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American History X Notes

They play a racist basketball of blacks vs. whites and the winner gets the courts Derek put in jail for 3 years and then let out Derek and his people go together and raided a local market.. Tormenting the Spanish workers inside.

Beating them and calling them racial names. This made me feel angry and sad because these types of things go on Trek’s mom brings a man home and he starts to discuss race and religion and Derek freaks out. He ends up hitting his sister and mother, while throwing his little brother to the ground. He yells at the man and calls him names and then shows him his Nazi tattoo. This made me very upset to see because no man should ever lay his hands on a woman. The clip flashes back to the night Derek gets robbed and he ends up seeing that it is the guys he beat on the settable court.

He kills the 3 black guys and gets put in prison Derek gets out of jail and then goes to one of the ask parties. The leader, Cameron, tries telling Derek that everything I much stronger and more organized than ever before. Derek tells him he is full of crap… Derek beats him up for saying his brother does not look up to him anymore. In prison, Derek is lonely and feels isolated. There is a scene where he takes his shirt off at the gym playground in the prison t show off his Nazi tattoo. A group of nearby white ask members notice his tattoo and befriend him.

One of the coolest parts in the movie s when he is washing underwear with a fellow back prisoner. The black prisoner is talking to Derek and says, “in the joint, you the n*egger, not me. ” I thought that was very powerful and I think I put everything into perspective for Derek. Derek makes friend with that black guy and starts to have some fun with him in prison as the crack jokes together. His black friend tells Derek why he is in prison. He stole a TV and the cops of accused him of throwing it at him so he got 6 years.

But the cop robbed his arm causing he TV to fall on his foot so there is racial discrimination there just because he is a black man. This angers me and it is not right. No person should be judged by the color of their skin. Derek had started to ignore the ASK group in the prison and they didn’t like that so they raped Derek in the shower. That part was very hard to watch and was very graphic. Felt mad and angry that they did this all because Derek was getting along with the other colored inmates. The day Derek gets out f prison, he is liking out and runs into his black friend.

He tells him thank you and says he couldn’t of done it without him. They make a few jokes and you can tell that now Derek is a changed man and has different views. This makes me happy to see that Derek has looked past the color so his skin. There is a scene where Derek and his brother have a talk about what happened in prison and how he changed. Next, it is followed by a scene showing Derek and his brother taking down all of the ASK stickers, banners, and posters. This part of the movie made me feel relieved and happy.

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