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Abortion Is Murder

Abortion is Vicious The question that is being asked and is on most peoples minds: “Is abortion murder? ‘ Indeed, abortion is murder because it’s premeditated killing of someone who cannot, or Is not given the opportunity, to defend themselves. The fetus has no defenses. In the case of Roe v. Wade (1973). Courts ruled unconstitutional a state law that banned abortions except to save the life of the mother.

The Supreme Court ruled that the states were prohibited from making abortion Illegal or controlling any aspect f abortion carried out during the first trimester of pregnancy, could only decrees abortion regulations sensibly related to maternal health in the second and third trimesters, and could decrees abortion laws protecting the life of the fetus only In the third trimester (Roe v. Wade, 1973). Studies have shown that pregnant mother’s freedom of choice over her body shouldn’t prevent her baby from having a chance at life. The fetus Is a growing organism.

Abortion should be banned within the United States because it is committing legal murder, it is creating immorality within our society, and choosing to place the child into adoptive care is a much better option for everyone Involved. There are several reasons why abortion is murder. One being that the fetus is a living human being. The fetus is a one of a kind person at the moment of conception. This little fertilized egg is a new life. If an abortion takes place, than this will destroy the fetus, its murder, and therefore, wrong.

In the Bible, it states that killing harmless unborn children would not be legal because they realized that, although the word abortion doesn’t appear in the Bible, the elder Hebrews and Israelites were clever enough to know that abortion is murder. Therefore it’s covered under the sixth commandment Barnes, (2009). Abortion can never be morally Justified. We can open our hearts to welcome every child as original and wonderful gift. Lead the work of doctors, nurses and midwives. May the life of a mother and her baby in the womb be equally cherished and respected In so many ways.

They called for adequate time for calmness; sensible and informed argument and repeated that abortion is gravely immoral in all circumstances, no matter how limited access to abortion may be White, (2012). Within the united States alone 1,300,000 abortions accrue every year. The sad part is, people can research all day about abortions, you have people that agree with it, and you have people that are against it. While researching my topic of chose, I between 14 to 21 weeks, Miller, M. M. (1987, May) mentioned whether it was a suction abortion or aborted by hands.

How can women abort their living baby? Studies have shown; when a woman is pregnant and feels that she can’t have a baby or care for a baby at her point and time in life, than instead of having an abortion, she should give there families not able to have children, the chance to adopt Barnes, (2009). Women that have abortions have short and long term effects. The short term effect is as followed: abdominal swelling, pelvic infection, uterine perforation, excessive bleeding, incomplete abortion, cervical tears, and in extreme cases, death.

The long- term effects of having an abortion are as followed: some women end up with substances abuse problems, cancer, infertility, psychological disorders and sexual dysfunction (Barnes, 2009). ANURAL Pro-Choice of North Carolina and there members believe every woman should eave the option to choose abortion. ANURAL works to protect the right of all women in the state of North Carolina to access the highest standards of care for safe, legal abortion care if they choose.

They also believe in reducing the need for abortion and supporting the full range of reproductive choices. As the Pro- Choice individuals mentioned; deciding whether and when to become a parent and or have another child is a personal, private decision. A woman thinking about abortion must be able to make that choice in conversation with her doctor, also thinking about what is best or herself and her family. It’s neither the government nor a politician’s place to tell a woman when she should carry a pregnancy to full term ANURAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, 2008).

We all see where women and teens are having abortions all over the world. The media and research online talk about the reasons behind it. Majority of the women and teens say their babies will get in the way on their education and or work. With that being said, there was a teenager that dropped out of high school in the 1 lath grade, also repeated the grade for a second time in 2010. She went back to school in 011 to try and earn her diploma, but she didn’t succeed at the time, so she dropped out again in her second semester of her senior year.

This individual mentioned how she wanted to finish her education, but never got around to finishing it. Come to find out in December of 2012 that she is pregnant. With her being pregnant, it gave her the extra push to finish school. She wants to have a successful life for her newborn baby boy and herself. People have heard this individual say, that her baby will never be a burden to her. When a woman mentions abortion for this reason, it bothers successful mothers. These mothers went through so much in life Just to get to where they are today, with their children.

A mother changes their life around because they have children, it is called life! People think these doctor’s offices should be closed, or at the very least, no abortions should be done in the future. Our society is no longer prepared to support unnecessary cruelty to babies for mothers to have freedom. If they continue with the generations of the future. The debates over the lawful and knowledge of viability of abortions, it’s been hard and bewildered in describing whether a developing fetus an be considered a human life. When Roe was decided; almost all states severely restricted or banned the practice of abortion. However, these restrictions were challenged amid the sexual revolution and feminist movements of the sass. Texas law banned all abortions except those necessary to save the life of the mother. Roe claimed that her life was not endangered, and she could not afford to travel out of state and had a right to terminate her pregnancy in a safe medical environment. The Court reviewed the history of abortion laws, from ancient Greece to contemporary

America, and therein found three Justifications for banning abortions: “a Victorian social concern to discourage illicit sexual conduct”; protecting the health of women; and protecting prenatal life”.

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