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Bet Me Character Analysis Essay

Jennifer Cruisie’s book Bet Me is a heterosexual romance novel. The main character’s name is Minerva Dobbs, or Min for short. Min is a heavier set woman, who works as an Actuary, and wants nothing more than to be finished with the dating scene and move in with a cat. Min’s boyfriend, David, along with her mother is constantly advising her on how to lose weight. That was until David broke up with Min in a bar because she would not have sex with him.

Min was relieved that her and David were no longer a couple, and realizes that she was never truly interested in him to begin with. Min’s mother constantly body shamed Min throughout her life, and as a result Min was very self-conscious about her body internally. As far as externally, Min pretended not to care how she appeared to the opposite sex. She did this, despite the fact that her mother believed David left her because of her heavy-set appearance. Min’s best friends Bonnie and Liza were also at the bar the night that David and Min split.

Bonnie is the cute, petite, blonde haired, optimistic friend who believes in real life fairytales and love at first sight, while Liza on the other hand is a taller, voluptuous, red head, that is more of a cynical realist when it comes to love, relationships, and pretty much everything else. While at the bar Liza catches Min eyeing up a group of three men and encourages her to go talk to them and bring them over to the bar area where the ladies are sitting.

On the walk over to go talk to the men, Min over hears the man who caught her eye, better known as Calvin Morisse, often referred to as Cal, making a bet that he could get her into bed in a month. What Min found out was that he was making the bet with David, and the bet was worth ten thousand dollars. Not to Min’s knowledge, Cal does not believe he made the bet but makes a counter offer that he could get Min to leave the bar with him and go to dinner. This bet was worth ten dollars.

After over hearing this nightmare Min hurried back to where her friends were sitting without talking to any of the men, especially Cal. Cal is the tall, dark, and handsome type. He is charming, but known to have commitment issues along with reputation of never losing a bet. Just as Min reached her friends; Cal tapped her on the shoulder, introduced himself, and asked Min if she would like to go to dinner with him. Min said yes just to irritate her slime ball of an ex-boyfriend David. Liza, curious about the man Min just left with starts asking Bonnie questions about Cal.

Bonnie starts talking about how her cousin dated him and how he has commitment issues. Shanna, the lesbian bar tender, jumps into their conversation confirming Cal’s reputation revealing that she lives next door to him. Despite his reputation, from that point on the crazy friendship between Min and Cal began. They fought like cats and dogs, but were attracted to each other nonetheless. They flirted and teased each other constantly, but because both of them are stubborn and hardheaded neither wanted to admit to the other that they had feelings for each other.

This is mainly because Min believes Cal to be a womanizing beast and Cal believes Min to be a man hater. Min’s friends Bonnie and Liza as well as Cal’s friends Tony and Roger all start hanging out together. Bonnie starts falling in love with Roger while Liza and Tony date just for the sex. Min and Cal continue to flirt and pester each other while this goes on. They also kiss every now and then. As Min and Cal become more comfortable with each other they become exposed to each other’s past and family life.

Min learns about Cal’s brother Reynolds, his nephew Harry, his sister-in-law Bink, and also his ex girlfriend Cynthie. Cal also learns about Min’s sister Diana, mother, and father. Throughout the story Cal’s ex-girlfriend, Cynthie is planning to get Cal back using David as her partner. David is trying to get Min back, even though Min has no desire to be with David. David, without realizing it, really only wants Min back because he cannot stand the thought of another man winning the girl that he had.

Cynthie is described as a beautiful, thin, dark haired women; who also happens to be a relationship psychologist. Min and Cal both meet each other’s crazy families. As they learn more and more about each other they love each other even more. At the end of the book Min has sex with Cal, but Cal is determined to lose the bet with David to prove to Min that he is in love with her and not just doing it for the money. Cal also proposes to Min at the end of the story, leaving them to live happily ever after

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