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Personal Narrative: Surfs Up

“Good afternoon, ladies and gents. Welcome to the annual surfing world championship. Also, what a gorgeous day we have out here. Today, June 10, 1982, is the 10th surfing competition here is Hawaii. I just wanted to mention I am honored to be here and be the commentator for today. Let’s meet the judges, shall we? We have three judges joining us here. I’d like to give a warm welcome to Judge Tom, Judge Sally, and last but not least Judge Julie,” the commentator says. While he is talking all the surfers are getting ready.

When Willy says there name they wave to the crowd, making them go ballistic. At the same time, all the judges are walking by to make sure the competitors surfboard are legal to be used and check if the surfers have cheated. As all the surfers are warming-up the crowd were screaming at the top of their lungs to encourage their favorite surfer. As the first air horn sounded, the first competitor started to paddle to an upcoming wave, getting ready to stand up on the board and ride it. All the competitors, one by one when told to go started paddling towards the waves to surf them.

The judges watching them like watchdogs to give them a mark of how they did, and the crowd breath taken by the surfer’s performance. Finally, it was Grayham Dumpty’s, turn to ride the wave. The crowd started to cheer, it was louder than a jet’s engine when he was walking towards the waves. In the meantime, waves were getting bigger and bigger as the seconds passed by. Suddenly everything went quiet and the air horn for Grayham’s turn went off. While Grayham was paddling down to the wave, in his head he was beginning to think about what his next move will be.

All you could hear was “Grayham! Grayham! Grayham! ” He was at the top of the wave riding it. He was considered the surfing legend. The sky had gotten much darker than it previously was. He was in the front of the wave which was creeping up on him from behind slowly. Eventually, he went inside the tunnel and out of sight. The wave came crashing down and Grayham Dumpty was nowhere in sight of anyone. Angelina screamed,” Where are you, honey? ” She had a devastated look on her face. Alexander had a confused look on his face, he didn’t know where his dad had gone.

The commentator said,”Send a search and rescue team to look for him. ” Little 9 year old Alex, asked Angelina,”Is everything ok? ” She was in so much shock, she hadn’t even heard what Alex had asked. The Dumpty’s were told that Grayham’s body was not found and he was pronounced dead. “Alexander, can you turn on the television please? ” Asked Angelina, in a disheartened sound. She had a pessimistic look on her face. “Mom is everything ok? ” asked Alex. She didn’t answer him. All she asked was,”Do you know what date it is today? ” Alex replied,” It’s June 10, 1987, ain’t it? “Do you know what…? ” Angelina paused there because she knew Alex, would get upset if he found out the truth.

Alex turned the television on and the first channel that was on was the news channel. They were talking about the surfing incident 5 years in the casualty where Grayham’s body was not found and called off as dead. The whole house went silent, Alex and Angelina both turned to stared at each other. One with an expression of guilt and the other with pure sadness. Right when Angelina started to talk, Alex threw the television remote at the television, breaking the screen.

That was the first time he was saw and heard about his dad after the accident that occurred. Without saying one word Alex ran to his room while his mom tried to explain the situation to him. It was early morning, Alex took a surfboard and went out to the beach to surf. When a wave came he rode it without any hesitation, however when another similar wave came by it swept him off his feet. He was so determined to ride a wave perfectly that he didn’t give up no matter how many times he fell. There was a wave bigger than all the ones he had seen that day and he decided to ride it.

Just like how his dad had done his wave he was at the top then moved to the front and the wave started creeping behind and took him inside the tunnel and the wave came crashing down. However, once inside the tunnel, he lost his balance and then fell inside he went unconscious due to his head hitting a hard coral reef. A dolphin saw him fall and bonk his head on a coral reef and lifted him up and raised him to the surface of the water. Once the dolphin was able to bring him to the surface, it carried Alex to a nearby island.

Alex woke up on the island with sand in his mouth and was confused as to where he was. When he got up to try and figure out where he was, he spotted a group of palm trees in a line. He got up and started to scream as loud as he could. “Help! Help! ” In desperate need of help, he began to write SOS in big letter on the beach so that anyone flying overhead would be able to see that he was stuck here on the island. While looking at the ocean the dolphin came to him and started squeaking. Alex asked, ” Did you save me? ” The dolphin squeaked and nodded.

“Can I call you Dolphina? he asked. She reacted with yet another nod. Alex started to walk into the forested area of the island. While walking in he saw a house built of trees. It looked as though it was an oversized treehouse. He was tempted to go look around and so he did just that. However, as he began to climb up, a net fell on him and rendered him captive. He was unable to move at all due to the net and eventually fell asleep. A girl poured water on his face to wake him up and when he did he screamed because he didn’t know who it was and what made things even worse was that he was trapped.

She calmed Alex down and said her name was Shannon. She was a tall, beautiful, and muscular girl. Alex started liking her. She gets him out the net and asks what his name was. He murmured,”Alex. ” She gives Alex a little tour of the tree house like building and tells him that she lives with another man and they built it together. Alex said he was hungry, so Shannon gave him a coconut to drink and eat. It was nighttime and the man came. He had a deep voice and he looked exactly like Alex’s dad. The man asked,”Who is this boy? Shannon replied,”His name is Alex, he is lost and made his way onto this island. Alex started asking questions and all the answers the man gave back were the ones his dad would’ve gave. “Dad,” Alex exclaimed.

The man had a puzzled look on his face. Alex said,”I have to go home and go to my mother as fast as possible. ” Both Shannon and the man who was called William,”We have tried to get off this island but haven’t been able to for the past 5 years. “What date is it today Shannon,” asked Alex? She replied,”June 16,1987. ” Alex asked both Shannon and William,”What if we tried to use a boat? They said,”That at night the ocean creates greats winds and the ocean is filled with jellyfish so if you fall in there is no way you can survive. ”

Alex said,”Can we try that is our only way out? I have a plan. We could make a boat and on the boat make a paraglider on it. The parachute would be made off a big strong leaf, so when the wind currents come we can sit in a basket and it’ll take us to another place, that will be our only way out. ” Shannon and William looked at each other in a confused manner. They both bravely agreed. The next few days they gathered up all the materials.

Taking logs and tieing them together making the bottom of the boat. Then, made a mast from big palm leaf and on the boat they made paragliding equipment and attached a basket of 3 and connected it to the big palm leaf they have as the parachute. For the steering of the boat, they took the stem of a palm tree and made a paddle out of it and stuck it on the back of the boat. The next day at dawn they took off and when they got deep the jellyfish started to flood the waters and winds started to get stronger. When a strong gust of wind came the basket started to move.

So the three got on and waited until the basket took flight. Now it all depended on the wind currents where they go. Alex is woken up by Dolphina, who is squirting water on him. He starts to celebrate, waking up the other two. They all start cheering, but realize they don’t know where they are. While walking around, Alex realizes that they are on the other side of the city. So Dolphina goes away and brings back two dolphins who then give a ride to all three and drop them near where Alex lives. Once they reach Alex’s house. All three go in and Alex’s mom says,”Grayham! ”and falls to the ground.

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