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History of Soccer

Soccer I love playing soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was twelve years old. Keeps me fit, active and outside in the fresh air. Over the past few years I have played soccer for six youth club teams and won championships with two of them. I have gained a lot of experience form these clubs. I have played soccer games in almost every kind of weather condition but in snow. I really wish to play soccer in the snow and I am looking forward to do it this winter. Thousands of people have made their living soccer and I wish to do that too.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports and it has a very interesting history behind it. No one really knows the real history behind this sport. It is said that during early days the way people played soccer was very rough and violent. Many people used to get injuries by playing soccer. According to an internet source, King Edward Ill banned soccer in 1365 because of growing incidents of violence and proclaimed in the Parliament-“No man shall play Fete-ball” (soccer). After a few decades people restarted playing soccer and now with some ales and regulations to follow.

Then soon in the 19th century a soccer association was formed which was called Federation of International Football Association (FIFE). This federation is the highest earning sports federation in the world. The association conducts a league among all the country teams every four years this is known as FIFE World Cup. One of the most successful soccer players of all time is the soccer legend Peel. There is probably no soccer fan in this world who does not know who Peel is. He was the known as the est. player of the 20th century.

He accomplished a lot in a very little time of his career. Peel was was the first player to score a goal with a bicycle kick which is probably the toughest shot in soccer. According to an internet source, Peel once said to the media that, “It seems that God brought me to Earth with a mission to play soccer. ” He actually did prove that right. He was also awarded the best athlete of the 20th century award. Soccer is a very beautiful game, and it is a game which is enjoyed by people all ever the world.

Every soccer fan wishes to become a professional player, but it is not easy enough to make a career out of out. It is a big challenge to become a professional soccer player. It is very hard to get opportunities to become a pro. Soccer is something which a player must have in him. It is a very aggressive game too. Many players get into the soccer field walking and come out on stretchers. It is a very vigorous game, but now there are many protective guards that can be used

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