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In The History Of Work

In the history of work, the purpose of people working due to many reasons includes money, family, status, power and other things. I agree that worker acts rationally in order to pursue financial success. This is because in my research found that higher payment of a work will attract and motivate the worker to work than the low payment. Nowadays, people working have tried to chase more and more thing like power and status. However, there is also some argument say that worker work not only for financial success only; it still includes other thing like environment and safety.

So, let us discuss it right owe with the theory of Max Weber and Mile Druthers which related to this statement. Agree that the purpose of the worker to work in the main reason is to pursue the financial success. According to Max Weber (1905), the spirit Of capitalism has clearly explained to us why the worker works to pursue the financial success. At the point of sum bonus, he explained that if the worker gains the success in finance, he will get more what he wants like status and life enjoyment. He also stated that the successful gain in order to satisfy his self-needed. Max Weber, 1905) According to the book of The Sociology of Work (2005) has stated the satisfaction of worker gains after the benefit gained from his work. As we earn more money from work, we will spend the money to buy or use in our own interested thing. Then, the happiness gains after we spend the money on getting our own satisfaction. According to the Weber journal of The Spirit of Capitalism and Iron Cage (1905) have said that the financial success of the worker is that gains the organization goals is an historical explanation of the spirit of capitalism.

Whereas, the spirit of modern capitalism have explained which in order to anis financial success on work, the limitation of specialized work have been more valuable which is from the spirit of Christian asceticism. (Max Weber, 1905) As from the book of Keith Grant, it stated that the level of education has influenced the financial success of the person under the point of bureaucracy. Success in education also gives the meaning of financial success. The most specification education like psychologist will be more useful because just a small sample size of people in this category. Kerchief, Campbell, and Trot, 1982) The asceticism makes a modern spirit of capitalism and being worked UT as a contemporary new concept. Besides that, Max Weber has also used the rationality in explaining the financial success gains by the worker. The rise of rationality has brought the means of replacing the traditional meaning of work which means that worker work because of the benefit gained and work is the most efficient action in order to achieve the financial success.

Weber has used Bureaucracy which is shown in one of the form Of rationality to explain the statement. We can know that Bureaucracy IS something that almost related to the Moscow Hierarchy theory which means that control by the top power like office anger. According to the journal of Max Weber of The Bureaucratic Machine (1909-1920) have defined bureaucracy as the worker is control by the upper power and done the work with specialist position and job. From this journal, Weber has explained that bureaucracy is the successful model in controlling the organization.

It means that in order to get the financial success of Bureaucracy system, we have to follow the instruction of upper power like manager in order to make the organization achieve the success then we as worker will also gain the financial success at the same times. From the article f bureaucracy, it has stated that bureaucracy is parallel to the phenomenon of democracy. From the article of the Iron Cage of Max Weber (1905), workers who work in the organization with bureaucratic system will suffer from the power and own ideology on the way to achieve the financial success.

This is because they will lose the freedom in doing the thing they want just in order want to achieve the financial success. So, work with rationality is important for the worker in the way to achieve own satisfaction and needs. According to the Weber explanation in the book of The Sociology of Work Ritter by Keith Grant (2005), he has stated that the way to identify the financial success of a person depended on the status he is. So, status was included the high value of capitalist society.

He also described that one of the points to describe status was formal education. For an example, in the bureaucracy model stated in the article of Weber (1909-1920) have told us that the organization was control by the person who was in the status of top power and every employee have to follow to his instruction in order to achieve own financial success. So, the higher the status in the organization wows that you are gaining higher financial success.

Besides using Max Weber ideas in support my point, Mile Druthers also has a few points which can support my agreement that worker act rationally to pursue financial success. According to The Division of Labor in Society, written by Mile Druthers (1 984), he had stated that as the division of labor increase, the solidarity will form since the connection of people between each other have grown stronger because the dependence of needs in their life. Social solidarity has separated into mechanical solidarity and organic laterality which have a connection between each other.

According to the book of Keith Grant (2005), have stated that mechanical solidarity is a tradition work style which the worker will follow the full instructions of the manager no matter it is immoral in order to gain the financial success. The organization which function in this type of mechanical solidarity have the same meaning of bureaucracy which the lower stage follow the power of the upper stage. According to the journal of Mile Druthers of Mechanical and Organic Solidarity (1983), it had stated that law and morality is tied hardly in this bond which everything Of the solidarity is moral.

From to the journal Of The Spirit Of Capitalism and Iron cage written by Max Weber (1 905), it had stated that the technical and economic condition of machine production have born to this mechanism solidarity which the worker who work only with the irresistible power rather than concern with another the inning, this show that they are being in the situation of Iron cage which rationality act by the worker in order to gain financial success by following every instruction given by the upper power.

Since the asceticism appears in the world, the increased of material goods which increase the desire of worker in the economy and finally change the tradition work style into the modern work style which is organic solidarity. (Max Weber, 1 905) Druthers has explained that the process for mechanical solidarity turn into organic solidarity is called anomie which explained as ‘monomers’. (Mile Druthers, 1893) Organic solidarity has explained by Druthers from the book of The Division of Labor in Society (1984) as function is different from the original unity.

According to the book of The Sociology Work by Keith Grant (2005), the creation of organic solidarity is due to the rocker start to feel that the work with mechanical work style has been meaningless and the start to desire more and more thing. As the individual needs being specialize, the contemporary situation is that workers will remain working in the organization, but with the purpose of achieving own financial success. In the journal of Max Weber about The Types of Legitimate Domination (1909-1920) have stated that the basis of solidarity is the purely material interest and the advantages have been calculated.

This is the contemporary situation that appears in the economic and working world. The sis of capitalism have occurs the process of anomie happen in the organization. For example, Weber had used the explanation which Calvinist believed that working hard will pursue in the term of financial success. So, this example has brought the believe of people that spent the time at work will gain the profit they wants and financial success gain, then they will find back the purpose for them to work and related to the meaning Of organic solidarity.

However, worker will not necessarily act rationally in order to pursue financial success. There are some other reasons for the worker to work other Han financial success. According to Karl Marx journal of Estranged Labor (1844), he had argued that freedom of the worker is more important than the external sources like capitalism. He also stated that without the freedom, the worker will feel himself as the animal which function only eating or drinking. (Karl Marx, 1 844) Without the freedom of the working environment, worker will feel the loss of himself and stress.

With this situation, Karl Marx had argued that the realm of human freedom is much more important than the human realization in the book of The Sociology of Work. (2005) Karl Max also dated that the freedom is merely the freedom of power to sell and have anything. For an example, the British Factory Acts had clearly let us know that the autocracy of the factory has strongly limited the forces from other than directly devolved from the own capital. (Keith Grant, 2005) From the article by Karl Marx (1844) have explained that freedom of working give the means of giving the life of the worker himself.

It includes life-activity which means that can satisfy and maintain the physical existence so this is the object of his life with will and consciousness. (Element, C. 2010) So, freedom of the work is the need of the worker in order to achieve his own object of life. Other than that, the safety and security in work environment is also one of the points that will be considered by the worker other than financial success. According to the book of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment which edited by Paraded Structured (2007) have stated that the safety in the environment of work will increase productivity and reduce the worry of the worker.

For an example, the Occupational Safety and Health (SSH) have embedded in the Constitution of India, which every organization should allow the requirement in order to protect them in the work environment. (Paraded Structured, 2007) While worker who work in the safety environment, he will process his work with efficiency and effectively because the feeling of safe bring from the company environment enable the worker to work safely.

In the book, it also said that the organization with worker involved in the sector of mechanization and industrialization have to more occupation the safety hazard in the company. Based on the above discussion, we can clearly see that the reason for the worker to work. Agree With the statement that worker act rationally to ruse financial success. As follow the point that describe by Weber in his article of The Spirit Capitalism (1905), money can fulfill the need and satisfaction of the people.

So, worker knows that in order to pursue the financial success, working is the way to achieve the money. Besides that, higher education achieve by the worker is also one of the way to the financial success. The bureaucracy model has told us that the people at the highest level will gain the higher Status and power, higher education is one of the ways to achieve the highest status and gain financial success. However, the redeem and safety work environment have also been the point that why worker chose to work at the company.

So, as the successful manager in the organization, he had to know what the worker wants in order to maintain and increasing the loyalty of the worker to the company. At last, worker should act rationally in the way to pursue financial success so that can maintain own benefit and not just blindly follow the instruction of the top power in the organization.

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