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Women’s Soccer Argumentative Analysis Essay

The soccer who most people watch around the world is the men one. The women soccer is not as broadcasted on TV as men’s, and the gap between it is not small. There are a huge difference on men’s and women’s soccer in terms of which one is more famous and broadcast around the world. The investment on women’s soccer is also not even close as they deserved. The world faces machismo in all the manners, but as we are talking about soccer, why don’t women have the same privileges as men? How many young boys have you seen playing soccer around the world – let’s not include America? And then, how many young girls?

In Brazil, it’s really hard to find a place where there are training and practices for women. And over there should not be that hard, once we have one of the best soccer players in history, Marta. We have won most of the tournaments this century, and we still can’t find girls willing to play soccer. Otherwise, wherever you go, you are able to find boys willing to play soccer. This happens not only in Brazil, but in the whole world. However, America faces the opposite that the world does. Women’s soccer is well-developed here. If we get the St. Andrews soccer teams, male and female.

In the male’s soccer, we have 7 Americans and 40 foreign, but in female, there are four foreign and 22 Americans. Today, America and Germany have the best women players in the world, and they are always fighting to win tournaments. Since the Women’s World Cup was created in 1991, USA has never been out of a semifinal. They got first place twice – 1991 and 1999 -, second place once – 2011 -, and third place three times – 1995, 2003, and 2007. The Men’s soccer team’s best performance was 86 years ago, back in 1930, where they got third place. How can women have better performance than men can if they both don’t have investment on that sport?

I don’t think America’s women are better than America’s men soccer players. I think that the world is not that well-developed as they are for women. Let’s get an example from Brazil: Brazil is consider the country of soccer, even that we are not the best ones anymore. We can see opportunities for small boys to play over everywhere, but we can’t find a lot of places where women have coaches to coach them and get them ready for future experiences on soccer. Some girls play soccer on Physical Education at High School, but after that, they don’t even play for fun. The world is more prepared for men than women.

I think that is the main reason that America is good at Female’s soccer, but they are just OK at Male’s soccer. They are the same level in both, but the world is some steps ahead USA in Male’s Soccer, but some steps back in Female’s. In 2014, the most important sport tournament happened in Brazil, which is the World Cup. For a country clinch itself on it, they must classify in the qualifying that happens in each continent. United States have classified themselves for the World Cup in the last three straight editions of the tournament, what shows that soccer over here is improving year after year.

In Brazil, America got into the round 16, but they lost against the good Belgium team. United States didn’t only qualify in an easy group, they were in the death group, the hardest one. The group they were in was with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Not an easy group at all. However, United States made it. What will happen next World Cup? Can we predict something else? Yes, we can. Actually, we should. The improvement United States have had is proverbial. In the last World Cup, the best American player was cut off from the team. Landon Donovan was considered old for his coach, and so he wasn’t in the squad for the World Cup.

The decision that Jurgen Klinsmann had stunned the whole world, not only Americans. Most of the world just know him as American player. Maybe some people do know Dempsey or Howard, but Donovan is the main one. The coach was not that wrong. At least the team played with heart and they motivated themselves that they wouldn’t lose to all the teams. They didn’t win the tournament, but their goal was to qualify to the round 16, and they made it. During the game against Germany – the team that later won the World Cup – there is a picture of the president of United States watching the game on a flight in the Air Force One.

Some people may only think that he did for status, but for me, it shows how the country has developed itself on the sport. If the president, who has a busy agenda, could watch the game while flying, why can’t the population watch it? The event World Cup is the most important in the world, the one that most people watch. However, the American public have begun to follow the National team. Besides Brazil, who was the host country, American citizens are who bought the most quantity of tickets for the games.

When the competition had ended back in July 2014, Brazilian broadcaster Rede Globo made a chart showing many interesting data. If I’m right, United States sold almost 200,000 tickets to Brazil’s World Cup. It’s a good beginning for a country who some years ago barely know the rules of the sport. Fans from Germany, Spain, Argentina, and France buy tickets for these kind of tournaments because they believe they will win it. However, all Americans knew that the United States wouldn’t go far in the World Cup, even though they bought a good amount of tickets to support their nation and get into an international soccer event.

There are rumors that United States want to bring the World Cup over to its own boundaries again – 1994’s edition happened in America’s boundaries. Usually, the country that hosts the World Cup gets attention from the whole world because it’s a worldwide event. In addition, as the United States is a developed and invested country, they wouldn’t have to spend billions and billions to build up hotels, airports, stadiums, etc. They would have to fix some issues, but not big deal. It would be much easier than what Brazil had to do.

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