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Influences, regardless of its negativity or positivity, have an effect on life. The amount of effect is determined by resulting consequences, past and present situation, mood of individuals, physiological comprehension, human nature, ones possibilities, pressure of all kinds (peer, family, self), social differentiation, discriminatory behavior, and wisdom.

In the movie, Max’s father murdered his mother and Max now lives with his distraught grandparents in their basement, which is fairly symbolic of Max’s lot in life. Having withdrawn from life, Max is somewhat backward, with a low IQ and a reputation for having been in the seventh grade two times so far.

Max’s new neighbor is Kevin, or Freak, an intellectually brilliant little boy suffering from Morquio Syndrome, which has shortened his growth and guarantees him a short life.

When Kevin is to tutor Max, they become reluctant friends at first, but when Kevin introduces Max to the world of books (and the escape that a vivid imagination can bring to one’s life) the two set off on an adventure that’s full of fantasies.

Max has the strength, Kevin the brains. When Max gets Kevin on his shoulders, they become joined as one entity (which they call Freak the Mighty). This portrays the tolerance of others differences, enriches ones life and widens ones horizons. Having the gap of strength (Kevin) be filled in and having the absence of brains (Max) be presented in, the result is power and mind (Freak the Mighty).

If I were trapped in Freaks (Kevins) body, I wouldnt feel helpless knowing the knowledge I do, and yet, I would feel hurt by the knowledge I know about my condition. Knowledge is power, but not always. Some knowledge is painful to be known and some is painful not to be.

Having open-mindness and tolerance of others can only richen your life, but can it bring life to its fullest potential? Has anyone reached this level? I think not! Life, the experience of living and the course of human events and activities, has never reached its fullest potential. If it has, why hasnt a living person solved the plagues that stricken us to death, the discrimination we all encounter, the pain we suffer from war, and the lose of ability that leave us handicapped?

There are many ways to make the world better, not only for the present but also for the future. Some may say, why preserve this land of hate for the hatred of tomorrow? and others why preserve this land of hate for the hatred we face today but not all creatures, that consume the Earth, are of hate! Most are the friends of others and all have self worth, regardless of the abilities one may have, the way one looks, and how one acts. All people are created equal! One might say, why do others hate and why do some love? but this choice of love and hate is a choice a choice that may never be rightfully chosen for another. Learn to love all, and most importantly, treat others how you would like them to treat you. This is the golden rule of humanity! Let this rule be broken and let you be broken too.

To have personal growth you must love and respect yourself on top of anyone else! Do not allow one to position you or anyone as inferior or even as superior (in the sense as humanly better than others). By experiencing different people you are being introduced and invited to different cultures and customs. Thus, the allowance of progression as a human will be achieved and you will benefit from it.

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