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Divided: A Short Story

David: Welcome Thomas, we are very glad you came. Thomas: Thanks! I am happy to be here. David: We invited you here to ask you questions about your last several weeks during the trials. These trials must had been very hard on you and your friends. Thomas: Yes, those weeks were the hardest times of my life, and the only ones I can remember. David: Why is that? Thomas: When WICKED first gathered all of their test subjects, they erased most of our memories. We could remember the names of objects, our names, but nothing before we entered the maze.

David: Wow! That must have been very difficult for you and your friends. You mentioned WICKED, what exactly is that? Thomas: WICKED is an organization that was developed to find a cure for the Flare. They test boys and girls like me by putting them in trials to study their brain patterns. Using these patterns, WICKED tried to create blueprints that would help find a cure or a vaccine for the Flare. David: Can you tell us a little bit about the Flare virus? Thomas: The Flare virus was accidentally released by the government. It eats away the brain and eventually turns people into a form of zombie.

David: That sounds awful! Thomas: That is why the government made WICKED. They used me, my friends and many other munies to help stop the flare. David: So, did WICKED ever find a cure for the Flare? Thomas: Sadly no, they were eventually shut down by the government to save munies like me. David: What exactly is a munie?

Thomas: A munie is someone who is immune to the Flare Virus. Although, munies are rejected and hated for not being like everyone else. David: That must be hard on you and all of your friends. Thomas: Yes, but not all of us are immune to the Flare. David: Why is that? Thomas: WICKED had to have variables in their experiment. I only had one friend who had the Flare. David: I am sorry about that. You and your friends must miss him. Thomas: Yes, Newt was our leader after the first trial. He was not just a leader to me he was one of my best friends.

David: Wow, it seems like these trials were torture. Thomas: Yes, the worst thing ever! David: Do you mind if I ask some questions about your last trial. Thomas: Yes, that is why I am here. David: That is Great! David: How did the third trial first start off? Thomas: I was about to die of boredom! After the second trial, they put everyone in a white room with nothing but a empty wooden desk and the same food three times a day. David: How long were you forced to be in there? Thomas: I do not really know. There was no way to keep track of time. David: It must have felt great to leave that room. Thomas: Yes, but we all knew that more worse difficulties were coming.

David: What do you mean by more difficulties were coming? Thomas: Well, first we learned that not everyone was immune. Then WICKED wanted to give our memories back. David: I can see how learning that not everyone is immune can be difficult, but how is receiving your old memories a bad thing. Thomas: Me and all of our friends learned fast that you can not trust anyone. David: Why is that? Thomas: In trials one and two many people betrayed me and my friends. David: But how does that not want you to have your memories back? Thomas: We did not want WICKED messing with our brain after all they have betrayed and tricked us. David: So, did you decide to get you memories back? Thomas: No, instead Newt, Minho, and I decided to escape WICKED’S facility.

David: What made you do that? Thomas: Me and all my friends were sick of WICKED bossing us around and using us as subjects for their experiments. David: I understand, but how on earth did you escape WICKED’S headquarters? Thomas: Newt, Minho and I escaped with the help of Jorge and Brenda. David: Who are Jorge and Brenda? Thomas: Both Jorge and Brenda work for WICKED. Jorge is a pilot and Brenda is actor who helped us through the second trial. David: Why did you trust them? Thomas: We did not fully trust them at first until they helped us escape WICKED many times throughout the trial.

David: Wow, that must have been a huge risk for you and your friends. Thomas: Yes, but it paid off in the end. David: Once you escaped Wicked? What did you do from there. Thomas: Brenda told us that WICKED was tracking us. So we went straight to Detroit to find a doctor who could remove the tracking device in our brain. But we had to leave Newt on the plane because he had the Flare. David: Was Newt when you came back? Thomas: No! Bounty hunter came and took Newt away.

David: That must have been terrible for you and your friends. Thomas: Yes, we tried to visit him but we were to late for him. But before Newt left he gave me a note saying to kill him. David: Why would he give you such a note? Thomas: Newt could not bear the thought of being insane. David: Did you ever kill Newt? Thomas: Yes, Newt and I ran into each other later in the trials. He forced me to kill him or he would have killed me. David: I am sorry, that must have been a very hard experience for you. Thomas: Yes it was, but I later learned it was for the best. David: How is that? Thomas: I would rather see Newt resting peacefully than running around crazy eating other people like zombies.

David: I understand. Thomas: Sadly, that was not the hardest decision to make. David: What could be worse than that? Thomas: Me and my friends tried to take over WICKED’s headquarters. I volunteered to enter the facility and distract WICKED so my friends could take down WICKED. David: Why would you volunteer? Thomas: WICKED told me I was their final candidate. They needed me to finish the blueprint and finish the trials. David: Did this plan work? Thomas: Not at first, when I first came to WICKED’s headquarter they greeting me and said they needed my brain to finish the blueprint.

David: So they had to kill you? Thomas: Yes. David: That must have been an easy decision. Thomas: Not really, they made it sound like they really were almost finished with the cure. David: Were you willing to give up your life to help find a cure to save humanity? Thomas: It took a long time but I decided that the world was already lost and too late for a cure. David: I understand. David: Well, did you and your friends succeed in taking over WICKED’s headquarters? Thomas: Yes, it took time though. WICKED was storing immunes in their headquarter. We had to get everyone out before the rest of the group destroyed us. David: Wow! What happened next.

Thomas: We left WICKED’s headquarters to find the biggest, most beautiful land ever. David: Where the trials over? Thomas: Yes, WICKED learned like me that the world was lost and the only way to save it is to protect the only people who can. David: People like you? Thomas: Exactly, our job is to repopulate earth and make it what it was before the Flare. David: That is a big responsibility. Thomas: Yes, but me and my friends have don’t harder things. David: Wow! What a amazing life story that is! Thomas: Thanks! David: Thank you again for coming here again. Thomas It is my pleasure! David: I hope to see you again once the world is repopulated. Thomas: Thanks!

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