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Assignment: History of Lahore

He was one of the very few leaders who were never defeated in a battlefield . Early Life : Muhammad was the son of Substituting, a Turk-Persian slave of the Yemeni tribe who served Lapidating, the Turkish adventurer. Lapidating was earlier awarded the province of Ghanaian is eastern Afghanistan by the Caliph of Baghdad in return for his military assistance. On Lapidating death, Substituting seized control of the kingdom and along with his son Muhammad brought the most of Afghanistan, Shoran and eastern Iran under his sway.

Substituting expansionist designs often brought him into conflict with Capably, the Hindu Shahs ruler of Kabul. A number of wars were fought without any significant results. Substituting died in 997 and was succeeded by his son, Muhammad Ghanaian Prior to his assumption of kingship, Muhammad had lead the Gainsaid contingent deployed in the Sandman Empire. In 994, he assisted the Sandman king Nun II in the successful conquest of Shoran. Early Career : In 994, Muhammad joined his father Substituting in the capture of Shoran from the rebel AFAIK in aid of the Sandman Emir, Nun II.

During this period the Sandman state became highly unstable, with shifting internal political tides as various actions vied for control, the chief among them being AIBO-Assam Simmers, AFAIK, ABA All, the General Buckteeth as well as the neighboring Buds and Shorthand’s . Reign : Muhammad took over his father’s kingdom in 998 after defeating and capturing Small at the Battle of Ghanaian. He then set out west from Ghanaian to take the Kandahar region followed by Boss (Lasher Gag ), where he turned it into a militaries city. In 1001, Muhammad initiated the first of numerous invasion of northern India.

On 28 November, his army fought and defeated the army of Raja Capably of the Kabul Shahs dynasty at Appeaser. In 1002, Muhammad invaded Assistant, dethroned Chalk l, last of the Safari emirs, and ended the Safari dynasty. From there he decided to focus on Hindustan to the southeast, particularly the highly fertile lands of the Punjab region since south eastern Shoran (his native province) was mostly mountains, dry deserts and the fertile lands there had been poorly harvested and let to waste during the reign of the previous rulers.

It should be noted that Punjab was well known for its mangoes, oranges, bananas and other tropical fruits that Shoran lacked and instead was famous for pomegranates and watermelons. It suggests that this has been the main reason for the Gainsaid invading India because the fruit as well as rice, sugar, wheat, and other products exported to the Middle East and Central Asia generated more income than anything else for the rulers. Mahatma’s first campaign to the south was against the Somali Fatima Kingdom at Manual in a bid to carry political favor and recognition with the Biased Caliphate ; he also engaged with the Fatalism elsewhere.

At this point, Capably attempted to gain revenge for an earlier military defeat at the hands of Mahatma’s father, who had enthroned Ghanaian in the late sass and had cost Capably extensive territory. His son Mandalay succeeded him and continued the struggle to avenge his father’s suicide. He assembled a powerful confederacy which faced defeat as his elephant turned back from the battle in a crucial moment, turning the tide into Mahatma’s favor once more at Lahore in 1008 bringing Muhammad into control of the Hindu Shahs dominions of Departure.

Campaign Timeline : As emir 994: Gained the title of USAF-du-dual and became Governor of Shoran under service to Nun II of the Summands in civil strife 995: The Sandman rebels AFAIK leader of a court faction that had defeated Lapidating nomination for Emir) and ABA All expel Muhammad from Mishap’s. Muhammad and Substituting defeat Sandman rebels at Tutus. As sultan 997: Kirkland Empire 999: Shoran, Balk, Heart, Mere from the Summands. A concurrent invasion from the north by the Grandkids under Elis Khan (NASA Khan) ends Sandman rule. 000: Assistant from Safari Dynasty 1001 : Kandahar: Sultan Muhammad defeats Capably at Appeaser; Capably subsequently abdicates and commits suicide. 1002: Assistant: Imprisoned Skillful 1004: Batik (Bear) annexed after it fails to pay its yearly tribute. In 1004 CE 1005-6: Manual Fate Dad the Shih Somali ruler of Manual revolts and enlists the aid of Mandalay. Muhammad massacres the Somalis of Manual in the course of his conquest. Mandalay is defeated at Appeaser and pursued to Soda (Wizard). Igor and Muhammad bin Sure then captured by Muhammad, made prisoner along with his son and taken to Ghanaian, where Muhammad bin Sure died. 14] Appoints Spacewalk to administer the region. Mandalay flees to Kashmir, takes refuge in the Loran fort in the hills on the western border of Kashmir. 1005: Defends Balk and Shoran against NASA I of the Grandkids ND recaptures Mishap’s from Somali Mountains of the Summands. 1005: Spacewalk rebels and is defeated. 1008: Muhammad defeats the Ragout/landing Confederacy (Jinni, Swallow, Kilimanjaro, Kananga, Delhi, and Gamer) in battle between Undo and Appeaser, and captures the Sight erasure at Kananga in Himalaya Pradesh.

Note: A historical narrative states in this battle, under the onslaught of the Graham tribe, Mahatma’s army was about to retreat when Scapula’s son King Andalusia’s elephant took flight and turned the tide of the battle. 1010: Igor; against Mohammad bin Sure 1010: Manual revolts. Babul Fatal Atwood imprisoned for life at Ghanaian. 1012-1013: Sacks Timeshare 1012: Invades Christiana and deposes it’s ruler ABA NASA Muhammad. 1012: Demands and receives remainder of the province of Shoran from the Biased Caliph.

Then demands Samaritan as well but is rebuffed. 1013: Bulbar: Defeats Transactional. 1014 :Kaftans attacked 1015: Mahatma’s army sacks Lahore, but his expedition to Kashmir fails, due to inclement weather. 1015: Shareware: Marries his sister to Babul Bass Amman of Shareware who dies in the same year in a rebellion. Moves to quell the rebellion ND installs a new ruler and annexes a portion. 1017: Kananga, Merit, and Uneven on the Yamaha, Amateur and various other regions along the route.

While moving through Kashmir he levies troops from vassal Prince for his onward march, Kananga and Merit submitted without battle. 1018-1020: Sacks Amateur 1021 : Raises Okay to kingship, awarding him the throne of Lahore 1021: Kilimanjaro attacks Kananga: he marches to their aid and finds the last Shahs King Transcriptional encamped as well. No battle, the opponents leave their baggage trains and withdraw from the field. Also fails to take the fort of Lookout again. Takes Lahore on his return. Transactional flees to Gamer. First Muslim governors appointed east of the Indus River. 023: Lahore. He fails to conquer Kilimanjaro and Swallow: Transactional, the grandson of Capably is assassinated by his own troops. Official annexation of Punjab by Ghanaian. Also fails to take the Loran fort on the western border of Kashmir for the second time. 1024: Gamer, Narwhal, Stairway: This raid was his last major campaign. The concentration of wealth at Assonant was renowned, and consequently it came an attractive target for Muhammad, as it had previously deterred most invaders. The temple and citadel were sacked, and most of its defenders massacred. 024: Assonant: Muhammad sacked the temple and is reported to have personally hammered the temple’s gilded Lingua to pieces and the stone fragments were carted back to Ghanaian, where they were incorporated into the steps of the city’s new Jam Massed (Friday Mosque) in 1026. He placed a new king on the throne in Gujarat as a tributary. His return detoured across the Tear Desert to avoid the armies of Gamer and other allies on his return. 025: Marched against the Juts of the Good mountains who harried his army on its return from the sack of Assonant. 027: Ere, Safaris, Handmade from the Buddy (Daily) Dynasty. 1028, 1029: Mere, Mishap’s lost to Seller Turks Attitude Towards Religious Freedom : Muhammad, according to several contemporary accounts, considered himself a Gaze who waged jihad on the Hindus. Destruction of Assonant Temple: Muhammad conquered and destroyed thousands of Hindu temples during his raids including the famous Assonant Temple, which he destroyed in 1025 AD killing over 50,000 people who tried to defend it. The defenders included the 90-year- old clan leader Gogh Ran.

Muhammad had the gilded lingua broken into pieces and had them made into steps for his mosque and palace. Political Challenges And His Death : The last four years of Mahatma’s life were spent contending with the influx of Chough Turkish tribes from Central Asia, the Buddy Dynasty and rebellions by Useless. Initially the Useless were repulsed by Muhammad and retired to Shareware but Togoјl and agar led them to capture Mere and Mishap’s (1028-1029). Later they repeatedly raided and traded territory with his successors across Shoran ND Balk and even sacked Ghanaian in 1037.

In 1040 at the Battle of Dandling, they decisively defeated Mahatma’s son, Mama’s resulting in Mama’s abandoning most of his western territories to the Sells. Death : On 30 April 1030, Sultan Muhammad died in Ghanaian, at the age of 59. Sultan Muhammad had contracted malaria during his last invasion. The medical complication from malaria had caused lethal tuberculosis. During his rule, universities were founded to study various subjects such as mathematics, religion, the humanities, and medicine. Islam was the main religion of his kingdom.

Persian spoken in the empire was made to the official language. Conclusion: The Gainsaid Empire was ruled by his successors for 157 years. The expanding Seller Turkish empire absorbed most of the Gainsaid west. The Choroids captured Ghanaian in 1150 A. D. , and Muzzy al-Din (also known as Muhammad of Giorgio) captured the last Gainsaid stronghold at Lahore in 1187. The Gainsaid went on to live as the Masher Khans in their home of Ghanaian until the 20th century. Muhammad of Ghanaian, under his reign the region broke away from the Sandman sphere of influence.

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