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This documentary is available on the Internet. Found the documentary quite helpful. It gave me a good overview of his life and also contained a lot of information. However, this documentary also contains original historical footage and interviews. Andrew Whitehead was a journalist of BBC who toured a city between India and Pakistan called Kashmir.

He visited Kashmir when there were still between Pakistan and India regarding which country owns the City. Andrew interviewed the local people and a few jihads. This Radio Documentary describes the lives of people living in Kashmir and the effects of the Partition in their life. Would consider this as an unbiased documentary as its describing the motive of Muslims in Kashmir and their true opinion abut India. The Radio documentary IS a Secondary source. The people featured in the interview were in favor of Zinnia.

In my opinion the interview was a bit biased towards Zinnia as it only featured Pakistani people in the Interview and their view/opinion on Zinnia. Source 3 : Ian Tallboy’s book is a secondary source as it was first published in 1998. The book is currently located in my local library. It gave me a significant amount of information but a few times it gave me more information especially on how Zinnia rose to power. The book itself is very well laid out accompanied by helpful index. Because it was easy to find information, it was my main source and I backed it up with my other sources.

The book is a Secondary Source and in my opinion the book is very well written. An article written by Zinnia himself in 1945 is a Primary Source. The article is currently available on the Internet. The article is about the “Road to Partition”. It gave me only a certain amount of Information, as it is very complicated. It is a bit biased as written by him and his opinions but it was helpful though to read his words Extended Essay London, England. Zinnia Was a Lava,n. Year and a Politician. The people had many hopes in Zinnia, as he was the only politician who could deliver the goods.

Zinnia and Mahatma Gandhi bonded with one another to get the British out of India because it was the only way to get India independence. Though Zinnia married a Hindu woman, he could not see his daughter behaving likewise by wanting to marry a Hindu man. The breach between father and daughter was only healed after a member of a rival Muslim party tried to murder Zinnia in his house in Bombay in 1943 (1 The two men were stuck to their own positions, Gandhi refused to except that India contain two nations of Hindus and Muslims while Zinnia insisted on their separateness.

Mr.. Jinni’s point was that he would make his best efforts to convince Mr.. Ghanaian about the possibility of establishment of Pakistan. For Ghanaian, the talks were a disaster and for Zinnia the talks were Inspirational. These talk took place during the formation of Pakistan in 1947. A movement known as the Pakistan Movement led by Zinnia started the country and the subcontinent’s struggle for independence, Pakistan created in 1947 as an independent nation for Muslims from the regions in the east and west of Subcontinent where there was a Muslim majority (1).

The Interview recorded by Andrew Whitehead features old tapes of the Partition in sass’s and also features people related to the event and the present local people of Pakistan. The interview starts with loud voices screaming ” Acid which means Freedom in English. Andrew witnessed a Jihad named Abdullah manager who reveals that his main aim is to kill Indian forces as they had killed his older family members during the Partition of Individualist because they were Jihads and fought for the liberation of Gazed Kashmir. Therefore, Abdullah wants to fight and kill Indian forces (2).

The Lahore Summit was the most important assembly of the top leaders from several Muslim nations. At the end of the ” Lahore Us omit” Cultivar All Bout was elected Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Conference. Within three months of the Lahore Summit, the two countries were fighting bitterly along the Kashmir ceasefire line in Cargill. But before the new dawn was solid by Cargill, the two governments embarked on secret negotiations what they called ” back channel” diplomacy to explore ways of settling the Kashmir dispute (2).

Zinnia convinced other leaders from several Muslim nations to agree in creating a new country for the Muslims as the Muslim population was increasing rapidly and India didn’t care much about the Muslims in their country, as it was a Hindu country. Jinni’s aim and that of the professional elite who controlled the League was to wrest a state in which Muslim economic, political ND cultural interest could be safeguarded, but not to create an Islamic State. The secular outlook of the Muslim League lay beneath temporary millenarian enthusiasm of the closing stages of the Pakistan movement.

Many religious leaders were well aware of this fact and hence opposed the Muslim League, despite its demand for a state in the name of religion (3). Zinnia wrote a letter to His Majesty Government of Britain Sir Stafford Crisps asking him to focus on the real issue between India and Pakistan about constitutional problem. In the Letter Zinnia appeals to his Majesty that a United India means slavery or Muslims and complete domination of the continent, and this what the Hindu Congress seeks to attain by constant threats to all and sundry, and this is what we are determined to resist with all that lies in our power (4).

Just over a year after he became governmentally, Zinnia died of tuberculosis near Karachi, Pakistan in 1948. From his incredible contribution, Zinnia Was finally able to create a new Country for Muslims in the World known as Pakistan. By driving out the British from India along with Gandhi, Zinnia got independence for India and was then able to create Pakistan by negotiating with Gandhi. Review of Research Process The first thing I did while researching my project was to look for sources as a result of that I joined my local library.

It was of great help as I was able to find a book, which contributed in my Essay. Found a few sources on the Internet as I could not find Documentaries and Radio interviews elsewhere. After I had all my information and had my outline plan proceeded to write my extended essay. Overall from my project I have gained a greater knowledge of the Individualist partition and about the contribution of Muhammad All Zinnia in the making of Pakistan.

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