Colonel Sejano Seguin Research Paper

Colonel Juan Nepomuceno Seguin is the only Tejano man in history who would prioritize the needs of a country that would later betray him rather than a country with which his roots lie. However, in a way, his heritage was his downfall when tensions ran high between Mexico and Texas after the revolution. Rumors and … Read more

Essay on The Texas Myth Analysis

“The Texas Myth” in history has been created by many Anglo historians in hopes of creating and perpetuating a history that supports the Anglo cause of expansion during early Texas history. Many of the early Texas historians such as Webb, Dobie, Haley, and Webber have provided many historical accounts as told from the Anglo perspective. … Read more

Texas Legislature Essay

The Legislature in the Texas government is responsible for the bills, resolutions, and policies of the state. The members of the Senate and House of Representatives must represent their constituencies and their interests when working on legislation, while also considering partisan goals and ideas. The Texas Legislature is a complex and important part of the … Read more