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Abortion – a controversial Issue

Either way, the act of abortion leaves behind irreversible severe consequences. In my opinion abortion should definitely be declared an illegal procedure because I believe that having an abortion is a very destructive act of terminating a life of an unborn baby which cannot defend itself. It is considered to be a controversial discussion, because it is a complicated and a sensitive Issue. As it Is pointed out in the book on opposing viewpoints on Abortion, Because of the complexity of the debate, positions on abortion are unusually polarize.

Indeed, people on different sides of the Issue may not only dispute each other’s facts and disagree about what Is to be done but also argue about what terms o use In describing abortion…. The result Is a highly charged and extremely contentious debate. (Currie 8) Currently, the debates held are based on cultural, social, and religious views grounded in biblical wisdom. Some cultures have accepted it, but others have totally rejected it, because it is strongly considered to be an immoral act of murder that brings shame to the families within the walls of society.

According to Don Marquis in his article entitled “Why Abortion Is Immoral,” published in The Journal of Philosophy [April 1989], killing is not wrong because it goes not show the killer to be barbaric, nor because it leaves friends and relatives left behind saddened. Rather, killing is wrong primarily because of the effect It There are two different groups: those who oppose abortion and call themselves pro-life and those who support abortion rights and call themselves pro-choice.

The pro-abortion group justifies the act of abortion using rape, unemployment, financial instability, poverty, teenage pregnancy, single parenthood and lack of family support. This group believes a woman has the right to choose to do what she wants with her odd. “Many pro-choice activists insist that this right is absolute and should not be restricted in any manner. Abortion opponents maintain that a fetus right to life is more important than a woman’s right to control her reproduction” (Tamari and Roller. The pro-abortionists further argue that women and teenagers find it difficult to cope with a pregnancy that is a result of a rape.

It is difficult for them to nourish and truly love the unborn baby, and even after birth, the new born baby would bring back unpleasant memories of the rapist. Secondly, the Issue of unemployment mongo women creates a financial insecurity resulting Into economic hardships for women, and no woman would like to give birth and raise her new born baby while Many women who face crisis pregnancies are themselves financially and socially vulnerable. Carrying a baby to term is not a simple matter of refraining from intentional killing; it also requires a positive investment of one’s physical and emotional strength.

At the end of the process comes an anguishing decision about whether to raise the child oneself or to give it up for adoption. (Kathleen) Thirdly, the negative reaction of most parents, when they discover that their daughter is regnant leads to a guilt trip. The pregnant girl perceives the pregnancy to be a grave unforgivable act and in order to avoid a complex or uncertain future for mother and child; the society encourages them to turn to either a legal or illegal abortion doctor for a solution. On the other side, pro-choicer claim that fetus are quite obviously not persons.

Since fetus lack certain psychological properties of Persephone (e. G. , reason, mediation, consciousness, self-awareness, etc. ), it is enough for the pro-choicer to conclude that most abortions (especially early ones) are not wrongful killings” Cones, Jeff. However, reasons given by the pro-abortion group are based on selfish interests and monetary gains. Despite previous reasons indicated, I strongly disagree that abortion should be declared a legal act. Women do it for their own convenience and out of their selfish desires.

They forget that it is not primarily about choice, but about the unborn baby. The pro-choice group supports life and not death. They believe that life begins at conception, the moment when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. These people, who argue that even this earliest form of life has the same rights as a person, nearly oppose abortion at any stage of pregnancy. They claim that a human life begins at conception and at the term of 21 days the unborn has a beating heart, and that any act of abortion is considered to be murder.

Truthfully, abortion will have an impact on the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of a woman and the innocent baby that cannot speak for itself. The social issues that abortion has on society are demutualization of social values and degradation of traditional family values. Abortion causes women to lose their spiritual peace from within because guilt s one of the side effects of abortion. When women are labeled as “murderers” of babies in the society this will continue to haunt them and thus continue to live in shame and guilt. They will not have peace in their hearts other than a feeling of condemnation.

Mother Teresa points out, “But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? “(“Abortion Is a Selfish Choice. ) Abortion destroys the values that are created by love in a family. When a mother to be is detached from the unborn baby through precipice or forced abortion, the mother does not learn to love.

The selfish act of “killing” is something that psychologically affects everyone. A woman decides to abort thinking she is solving her problems only to create more problems or side effects such us breast cancer. A surge of the hormone astraddle at conception reaches tenfold in the first trimester, triggering an explosive growth of breast tissue?a period when breast first full pregnancy, further hormonal changes propel these newly produced rears cells through a state of differentiation, a natural maturing process that greatly reduces the risk of future breast cancer. Ian) Another problem that arises from abortion is indirect violence. For example, when the men are told that they do not have to take responsibility for their children they lose hope and start taking life for granted. Most of these men continue to make other women pregnant and these women will also be encouraged by the same men to abort unborn babies. Abortion does not teach people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. With this in view the greatest enemy of love and peace is abortion.

We have to remember that for every action there is a choice and for every choice made there are either good or bad consequences. Women who are exposed to recurrent abortion procedures eventually become sterile. “Complications are possible with any type of medical or surgical procedure. The most common medical issue associated with abortion is infection, a potentially serious and life-threatening problem. Abortion can also cause excessive bleeding and damage to the uterus… ” (Gale). After an abortion, one may feel relieved for a temporary term, and only later in life she may reconsider having children, but to no avail.

In the meantime, when she observes children playing or women nursing their babies; she becomes emotionally disturbed; she thinks about her aborted baby and begins to wonder what the baby would have been like if it had been given a chance to live. Secondly, other side effects after surgical abortion are vaginal bleeding; vomiting and diarrhea Women also develop the “post – abortion syndrome” that can lead to suicide, depression, and guilt. It is true that before I was born God knew me; before I was born He set me apart, and this applies to the unborn baby too. On the whole, most elisions of the world highly disagree with abortion practices.

People have been deceived by scientists who teach that when one aborts an unborn child, all that is being destroyed is an embryo or tissue; this concept leads to a lack of support for pregnant women. The church should train Godly women to counsel young women with problematic pregnancies, so that they choose life for their babies. Godly families, that are able, should consider accommodating young women and help them carry their babies to term. Developed world countries have the finances to establish adoption and orphanage homes for unwanted babies, and to sponsor counseling enters that educate both older and young women on sexual issues.

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