Does Photoshop Is Ethical

In journalism, many writers consider the presentation of their photograph as a significant piece of their work. To present their photographs in the most professional manner possible, most writers turn to Photoshop. In the process of retouching their photo, some will manipulate the photo unethically. However, most editors do not do this, and those that … Read more

Bystander: A History Of Street Photography

Joel Meyerowitz, a photographer born in New York, best known for his street photography and landscape. Meyerowitz was not set out to be a photographer when he first entered college, but decided painting, medical drawing, and art directing for an advertising agency could not compare to photography. After collaborating on an advertising project with Robert … Read more

Nude Women In The 19th Century Essay

With today’s easily accessible technology, one could pull up numerous pictures of a nude woman, whether pornographic or fine art based, in a few seconds. Surprisingly, prior to this influx of technology, these images were not that scarce; in fact, photographers have used the nude body as a source of inspiration and content since the … Read more

Todd Gray: Iconographic Photography

The subjective nature presented in Todd Grays photographs appears to reflect the upbringings of the artist himself. In his photograph entitled Anti-Euro, Gray studied the idea of being a floating entity. He attempts to reveal the notion that all people are mixed in some way and that no one is really pure black or pure … Read more

History of Photography

Nicephore Niepce History of photography camera obsucra (Leondardo Da Vinci) Photography was not invented earlier then the 1830’s. It started with two distinct scientific processes but not until they were combined together did it make photography possible. The first process was ‘camera obscura’ which is the dark room; the dark room had been in existence … Read more

History of Photography

The world’s oldest existing photograph was taken on a summer day in 1827 by a retired French army officer. He called it a Heliograph (sun drawing). It took eight hours to expose. Photography, however, did not really begin until 1839 when the world heard about something startling. Louis Daguerre had invented a way to permanently … Read more

History of Photography

History of Photography I have heard, more than once, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Although I can’t quote who said it, I could not agree more. A photograph is a very powerful tool, capable of telling a complete story with just one picture; let’s just hope the story is true. If taking … Read more