The Informant Essay

The informant is a movie that is all about ethics and professionalism, corporate governance and social responsibility. This movie depicts the unethical ways a company or employees of a company can carry themselves for selfish reasons. This movie is about a high-ranking employee at the company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), named Mark Whitacre, and it … Read more

Essay on Analysis: The Backdraft Of Technology

In the story “The Backdraft of Technology” Stephanie Alaimo and Mark Koester indicated the many disadvantages of technology in our society. Although there are many advantages to advance technology; Alaimo and Koester still warn the readers about the negative effects of technology in the present time and the future. They strictly blame corporations for bringing … Read more

Newspaper Industry Essay

Discuss the growth strategies pursued by Rupert Murdoch for News Corporation between 1960 and the early 1990s. In the world of Rupert Murdoch, ruthlessness is expected; weakness leads to corporate Siberia. (www. bn. com) Rupert Murdoch is the inventor of the modern global information empire. With cable and satellite channels on five continents, Murdoch reaches … Read more