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Abortion Choosing Are You Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

Abortion is too complex to feel one way about. Before I read Anna Gulden’s Article I myself never knew what exactly pro-choice and Pro-life exactly meant, I just knew it was something that was always a heated debate between politics. But after reading this article I myself feel that with enough information that I’m both a prophetic and profile supporter, I think a women shouldn’t be allowed to Just Abort a Pregnancy without a really good explanation such as the baby was conceived by rape or that she suffers from a health condition that loud put her In danger If she went through with the pregnancy.

Pregnant woman should always consider other options such as adoption or giving the baby to a family member before making that final decision. In the Anna Quinine’s article I believe her greatest argument was the quote”for years I believed that a woman’s right to choose was absolute, but now I wonder. Do l, with a stable home and marriage and sufficient stamina and money, have the right to choose abortion because a pregnancy is inconvenient right now? Legally I do have that right; legally I want to always to have that right.

It Is the morality of exercising It under those circumstances that makes me wonder. ” So we can easily understand that woman have the rights to choose to go through the abortion process or choose to not to go through it and no one can take that from them. With this essay, I believe people can also understand that making the decision to have an abortion and give up your baby can be the hardest decision you can ever make because it can mentally and physically leave an impact on your life.

A woman shouldn’t bring a baby Into this world If she or the father or both have not started earning their own Income and know they have the resources to take care of It, of the can’t then maybe giving it up for an adoption if not then the couple could be put into situations where one of them will have to get a Job and in most cases drop out of school and put your goals and education on hold to take care of another when there really too young to accept the responsibility to take care of themselves let alone a child.

The authors made an Inference her patients believed “Just one short visit to he doctor’s office and after a 1 hour operation everything will be alright. But they were completely wrong Abortion is difficult for all thoughtful women because your motherly feelings and instincts won’t let you forget about the abortion you had especially as you get older in life. The last final quote from the article “we can see the real face of abortion. The cold side of the abortion. And then She gave an example about a television program about a baby’s birth. I hope that not only me but others can still change our way of thinking.

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