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In the 1 adds there was a connection between the united colonies and the Great Britain which had some things done commonly. Trade was governed uniformly by a set authority which gave no room for liberty. Great Britain was not ready to release the united colonies and brought in tensions. The king of Great Britain also didn’t buy the idea of the United Nations to have their right to liberty, but instead governed through arbitration.

This paper analyses the compositions of different people who had undertaken research about the issue and created a lasting reference for generations to come. A congress took place in October 19, year 1965 which was meant to pass some declaration which had some effect to the American people. The declaration was very significant since they revolved around the issues that were sensitive to the people concerned. Declaration included the imposition of no tax top the English men and the people in general.

They claimed that the people were supposed to pay tax on their own consent and not by any kind of force or coerce. It was also fair to pay tax through representation one through other bodies chosen. This was to help put a distinction between two powers. According to Dickinson, certain letter from a farmer dated December 1 767 gave some important information on the duties imposition and the reason why they were given to the people or colonies. The Act to present or grant on people on paper glass seemed unconstitutional, and therefore, not sound.

The parliament had the mandate to regulate trade between the colonies and Great Britain so as its results would be substantial. It was prudent enough to regulate trade between the mother and the colonies since there was a injection created which had to be presided over by a significant perform the region. It was made clear that the Acts were made for no more purpose, but to regulate trade between the existing parties to create a mutual satisfaction and interest.

Raising revenue was not the sole purpose of imposing or asking for duties, but instead the parliament decided it to ensure that that one part of commerce was restrained. In the process of a meeting held in town violation and infringement of Said rights of the people was explained and discussed at length. This was to aid agreement and confirmation between the two groups who had parallel interests in the courts. During judgment infringement of rights was decreed which was a clear indication of what was happening on the ground.

The measures taken between the two groups remained infringement until when they were justified in a significant court of the land. It was necessary to issue grievances which gave the need to obtain a redress concerning grievances. One issue that brought in problems was the appointment of new officers besides the powers given the appointment of officers was supposed to be one through an administration and supervision of a general court. The officers had much power and authority on the people of the land and their appointment was therefore supposed to be done officially.

The officers were supposed to serve the two different groups through the power and authority granted to them. The power and authority was meant to make sure that everything functioned on well as expected and planned. Handing over of forte was done at a time that some of the inhabitants in towns went through slaughter action where blood was scattered almost everywhere. The legal and natural rights of the people went through trial when invaded by the parliament in place in Great Britain which did not favor the colonies.

The rights and interests of the people were not guaranteed since the parliament had power and influence to make decision which never at anyway provided a solution to them. There was in the 17th century a trade named as the Boston trade which was taken away through an Act powered lately by the parliament. This move was said to be very dangerous to the rights of empire of Britain as a whole. The move was not favorable to the colonies which had a connection to the Great Britain for a certain period. George Ill was called in to help in prevention of right infringement through the legislature present in the empire.

This kind of action would fetch credit from the people since it gives relief from negative activities against them. The existence of a constitution was a relief to the people living in the colonies and it held a statement that took care of the rights of the people. The rights that were made clear are that colonies that had a connection with Great Britain were subject to England common law which was clear and didn’t favor any party. The trial for colonies was also supposed to be done and regulated by peers which was colonies rights which was not supposed to be denied.

No army was supposed to take position in colonies when there was peace and could only be done with consent from the colonies legislation which had powers and authority to give such a mandate. If an army did against the ruling of the colonial legislature, then the action was termed to be against the law set. According to john Adams, exemption from the power of governing parliament as taken to be slander of written information which meant that it was not sound to claim such a favor. Parliament ruling and governing was not liked by people since it did not consider the rights that were subject to them. Traitors of a main province in great Britain loved to enjoy and go by their privileges which were allowed to them including allowing tax on their own behalf and a having an internal governing of concerns without the influence of external forces. The patriots wished that the situation would take longer time since they felt it was more comfortable to them. Nevertheless, the regulation of trade was still done by parliament which had internal policy and taxation eliminated from its mandates.

Following a second continental congress, it is clear that the united colonies had decided to make a petition against the Great Britain which they were still tied to from the old times. The petition was made to a king who had the power and authority to influence the decision of the parliament on certain areas of concern. The united colonies felt that their attachment existing to liberty was paramount and nobody was supposed to compromise it. Their big intention was to break from the connection they had with the Great Britain which had lasted for many years.

Considering the successive events, everything was clear to the united colonies that the hope intended for to have moderation from the counterparts was not anymore available. According to Thomas, king had standing power to govern the whole issue about the legislation of an existing continent which could be at the expense of minority group who in this case was the united colonies. The king of Great Britain was said to be an enemy to expect liberty, and therefore, could not allow or support the move by the united colonies.

The king advocated for arbitration which was not in the favor of the petitioners and claimed that no law could be made unless he himself brings it to pass. It is necessary to break political bands when necessary to end any connection which is not worth while, but it is usually very hard and challenging since a party can only proof reasons of separations and declare them to the letter. Where a government does not give the best to be executed, people have the power to abolish and alter it to fit the acts of the land. Conclusion

The united colonies had a right to separate from the Great Britain connection which denied them the right to liberty. The Parliament intention was to retain the colonies under their control which was beneficial to them. The united colonies intentions to separate from the Great Britain connection were all in vain. The people have power to abolish and alter governments if not well regulated according to the acts. George Ill was requested and called upon to help in preventing legislation from denying the colonies their right to liberty which was a good way to win merit from people.

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