Substance Abuse: Heroin

Substance abuse means abusing the power of various drugs, alcohol or chemicals to the point at which the user can’t stop. This can usually result in physical, mental and/or emotional harm to the users and others. Teenagers are more in the risk of the substance abuse as they don’t acknowledge the consequences of their actions; … Read more

The War On Drugs Essay

Introduction The war on drugs, declared by Richard Nixon in 1971, has cost the US more than just a trillion dollars. The war on drugs was the US government’s attempt to solve the drug epidemic raging in America, yet it caused more problems than it solved. A supply side war on illegal drugs has generated … Read more

Globalization Of Opium Essay

Globalization is the process that businesses and other organizations develop to international influence or begin operating on an international scale. Through most of humankind, trade has been an essential in obtaining products and gaining information. As centuries passed communities developed into nations and trade was conducted on a larger scale, which developed into international trade. … Read more