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Essay about My Mission Trip

A home is a place where people are free to be with their family and have free time. Not everyone is the world has a home to go after work or school. Everyone in the world should have the right to have a home. As I believe, helping others in the world is one of the best purpose in life. In my trip, there will be seven people and me to make a total of eight people. In addition, the trip will be in the summer for about 4 weeks from June 4 to July 1. The three countries for my mission trip were picked because they are not one of the richest countries in the world.

Therefore, out of the three previous countries if I had to pick, the country I have chosen to make my mission trip is Mexico. I noticed that Mexico was the best option out of the other countries for economic, safety, and expenses reason. I noted that in Mexico, the population below poverty line is 52. 3(CIA). Therefore, by making or repairing homes, it might help the nation’s economy grow and have less of the population below the poverty line. If I go to Mexico to build homes, I would get with the Habitat for Humanity organization to help them build homes for people there.

They are an organization that builds homes for the people in Mexico, and would be the most effective solution to help. Additionally, to travel to Mexico, there will not need to have vaccinations to be able to enter (U. S. State Department). As well, I learned a safety method when traveling in a group, is to take indoors at night because in Mexico there is a high case of drug activity with assault; kidnapping, stealing therefore we would all stick together (U. S. State Department).

Even though this country may seem dangerous with safety precaution, I believe this country is not as dangerous as it may look. Out of the three countries, the best country for people to travel is Mexico. In Mexico, we would be able to work with another organization, so that it will be able easier to work and more effective. This country is a best option, than the other two countries, as more people would be able to speak the language and understand too. Furthermore, the flight would be cheaper and not take hours to get there.

Overall, going to Mexico will be more effective to travel to provide aid by building homes with the help of Habitat for Humanity that are already there to help make or repair homes Since, at the end knowing all the information of the three countries, I choose Mexico. The purpose of my mission trip is providing homes for the people of Puebla, Mexico. After seeing the property line in Mexico I realize not many individuals have a house and I have a strong belief that everyone in the world should have a home.

A home is a blessing that the whole world should have; therefore, I have made it my purpose to be able to provide homes for the people of Puebla, Mexico. I will be collaborating with the Habitat for Humanity organization to build homes for people. After doing some research on the organization, I learned that they are an organization that give aid to people to be able to improve and build new house for the individuals that strangle to have a well-built home. However, they do not pay for my trip, as my group and I would only be volunteering, thus, making us pay for our trip there.

For this reason, I will need to make a budget for this mission trip at Puebla, Mexico to be successful. List of ExpensesCost for All Airline Ticket & fees$6,171. 68 Transportation &fees$3,033. 12 Food & Drink$3,600 Hotel(two rooms)$1,916. 46 Supplies$1,500 Traveler Insurance$2,672 Passport/documents$1,120 Activity (tourism)$800 Other(gas, laundry)$750 Emergency $3,000 Total Cost $24,563. 26 Listed below is a table of the expenses necessary for the trip: Each expense shown in the table above is of necessity to my trip, when traveling to Mexico.

For this, I have made a list of the basic expensive, my group and I might have when taking a trip to Puebla. However, for my group and me to travel to Mexico, I will need to book a round trip flight. It would be 4 weeks, that is 27 days and according to American Airlines, one ticket cost $721. 46(American Airlines, n. d. ). In addition, any fees of the airline like luggage fees that is $50 dollars per round trip for one person. Moreover, I saw that my group would need travel insurance for each person on my trip for safety reason, that why it would only be $334 dollars for everyone going (travel Guard).

Nonetheless, since we are traveling out of the country we will be a passport to get on an airplane, which cost $140 per person (Passport Fees, 2015). When we get to Puebla, Mexico, we will be renting a car that is a SUV for eight passengers that cost $522. 36 per week and $117. 96 of tax (Orbitz, n. d. ). Furthermore, we will be at Puebla at night on June fourth and check into the hotel, which cost $70. 98 a night (Holiday Inn, n. d. ). In general, these expenses are the general essential to be able to make a trip plus any other expenses that like to be made.

Some of my expenses are traveling expenses, other are in- country expenses, and others are personal expenses. In my trip, even though the major, we will be working to make houses, I have made plans to have tours and visit places in the city, hence I made a budget for activities during my trip. I have looked up places to visit in Puebla, like the Amparo museum and an African safari. The general public admission price is $35 pesos (Amparo Museum). Additionally, the general public admission price is $323 pesos (African Safari). Which when converting to U. S. ollar, the rate for $1 USD =$ 18. 286 Mex Peso (Fx-rate).

The cost of one-person at the museum would be $1. 90 dollars and the safari would be $17. 66 dollars. Additionally, would be able to travel to Mexico City, as it is only a two and a half hour drive from Puebla. Overall, personal expenses was included for my group to be able to buy items while on the trip. After making my budget with all the expenses of my trip. I learned that this trip to Puebla will require me to save money, raise money, and to take out a loan.

The total cost for my mission trip comes to $24,563. 26. We already have 10% of our money to deposit into a Savings Account with an APR of 4%. $2,476. 33 is 10% of the cost of our trip. We can see the outcome of this amount after five years by calculating it with this equation. A=P(1+apr/n)^(n? y) (Bennett and Briggs, 2011, p. 293). A=$2,476. 33(1++ . 04/4)^(4? 5) + (Bennett and Briggs, 2011, p. 293). Thus, when looking at my saving account in five more years, I will have about $3,021. 59 dollars. Additionally, Missions-R-Us is an organization that has agreed to give $100 dollars per month for 5 years to be able to fund my trip to Puebla.

This money will be invested into an account that earns 6% APR. In order to calculate how much, we will have after the 5 years we will use another equation. A=(PMT? ((1+apr/n)^(n*y)-1))/((r/n) ) (Bennett and Briggs, 2011, p. 293). A=(100? ((1+. 06/12)^(N? t)-1))/((. 06/12) ) (Bennett and Briggs, 2011, p. 293). As a result, after completing this equation, the amount in the account after 5 years will be $6,977. 00. We will have a total of $9,998. 59 in our savings account. If we added the money from my saving account and Mission-R-Us. However, the cost of the trip will not be all paid off.

Hence, I will have to take put a loan to be able to pay off the rest of the cost of the trip that is $14,764. 67 dollars. Furthermore, when I was looking into loans, I saw I had two-loan option for payments. In one loan, we are to pay loan off in five years with an APR of 9% compounded monthly or the other option was to pay it off in ten years with an APR of 12% compounded monthly. The money in Loan, I was to take out was $14,764. 67 dollars. The formula, I use to be able to calculate the monthly payment was this equation. PMT=(P? (apr/n))/(1-(1+apr/n)^(-n*y) ) (Bennett and Briggs, 2011, p. 93).

The first loan was PMT=($14,764. 64? (. 09/12))/(1-(1+. 09/12)^(-12? 5) ) equal to a monthly payment of $306. 49 dollars to pay off the loan in five years. The second loan option was PMT=($14,764. 64? (. 12/12))/(1-(1+. 12/12)^(-12? 10) ) equal to a monthly payment of $211. 83 dollars to pay off the loan in ten years. In general, after completing the equation, I saw that the best option for me to take was the five years loan; only because I am able to be a higher price in each month if not I would have taken the second option.

Overall, by taking the first loan payment method, I am able to save in interest and not have to pay too much money on the bank interest. To conclude , the reason for this trip outweighs the price, as I believe in helping other no matter the work and money. Even if 59. 6% of the money is from taking out a loan and the other, 40. 4% is from saving and raising money to travel to my mission trip in Mexico. To sum up, the trip is the help others in the world that are in need of a home and love.

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