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This independence could not have been achieved if it was not for the colonies seek for identity and to be known as Americans by unity by the eve of the revolution. Governments are supposed to guide a nation or settlers to hold a moral and virtuous community. Before any citizen can be called an American or any type of identification, there must be a government that made them what they are. Before the republic, the British Parliament controlled the colonies. England had settled in America to what was known as New England and spread their Ideas to the colonies.

The native loonies were under control of the parliament because they had never received a true form of government. They most likely did not perceive any sort of knowledge about a government so they wanted to adapt their ideas. With their gratification of a government, they did not know what they were getting Into. It was said that the monarchy of England, who at that time was James II in the late 17th century, was seen as a corrupt ruler and a parliament was needed to oppress the monarch.

With the English Bill of Rights, It was certain that the parliament would bring new hopes for England because parliament would pass laws and secure the rights of the citizens. In reality, when the colonies did not receive this type of protection, they were not able to find their identity with all the political problems that are always proliferating. Politics throughout the world have many problems and nothing can change it.

The colonies knew that a sense of unity was needed to overcome the parliament and their doings so they can find their identity in society. (Documents B, D) The road to revolution for the American colonies was very intricate because they deed to overcome obstacles that would either bring them away from accomplishing a revolution or hurt them with deplorable outcomes. To overcome many obstacles that lay ahead, the colonies needed to work together so neither colony will suffer by them self, only to suffer as a whole.

A man named Benjamin Franklin of Boston portrayed In the Pennsylvania Gazette of various pieces to a snake and It stated, “Join or Die. ” This referred to the various colonies that settled independently and why they needed to come together to form a united group so they an subdue the English parliament and England itself. Although this had failed, later on the colonies will unit because of a man named George Greenville, British Secretary of Treasury, enforced harsh policies for England’s debt.

When the colonies united, they needed to form some sort of government that would guide them to success. With all the different acts that were being passed such as the Stamp Act, which Act, which required citizens to house and feed British troops that were staying for war; were fought off due to the assembly of the first continental congress. This was a house of representatives from the colonies and they wanted to secure the rights and liberties for the people of the colonies and alleviate the new taxes being brought to the colonies.

These acts mainly affected Boston the most because it witnessed the Boston Massacre (1770), which was the attack on a Boston crowd by British troops because of their opposition to the parliament, and the Boston Tea Party (1773), which Bostonians had invaded a ship full of tea from the British East India Company and dispersed all the tea leaves into the water. Boston could not have survived without the unity of the colonies because they had to pay huge debt for lose of tea and probably for land reparations due to British invasion.

Many colonies contributed to Boston with their sympathy and goods that would try to heal the wound that they received from the redcoats. The united colonies worked together to find themselves as a whole that received their identity before the declaration of independence. (Documents A, G, C) The united colonies were headed to the eve of the American Revolution and troops were getting ready for war. This was the first time were the united colonists fought along side for the same goal, which was for independence for the colonies.

Troops were led to fight against the British to stop the parliament from exposing corruption into the eyes of the citizens and to gain back their liberties. The variety of settlers that settled in the land of America had many disagreements before uniting due to land, resources and money. An example of this would be Indian tribes fighting for land with New England. Eventually, this would not be important to either side cause they would unite depicting of Benjamin Gazette article.

When uniting, this would create social equality due to various ethnics such as the Dutch, French, Spanish and English, and the identity as Americans. As Americans, they sought for their freedom, their liberties, their proprieties, a government, and the most important idea of the revolution, independence. These Americans officially recognized their selves for the unity that they acquired that helped them stand strong as they reached the climax to the revolution. (Documents H, E)

As the colonies arrived to the eve of the American Revolution, there are many ideas that a community can learn to find their place in the world. The English Parliament had kept the original colonies under control, which create a lot of problems for them. The proliferation of revenues and taxes brought many problems such as taxes of stamps and sugar. These problems and along with others could not have been stopped without the colonies uniting as a whole and finding their identity as American citizens. The Americans achieved they much needed revolution to start a new life with new independence.

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