continue, when Charles Andrew Williams killed two classmates, leaving many injured in Santee California.

School shootings has become a very popular topic in the arguments for gun control. Gun control laws focus on making guns more difficult to obtain, as well as easier to trace (Smith 4). Although, many see gun control as a violation of their amendments. The second amendment in the constitution proclaims that as citizens of the United States, a person has the right to bear arms. Now, this amendment does not apply to everyone, those who have been convicted of a felony may not own a gun. One can take three sides in the political battle over gun control.

The sides are for gun control, against gun control, or gun control with restrictions. It is all very confusing, but somehow the Democratic and Republican parties make it easier for us to understand. In their own words of course, and sometimes they might agree with each other. Sometimes…. The Republican Party believes in the second amendment of the constitution. The Republican Party also has the support of the NRA, which is the National Rifle Association. The NRA supported the election of out current president, George W. Bush who according to the NRA follows the standard gun owners line.

Which are harsher penalties against gun-toting criminals, but no more regulations for worthy citizens who take guns seriously (NRA). The Republicans feel that law-abiding citizens should have the right to their protection against criminals. This is the Republicans point of view, make the consequences harsh and the number of violations will go down. The Democratic Party has pledged their faith in the concept of gun control. The Democratic Party has support from law enforcement and such organizations as the Million Mom March for gun control.

They feel that more laws restrict people from using their weapons in a harmful manner. They feel that tighter laws are needed and an increase in penalties (Phinney). They feel that gun companies should not be spared from liability lawsuits, and feel that guns should not be apparent in society (Smith 7). After the shooting of six year old Kayla Rolland, by her classmate, Bill Clinton called for a summit meeting, of Congressional leaders to discuss tighter gun control laws (Naghton, Evan,and Flint). This is the Democrats point of view, fix it before it is a problem.

I am personally against gun control, I think that I should have the right to own a gun for my protection. I will always be afraid to walk down the street at night, and I would never walk down a dark ally. I would never go running without the fear of having a gun being pointed at me; a small part of my freedom has been taken. Why should I be denied of this? I should be able to have a gun for self-defense, so that I would have a better chance of not getting raped. I feel that adults who are responsible enough to understand the consequences of gun use should be able to not only own a weapon, but also collect as many as they want.

I think that if children are brought up in a loving atmosphere, where parents are very involved in their life there should not be a problem. People make the most out of their life, and they have the ability to control what they can do. I believe that the ones who are entirely responsible for the downfall of our society are very much messed up and have no excuses for what they do. I think that there are too many scapegoats for people today and everything they do is no ones fault but their own. People have a tendency to blame everyone but the one who is really responsible.

Blame falls on television, parents, and bullies. Although, bullies have been around for centuries and almost everyone in the past has survived them. We have all gone through tough times, but not many people will take a weapon and solve the problem. If consequences are harsh the rates will fall. I am a Republican, and I think that Democrats are just waiting for more problems, what is the point of making more laws when they do not have the ability to enforce them. The apparent laws did not help anyone; the only answer is to make harsher consequences for people convicted of crimes.

Everyone should be tried as an adult, despite age or sex. Then we will see how many people go gun crazy. In closing I would like to inform the reader that guns kill 34,000 Americans a year, and almost 5,000 young people under the age of twenty. Guns kill more teenagers than any natural cause, and guns will be the leading cause of injury-related fatalities in the U. S. by the year 2003. Should we begin to treat guns like cars? Through registration, licensing, and revoking. The fate of our children, society, and evolution all rests in the hands of We the People.

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