Sex Ratios In Sea Turtles Essay

Sea turtles are threatened and endangered throughout their natural range due to various anthropogenic interferences, such as poaching and habitat destruction (World… c2016). Sea turtles provide many ecological benefits, such as acting as distributors of nutrients and sculptors of both terrestrial and marine substrate (Mancini et al. 2011). However, global climate change is threatening sea … Read more

Essay on Effusion In Basketball

Does the temperature outside affect how fast molecules move inside objects? Charles Law helps us understand how molecules move in different temperatures. It states that increasing the temperature of a constant pressure volume of gas causes individual gas molecules to move faster (Andrew Staroscik Staroscik 9/19/16), and the volume is proportional to the absolute temperature … Read more

Dugesia Tigeneration Experiment Essay

Success of Dugesia tigrina regeneration in different water temperatures Abstract: The experiment at hand aimed to determine if the species Duguesia tigrina has an optimal temperature for regeneration. The experiment used three different spring water treatments of different temperatures. The treatments included a cool 12° treatment, a room temperature 25° treatment, and a warm 30° … Read more