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Is Abortion Morally Right or Wrong

Is Abortion Morally Right or Wrong Kirstyn Fletcher PHI 103 Informal Logic Anthony Biduck October 26, 2011 What About it is Considered Moral or Unmoral? This subject is probably one of the top five most controversial subjects in the world today. Is it immoral to kill an unborn child? Do we have the right to choose what grows in our bodies before it becomes a citizen in America? Will God punish you for killing a person? So many questions go into this type of situation of what’s morally right or wrong about this matter. In my opinion with abortion it is confusing to really who side to be on in this debate.

Me personally I would never have an abortion and have bumped into that situation along the way in my life but do I think it’s morally wrong I really don’t know. I think first we should of course know what an abortion is so, what is an abortion? An abortion is when a woman terminates the undeveloped embryo within the first trimester of the pregnancy. Is the embryo considered human yet or is it just a developing organism evolving into something more and even at that aren’t organisms a single life form and doesn’t life mean living.

Everyone has their own personal reasons on why women should or shouldn’t have an abortion. “Abortion has been legal in every U. S. state since 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade (1973) that women have the right to make medical decisions about their own bodies. “[By Head, 2011pg. 1] Technically while the embryo is in a woman’s body it is a part of that woman, so shouldn’t that woman have the right to decide whether or not they want something growing inside of them?

Is Abortion More About Religion? A lot of controversial debates on this matter come from how the people who wrote the bible view abortion, they think that it is an abomination to “kill” an unborn child. “The triumph of politics and religion over medical science under President George W. Bush was well documented in a 60 Minutes segment that broadcast on 27 November. Over-the-counter sale of Plan B — a morning-after birth control pill — has been blocked by Bush’s political ppointees in the Food and Drug Administration despite strong scientific evidence that the pill is both effective and safe. ” [By Ross 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005] Now in this same article it says that pharmacist were denying people this Plan B pill to people because of their own religious beliefs. And also that Catholic churches were even keeping the idea of this Plan B pill from pregnant rape survivors because of religious beliefs which the women will probably end up in aborting the child anyway. Now wouldn’t it be unmoral to deny people the right to choose.

I mean God did give Adam and Eve the free will to choose whether or not to listen to him about eating the forbidden fruit. So who gave people the right to make choices for women, especially women who didn’t even have a choice in making the baby and probably won’t be stable enough mentally to even take care of that child right. Now this turns into a chain or never ending story of a dramatic life for that child. Pregnancy following rape can lead to inner conflicts for women about choosing whether or not to keep the child.

E Effects down the line may lead to depression, as many women may blame themselves, and experience feelings of shame and guilt that can then project onto their child. So why can’t women have that choice of abortion, it shouldn’t go by other people’s views from religious beliefs, it should go by how it can effect both the women and the child’s life in the long run regardless to if the woman was a rape victim or not. My Opinion on Abortion Every woman was given a right in 1973 that we can choose what to do with our own bodies and technically the embryo is a part of our bodies until birth.

We also all as human being were given the right to free will and the right to choose period. So why should it be anyone else business on what we choose to do? If it is so deemed unmoral wouldn’t we be the ones who would have to answer to it on judgment day? I don’t really agree with killing of course but, have it even been proven that the embryo is a living being? My opinion is the women should have the right to choose what they want to do and no one should take that away from them because of their strong religious belief.

And it definitely beats how children are born into a world of hate, war, and greed. I have one even better sperm is considered a living organisms, so would it be unmoral for a man to allow their sperm to be killed when they use a condom. Life and death is the way of life and if a man use a condom to prevent pregnancy why can’t a women use a pill or procedure to do the same? References http://www. rossde. com/editorials/edtl_abortion_religion. html http://civilliberty. about. com/od/abortion/f/what_abortion. htm

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