Blackboard Exercise Analysis

Throughout the semester, data was collected in order to analyze it as a source of discourse. I chose to analyze the frequency of Blackboard access per day and the hours in which that frequency is at its highest and lowest. This raw data becomes significant when compared to the general makeup of my average weekly … Read more

Low Stakes Writing Essay

Academic writing or scholarly writing is an essential part of all academic fields. It is the way things are analyzed and the way knowledge is shared. There are many types of academic writing; each type has a specific purpose. There is scientific writing like lab reports or articles. There is also academic writing used for … Read more

Reflection Of My Writing Class

Whenever participating in any type of writing class, I tend to discover numerous strengths and weaknesses behind my work. I benefit greatly from reviewing my old essays, and reflecting on my personal growth. This type of pattern has been consistent since I started focusing on becoming a better writer, and it has led to some … Read more

English Composition Class Analysis Essay

Throughout the semester, I have learned a lot about the English language. Some of the tips that I have learned in this English Composition Class is how to write: Argumentative Essays, Analysis Essay In each topic or type of writing, I have learned a lot of new skills that I have not been told before. … Read more

Short Essay On My Literacy

My literacy started even before I was born. My mom was a big advocate for reading and writing so I had no choice but to enjoy it. My mom even got my name from a book she read just months before I was born. She was really enthusiastic about reading and still is to this … Read more

Wikipedia Problems Research Paper

Because the technology has been improved a lot, it took an important part in people’s lives. Compare to materials like books, newspaper, and journals, the Internet is faster and more convenient source that everyone can reach to. Therefore, in school, students also tend to search on the Internet. However, when there is a tremendous number … Read more