Recreational Marijuana Case Study

After the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado took place back in 2014, their crime rate dramatically dropped by more than 10% as from the year before, and their revenue or tax soared above the expected amount. This act proved to the USA, that recreational marijuana rather settles the illegal lifestyles and adjust the state’s … Read more

Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

Grass, weed, pot, cannabis, Mary Jane, skunk, dope, Ganja: these are all names used to refer to marijuana, the drug that stirs up constant debate on its legalization. Marijuana is the most popular and widely used illegal drug in the United States, and despite its illegality, a vast number of the population of the United … Read more

The War On Drugs Essay

Introduction The war on drugs, declared by Richard Nixon in 1971, has cost the US more than just a trillion dollars. The war on drugs was the US government’s attempt to solve the drug epidemic raging in America, yet it caused more problems than it solved. A supply side war on illegal drugs has generated … Read more