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Essay on Analysis: The Backdraft Of Technology

In the story “The Backdraft of Technology” Stephanie Alaimo and Mark Koester indicated the many disadvantages of technology in our society. Although there are many advantages to advance technology; Alaimo and Koester still warn the readers about the negative effects of technology in the present time and the future. They strictly blame corporations for bringing the technology to replace human service to earn more profit.

Alaimo and Koester claim that because corporate brings the technology such as self-checkout, apps, Netflix they have eliminated the most basic job such as: bagger, cashier, bank tellers, employees of a renting videos, and gas station employee. The fast service that the technology provide will result in a rising unemployed people. Their solution is to choose the convenience store that have human service and to “Say “No! ” to self-checkout. ” The authors’ point of view is wrong because technology is the backbone of the U. S. economy and corporation are helping introducing technology to Americans.

With Technology being a huge role in the business world we are bound to encounter them in restaurant, stores, and factory. People are demanding faster and better service and those are the quality that technology can provide. Because human services are more expensive than a machine, corporations are more likely to choose a machine rather than human in their business for their financial and survival. Yes, the corporations are making a lot of money; but you should not look at it at that point of view. Corporations exist to make money and extend their business.

Corporation need to have the character of intelligence, courage, skills, luck, and a touch of ruthlessness for their survival. Therefore, we should blame ourselves instead of blaming corporations for taking low skill jobs because we know the reason why corporation existed; so we should have been prepared and not blaming them for their action. I’m sure all of us would have done the same thing if we are able to make more money because everyone want to make more money, but we are struggling to dig ourselves out of a hole we made or our parents made.

What makes us any better person by blaming them for making more money? As corporation puts more technology in their business and replacing human services; we as a lower class are also getting a better education. Technology will create new jobs and new opportunity to lower class and middle class. People are also more likely to get an education to be able to keep up within the society. With more educated people in the world we can make the world a better place. The technology will be more advance and unique to serve humanity to have a better experience and make life easier.

Technology such as self-checkout, apps, ATM, online service and robots are only the beginning of what humans can accomplish to make this world easier and faster in service. Technology is helping the U. S. to become a more advanced society. Where before we were racing to the moon; in today time we are racing for better and more advance technology. There are many competitions in today time for technology and the United State is really falling behind.

Corporations are helping the U. S. to get into more technology and eliminate nonskills jobs to help the U. S be more advance in this competition world. Asia and many European countries already have selfcheckout, robots, in their stores that the U. S is barely introduce in their industry. Americans need to move forward and not stay in the past because if the U. S don’t take action our net worth, dollar, and the economy will fall greatly. Why is the U. S falling behind in technology? How are they falling behind in technology? It is Due to U. S. educational performance, ignorance, and education, we are unable or growing slowly in the technology world.

In 2014 the world press release new ranking on the world education, health, performance, and more. U. S. is ranked 17th in educational performance and 2nd in ignorance. We should change our behavior toward the technology in our society because with more technology people are more educated and highly skills people. U. S. corporations are trying to make the U. S. more advance by providing with more advance technology in their business to attract foreign country to invest to the U. S. economy. Technologies are the foundation every society’s future and survival.

In order for corporation to survive, they need to embrace technology. They can apply this competition to Charles Darwin “survival of the fittest. ” The stronger one would survive and the weaker one would die. In today time, corporations who have the most advance technology will survive an economic crisis; while the corporation who lack technology will be destroys because they are unable to adapt and unable to survive an economic crisis. If corporation don’t have technology they are going to be bankrupt. However, the opposition argues that technology decreases the need of humans’ employee.

The majority of type of jobs for young adult and immigrants are bagger, waiter, factory worker, and cashier. For young adult those, jobs are their first experience of being independent. For immigrants, those jobs are to help to feed their families. Without those jobs people would be unemployed. With the majority of those people who got laid-off their job the tax payer would have to provide money to help support them and this would decrease the basic fund for tax spending. Although the opposition states its claim, it is actually increasing new job in the market.

With corporation bringing technology, people can save time, pursue a better education, and make the world a better place. Nicollo Machiavelli once said, “Win through your actions, never through argument. ” We are only arguing why human service is better, but we are not taking any action because of this, technology service will replace human service, therefore we should embrace the pros of technology rather than talking about all the cons of technology and corporate. If you are saying corporation are greedy, ignorant, and Machiavellian; what makes you any better person?

Would you fire people to make more money? The corporations are trying to make more money to extend their business. I think everyone would have done the same thing that corporations have done if we have the opportunity to save our business with any mean necessary such as firing people to grow financially. You also have to remember that some of those corporations started from nothing and if they could do it, we can do it as well, so we should not judge them for their action because someday we or our children would be in the same spot as they are.

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