Deception Detective: How Often Do People Lie Essay

How often do people lie? If someone asked you how many times a day you lie, what would you say? People most commonly say they lie two times a day, this is an understatement. In actuality people lie about seven to eight times a day. Men and women tell different kinds of lies. Men tell … Read more

Essay on The Ways We Lie Analysis

An issue that has been highly controversial regarding honesty has been whether it is ever right to lie. Some people would argue that lying is not always morally wrong. From this perspective, telling a lie can be beneficial because the truth sometimes causes more damage than a lie would. To illustrate, a person might lie … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Conspiracy Theories Essay

As the age of technology continues to link up similar minded people in new and more efficient ways, conspiracy theories are able to spread like they had not been able to before. Which brings up the question-are they worth exploring? Whenever major life altering events have occurred throughout history, conspiracy theories have not been far … Read more