Animal Testing Thesis Statement

Animal experimentation has been a controversial topic for many years. Some people believe that it is necessary in order to advance medical research, while others argue that it is cruel and inhumane. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. On one hand, animal testing can be vital in developing new treatments … Read more

Estrogen’s Neuroprotection Paper

The topic of this paper is estrogen’s neuroprotective mechanism in reference to neuronal injury and repair and the actual method of neuroprotection estrogens utilize. Estrogens play a monumental role in protection from brain injury and neurodegenerative disease (Lebesgue, 2009). Research questions dealt with estrogen’s specific mechanism for neuroprotection and whether or not estrogen’s neuroprotection changed … Read more

American Animal Testing

There are currently laws in place to protect animals, such as dogs and cats, from being abused or mistreated. The punishment for breaking this law can be anywhere from a small fine to two years in jail. An exception to these laws are animals used in research facilities. What makes a rabbit in a cage … Read more

Animal Rights Research Paper

We have evolved from being a weak and foolish species that struggled to obtain any type of animal meat, into a species that is now capable of getting meat by simply driving to a nearby grocery store. As the years have passed by humans have assumed the positions as the dominant race on planet Earth. … Read more

Essay On Animal Testing On Animals

According to PETA, Each year, more than 100 million animals… are killed in U. S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing. scientists do animal testing so they can make sure that it works so that way they will not harm the person that they are using … Read more

Animal Testing Human Body

“Each year, more than 100 million animals—including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds—are killed in U. S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing” (PETA. org). Animal testing has been used since as early as Aristotle’s time. Many well-known philosophers … Read more

Exotic Pets Research Paper

Citizens believe that owning Exotic pets should not be allowed. Exotic animals should not even be allowed to owned animals at all. The availability of owning exotic pet should be very limited. Most of the time exotic animals is solid to people that have children of very large families. An exotic pet is dangers and … Read more

Chimp Attack Reaction Paper

For this response paper, I chose to write about the chimp attacks that occurred to the intern by the name of Kristen M. Howard and a women from Connecticut, Charla Nash. Howard was an intern at Chimps Inc. in Oregon when she got attack by a chimp named Kimie. Howard was cleaning an empty cage … Read more

Animal Dissection In Schools Essay

Dissection is a common practice among high schools in the biology class. With new technology arising, there has been many debates that have been presented looking at the pros and cons of such behaviour. Millions of animals are killed annually, there are little to no control measures in place, and animals suffer for the use … Read more