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Liesels Last Jump Analysis Essay

Two years later the sky was a mix of grey and blue, undecided if it should feel sad or happy that Liesel Meminger ended her life. For so long she had felt alone and empty, what she didn’t know was that I was watching when I could catch a break from lifting the leftover souls. Liesel didn’t want to live like Ilsa Hermann. Liesel thought she could never be happy again. **** *** *** Here is what most humans don’t understand: *** Everyone is different and broken hearts can be fixed, only if they try to fix them She remembered the way Michael Holtzapfel died, she grabbed some rope, then climbed up the debris.

Tears fell down her young face while she tied the rope to a mangled pipe. Liesel closed her eyes to dream one last time, but the nightmares of her mama and papa consumed the beautiful visions of pink and yellow. She heard the voice of her brother telling her to stop. The sky turns black and the wind blows vigorously. She screamed for him to shut up; he faded away. She hears the yells of Alex Steiner, the roll of thunder and lightning cracks. She jumps, with tears halfway down her face. I lifted her soul from her body, it was sad and weak. A gallon of tears fell from Liesel as we rose up. Papa

I rarely ever come up here, it’s too bright and cheery for myself. **************** *** Helpful Advice from your’s truly: *** Always keep earplugs in your pockets, because when you die and reach heaven the angels will start singing. You will find those earplugs to be the best investment You ever made. laid Liesel down in a field of flowers and hid behind a great oak tree, anxiously waiting for her to awake. It took three hours for her to wake up to the sound of her papa, playing his accordion. She rushed up to hug him like a giant teddy bear. The smell of paint and cigarettes overwhelmed Liesel.

Tears rushed like aterfalls from her face. “Papa, Papa, I missed you papa. ” Papa had tears streaming down his face, he brushes his hands through her hair. He and I both know Liesel should not be here. Hans takes his hands and lifts Liesel’s face up. “Liesel, you must go back, you don’t belong here just yet. ” Liesel was about to speak, when suddenly there was a flash of light. Liesel fell to the ground and her heart was starting to race. Liesel begins to cry, “There isn’t anybody there for me, I’m alone. ” Another flash, Liesel falls again. “Papa what’s happening! ” “They are trying to bring you back, stop fighting it.

Liesel fell one last time before she calmed herself enough to be reasonable again or least reasonable enough for a sixteen year old girl. Death’s Heart I haven’t had many emotional connections with humans before. But Liesel was one of these few, ever since I had seen her face when her brother died, I have always been drawn back to her. Her papa and I know what is best for her. I pull Liesel aside. Her papa tells her that she should not be afraid of me, that I merely just help the suffering. ****** ******** *** A small thought: *** I wish I could help myself in that department this job is “killing” me.

I grab her hand and push our foreheads together. I show her the vision of Max waiting for her at the hospital, waiting for her. Her sad little eyes opened into a bright light filled with hope and excitement. ” I want to go back, Max is there. ” I tell her that I have to do before I take her back, I have to scratch her name out of the inventory log. They keep them here like groceries, cold and dead, checking and counting who there is one arrives. ***************

A Small Sample of the “Grocery” Inventory: Name Date of Death Cause of Death Erik Schroeder October 22, 1943 Air Raid Ingrid Schneider September 4, 1939 Bloody Sunday Liesel Meminger February 2, 1944 Hanged I carry Liesel back down to Earth, quietly and in the shadows so that my Boss may not find out as quickly that I have broken the biggest rule : do not bring the dead back to life. The Jew Liesel awoke soon after the doctors had “revived” her. Whispers about the girl who was doomed to die was alive surrounded the hospital. Liesel moved her head slightly to the right and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a skinny man, with dark hair. Liesel repeatedly, softly said his name, Max. Max whipped around and rushed to her side.

A single tear found a path down his scratchy face. Max grabbed Liesel’s hand and told her that he would take care of her as long as he lived. Max pulled out a dusty book that he was hiding under his chair. He blew off the dust and laid it in Liesel’s lap. **** ***** *** Some of the best news Liesel has had for a while: *** “It can’t be it. ” “It is, I found it outside of the debris. I figured I would steal the Book Thief book. ” I hadn’t seen Liesel’s eyes light up like this in a long time. The Jewish fist fighter had found her Journal that was presumed to be lost after that fateful night on Himmel Street.

The Face of a Real Dummkopf It was not long after Liesel had gotten her life back together that a familiar face came knocking on the door. She would have recognized this face faster if it had been bloody and on the dirt ground. Liesel jumped into his arms, ecstatic to see someone from her past. “Hello Ludwig Schmeikl. ” “Hello Liesel Meminger. ” They walked inside and started reminiscing over their younger years with Rudy and fist fights. Liesel explained to Ludwig how much she missed soccer and how she yearned to play again. The two had grown to care very much for each other.

It was February 3, 1947, Liesel was almost eighteen and Ludwig was nineteen. Ludwig knocked on the door of Max’s apartment, a young woman that was not Liesel opened the door. (We will get to her later) He hid an object behind his back, Liesel assumed flowers, but boy she was way off. He pulled out a soccer ball from his back. “Let’s have a game”, Exclaimed Ludwig. Liesel squealed, took the ball, “I’m going to leave you in the dust. ” There were occasional fights during the game, some games consisted of the screams of Arschloch and others consisted the throw of fists.

Ludwig allowed Liesel to score the inning goal, but she would never know that. When she turned around Ludwig was on his knee, holding a small red velvet box that encrusted a small gold band with pea sized diamond placed in the middle. *********** *********** *** The Proposal from Ludwig Schmeikl: *** “I can’t promise you wealth, but I can promise to love you. I know that you will never love anyone more than Rudy, But I know you love me too. When you fought me the first time I knew, I loved something about you, I just didn’t know that I loved you. Liesel Meminger, Will you marry me? Mazel Tov Now I should probably let you know who the woman that nswered the door at Max’s apartment was.

That is Elisabeth Ackmann, Max’s fiance. They met while being paraded down Molching. ***** ****** ****** *** Long Story Short: *** Young, beautiful, frail girl falls. Handsome young man helps her up, gives her his rations. Falls in love from that moment. (Guess it wasn’t that long of a story) The sky was a mix of pinks and yellows on the day of the wedding. Elisabeth glowing, while she carelessly walked around in a simple, floor length gown. Max was waiting to go up to the chuppah. He was shaking like a dog when Liesel found him.

Liesel grabbed the tie from his hands and started to place it around his neck correctly. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and Liesel walked in with him. When Elizabeth came down the aisle, he was as amazed as when he looked out the window at aisle, he was as amazed as when h the Hubermann’s house after being in the basement for so long. Later that night, Liesel was off sitting in a corner, writing in her journal that Max gave her. She felt someone’s hand on her shoulder. “What about a dance? “, said Max. He pointed to the band to start playing the music, helped Liesel up and sashayed to the dance floor.

The band started playing, Schon ist die Nacht by Kurt Widmann. They danced and swayed, until suddenly he twirled Liesel and ran up on the stage. Max then pulled out a dusty accordion; Liesel looked over and squealed with excitement. She breathed, “Papa. ” The night ended with the smell of champagne, the sounds of laughter and accordion notes. Max and Elizabeth, had two children Erik and Sophia. Erik was like his mother quiet and gentle. Sophia like her father, loving and quite a good writer.

Max died four months before Liesel’s deadly car accident. ************************** ** There was one way Liesel was not like her father:” She didn’t move to a different seat Finally, Happily Ever After It was the day of Liesel and Ludwig’s wedding. Liesel was upset right before she walked down the aisle, all she wanted was her Mama, Papa, and Rudy to be there. She had felt great anxiety and had the urge to run the other way. She suddenly imagined she felt something touch her cheek, she yearned to hear the sweet whisper of Rudy, “It’s okay Saumensch, it’s okay. ” She just tossed the thought aside knowing that her dear Mama, Papa, and Rudy aren’t with her.

But what she didn’t know is that she did hear and feel Rudy. I brought them down, all of them. Rudy is placing a soccer ball with a bow on it, next to all the wedding gifts. Mama is yelling at Liesel (even though Liesel can’t hear her), “You saumensch, you should have washed your dress! ” And Papa, oh her dear papa. He is holding onto her arm as she waits to go down the aisle. Max is on the other side and together they walk down and her dear papa gave her away with a kiss on her cheek ************************ *** Why I should be more appreciated: *** The pain I went through for this girl.

Her mama complained about how cramped it was the whole time, Calling me a Sakural Over and over again; she wouldn’t shut that hole of hers Liesel and Ludwig had three little rays of sunshine: Rosa, Anmutia, and Rudy. Rosa has the tendency to give tough love, just like her grandmother. Anmutia’s name means grace, which she needs on the soccer field. And Rudy, will come home with new things once in awhile, that nobody paid for. Lemons I picked up Liesel’s soul on the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Himmel street. I took her past Himmel street, the sky was a bright gold, shining down on her gleaming eyes.

She was easy to lift, willing to leave, just like her father. When we arrived in heaven, there was a blob of yellow hair in the distance. Liesel ran, quickly morphing back into her fourteen year old self. Rudy picked her up, spinning her around in the clouds. He grabbed her face, asking, “How about a kiss, saumensch? ” That boy waited long enough, he wouldn’t shut up about it for 80 years. I watched her and Rudy run, hand in hand into the loving arms of their family and friends. The Time is Here I received a telegram stating there is an inconsistency in Liesel Meminger’s death.

She had died 78 years ago, according to the log of deaths. I know my boss knows, I must hurry. I can hear the yelling of my boss. ************************* *** A thought: *** I’m scared for my life and I’m death itself My Final Words My boss is almost here so I must make this brief. I have sacrificed myself for this young girl, that I met at the grave of her brother and have connected with through her lifetime. ************************************* 1. X My final words of advice to you are this, “Words can control who lives or dies, use them for life, not death. ” He’s here… farewell.

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