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What Exactly Is Abortion and Why Is It so Controversial?

Abortion What exactly is abortion and why is it so controversial? An abortion is a procedure, either surgical or medical, to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus and placenta from the uterus. Abortion is one of the most divisive and controversial issues of our day. People generally have strong views about abortion. It is not a social issue of mere preference, but an issue about life and death. Abortion draws out the clashes between two divergent worldviews. The humanistic worldview says, “Man is the highest standard there is.

You don’t answer to anyone, so do whatever you want. ” The Christian worldview says, “We answer to God, and He has commanded us not to murder. We must always submit our desires and preferences to the authority of His word. ” Our culture has a definite agenda supporting any and all sexual expression. It’s difficult to find a new movie, or a successful TV show, or a popular song that doesn’t embrace this view of sex. When the director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Dallas offered a school district a presentation supporting abstinence till marriage, the district turned her down.

Their own presentation featured birth control devices, and they couldn’t let her talk about self-control one day if they were going to sell the kids on condoms the next. “39000 women who have had an abortion are members of NARAL. 245000 women who have had abortions are members of National Right to Life. ” “There are many different ways an abortion can be performed. Different methods are used under different circumstances and after different developments of the embryo or fetus. No method of abortion is 100% safe, and no method is 100% successful.

Suction Aspiration (vacuum curettage) The most common (98%) form of first trimester abortion. The cervix is dilated, and a powerful vacuum tube with a sharp cutting edge is inserted. The suction rips apart the body of the baby, and sucks out blood, amniotic fluid, tissue, and body parts. The most frequent post-abortion complication occurs with this method. If any fetal or placental tissue is left behind in the uterus, infection can. Dilation and Evacuation (D) Generally performed in the second trimester. Forceps are used to rip away pieces of the developing body and remove them from the womb.

Because the skull has often hardened by this time, it may have to be crushed for removal. Bone fragments from the crushed skull can easily puncture the cervix, causing high blood loss. Partial birth abortion Performed during the late second or third trimester. Using ultrasound, the abortionist grasps the baby’s leg with forceps, and partially forcefully delivers all but the head. Scissors are then jammed into the back of the baby’s skull, and the wound is pried open. A powerful vacuum tube is inserted and sucks out the baby’s brain. In my opinion I think abortions is necessary to a point. What I mean is that abortion shouldn’t be banned for the people who NEED it. Now day’s rape is becoming more and more common among teens and kids. I don’t think that they should have to go through a pregnancy that young because one its not fair and two because they didn’t choose to become pregnant, they were forced. I don’t really understand why so many people say its murder even in the very beginning because it doesn’t even have a heart beat until around week 7 and 8, it is still just a cell but that’s my point of view.

The only problem I would see with keeping abortion for the first trimester for girls who need it is that a lot of girls will abuse it. Girls, women which ever will think that because they are out sleeping around and don’t want to deal with the pregnancy that they can just go and have an abortion done. So pretty much to me abortion should be legal for emergencies like girls who were raped and that is it, anything else is something you could have prevented. Also something else I have a very strong view on is third trimester abortion; to me they should be totally illegal unless medically needed.

I say this because to me it is murder; by this time the fetus has developed into a baby, has a heart beat, can actually urinate, practicing breathing, and so much more. Partial birth abortion is the most common among people who choose to have an abortion is the third or second trimester. This, which of course has already been explained, is murder to me you are assisting in killing a baby who hasn’t even been born yet. Many people don’t realize that abortion is actually a dangerous procedure.

While techniques are improving, there is still a high probability of negative physical side effects and almost certain negative psychological side effects. Abortion is an unnatural process that interrupts one of the primary functions of the human body. A woman’s body naturally resists the abortion, causing physical and emotional problems. One of the most disturbing things about this is that many women aren’t informed about the side effects of abortion. The Supreme Court, in 1986, ruled that women don’t have to be informed about these risks before the abortion.

Who Has Abortions? Abortion is the most frequent surgical operation (National Center for Health Statistics) Roughly 42% of all baby girls and 25% of all baby boys are aborted. (Planned Parenthood) 40% of women who have abortions will have more than one (AG Institute) 50% of women who have abortions use it as their sole means of birth control (AG Institute) Age:Completed Education:Number of ChildrenRace ;15yrs(3%);12yrs(6%)0 (73%)African-American 35% 15-19(42%)High School(39%)1 (14%)White 33% 0-24 (33%)13-14 years (26%)2 (9%)Hispanic 15% 25-29 (14%)Bachelors (19%)3 (4%)Other 17% ;30 (8%)Masters (4%);3 (1%) From an American survey of 1900 women who have had abortions (CDC 1995) Reason for abortion: Mother’s Health (3%); Baby has possible health problem (3%);Rape or Incest (1%);Couldn’t Afford Baby (21%);Not ready for the; Responsibility (21%);Concerned how child would change lives (16%);A relationship problem (12%);Not mature enough (11%);Had all the children they wanted (8%);Other (4%) All I can really tell you is:

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