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Emile Durkheims View On Suicide Essay

As the sociologist Emile Durkheim said “To love society is to love something beyond us and something in ourselves. ” the suicidal people consider suicide when they feel hopeless and feel like they can’t escape their problems or find any solution to their troublesome minds. which is the method used in more than half of suicides. Suicidal behavior is very complex and some risk factors vary by gender, age, or ethnic group and can and may occur in combination over time.

Each mind is different, which makes detecting and preventing suicide more difficult, since everyone thinks and acts differently, there is no universal, orrect way to prevent or detect a suicidal person. I identify this with my event in my life. My life changing event in my life started with my beautiful family. I don’t like let know other people about my life. I am kind of weird, I don’t like to express myself but these events change my life. In the way, I think and act. One of my uncle say to me “when you become older you going to think differently, you going to see the world different”.

I think, I’m not need to be old to think different, I just need lessons to know about life. These events made me change my life. Now, I see society in a different way. Also the most important, I had been learning many lessons; one is that not one have the right to judge others life, because I don’t know the problems and everyone is different. All started when I was eight years old, I born in Mexico. I came to the United States when I was 15 years old, my childhood was at Mexico. My father came to U. S every year to work. most of the time spent with my mother and my brothers.

I remember when was time for my father to came to the United State and left my family because of work, it was the hardest for me, well not only for me but also for my family. Every time that i sawn my father to said goodbye, my behavior changed. Since was the only girl of four brothers. I was most of the time with him, but he always treated all siblings equal. He returned every year to visit my family.

The hardest part of my life, started one day when he started to did not feel well, something wrong was with his feet, that he could not even walk. nd it was sad thing seeing my father sick, he could not even walk but he always told me “daughter I am good don’t worry everything its fine” well that words made me feel better, I knew that him was lying. However, my mind thought positive. All started on a Tuesday, I was eating in the kitchen with one of my brothers, we heard that my mother was calling my brother. she was screaming and my brother run. Then I went to check if everything was fine, I saw that two of my brothers were trying to open the door of one of the room.

My mother saw me there and she told me “go away” | saw their behaviors was not good, was scared, but I stayed with her. My brother finally opened the door. My father was tried to commit suicide. After, I saw my father trying to did that, just run, hug him and cried with him, I remember to said to him “why papa? hy? You are the bravest, why? And he just hugs me tight and said sorry”. Later just came to my mind “thanks god nothing happens to him. ” My family said, “not one understood him about his pain only god knew his pain.

In addition, the reality was that him did not want to live because the pain was too much, that he did not want us to see how he was suffering with his pain, it let him to commit the act. Then past two years, he was disabled to walk and work. However, he is healthy, can walk but one of his feet is smallest than the other one. He doesn’t like just to be home. He helps to y mom on everything. That event changes my all life and not just my life, all of my family. I thank god for everything, all the things god make in the lives of my family were to made us more strong and be together.

I grow up with good values, to work hard, treat people with respect, and be honest. God know what he does, since all this make my family stronger, now all my family it’s here in United States, together and I thanks to my parents the values, culture and everything they teach me. We are together, in every decision with made, with ask to our parents to make sure everyone on my family is agree. My parents always told me “if you want respect, respect others and work hard. ” we have problems, not one is perfect. And I feel rich just because I have the best family.

They had let me know, that I have to love my family not matter what. Since, I don’t know, when of my family are not going to be here and we try to be together. Moreover, when I came to the United States was difficult, but the same time good. Since, I am kind of shy, quiet and unfriendly. When I was on Mexico, I did not care to came to other country. I was happy but at the same time sad just for my family as my grandparents. When my parents bring me to United States. I thought was just for vacations, but my brothers told me, stay with us and I say yes. So, I stayed with them. I did not say goodbye to my grandmother.

She was not a home, so my mom said “you’re going on vacation you are coming back and I said fine”. It was a day, when I came to the mall with one of my brother and my sister in law. The phone of my sister in law rung. When she saw us was. I’m sorry and I said what? She was saying on the phone told them. He said not you did and my sister in law told us “your grandmother die. One of your cousin told to your brother”. My fist impression was; my cousin is lying that’s not truth. I could not believe it. I called my mother. She was crying she said “she died my mother die mija (daughter)” and could not said any word.

I could not talk, just was on my mind, that I did not say goodbye to her. I didn’t go to see her. Every time that I go on vacation to Mexico, on my mind is that she is waiting for me, but the reality is that she is death. My father that day he told me; you have to be strong for your mother. It was hard for me, but god know what he does. Now, I have learned that I have to say goodbye to the people that I love. After five months, I became 15-year-old, my family gave me a computer and a cellphone, that it was a change in my life. It was my first computer. I remember was so happy.

The Technology has not just changed people live, it has changed the world, and myself. technology keeps improving, more and more we are using it in our lives. The Wi-Fi, Google map and the electronics which sometimes I cannot live without it. Since, are part of my every life. It saves me from an emergency Wi-Fi save me from every emergency and can help me to save money. If | go to the park or any other place and I don’t have signal, I can go omeplace and get Wi-Fi to navigate for free. If I don’t have the resources to pay internet I can get to a place where they can get access to Wi-Fi for free.

Google map give me access to look directions if I get lost in 3d that is better since shows me the places with a better look. For example, if I have Google map in my phone, I won’t have to waste the time of used paper maps to navigate my way on the roads. Electronics make my live easier from an emergency. Also, if I did not have a computer to type my assignments, I would have to write it out with our hands and f it is messy you have to write it again you can’t rub it out that would mean I would have to work very hard just to write a story but now, I’m here in from of my computer writing this life changing event.

Furthermore, I could not have entertainment, news, and the weather in my live without a TV for example the TV Statistics show that there are over 238,000,000 people who watch television each day and night that mean that technology is part of my everyday life. In Conclusion, in all Technology is helping all of mankind and without it, my live would be much more boring.

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