Eating Disorders

Social media is an effective method of communication when it comes to spreading of new ideas and messages. Among these ideas are trending diets such as vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, etc. Popular celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres, and Natalie Portman (to name a few) are advocates for a healthier life by changing their eating … Read more

Animal Farm Ethical Issue Essay

This paper argues that mainstream media has a direct influence on what we perceive as ethical food, and thus, good to eat. The focus of this paper is on the media’s portrayal of farm animals and its effect on consumption rather than other ways that the media influences us, such as fast-food advertisements and how … Read more

Analysis: The Food Industry In America Essay

Throughout this course in its entirety, we’ve discussed and observed many different aspects of today’s food industries. While looking at authors like Michael Pollan, Tracie McMillan, and Joel Salatin and their respective works, we’ve seen the food industry’s process from harvest all the way to its distribution, and the many issues processed foods have caused. … Read more

Persuasive Essay On Animal Farm

The lies everyone is getting told on how bad hog confinements are hurting the farmers. They put their lives into raising and taking care of theses hogs. Most people don’t really know what the inside of the buildings look like or how many hours the producers are with their pigs each day. Some get up … Read more