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The Choice of Achilles

One hasn’t lived a life if that life wasn’t meaningful. In context to choosing between long but uneventful life and short but momentous one, it also applies to when people say that they want to live to be a hundred years old. Don’t see the point in living to be a hundred years old if all you have done is the same boring routine everyday of your life. I’d rather live to be fifty years old but have a fun and eventful life filled with adventures and discoveries than living to a hundred and just staying home all day.

I believe in adding life to years rather than years to life. Furthermore, a long and average life is pointless. That life would get extremely ring doing the same exact boring routine every single day. Doing the same thing over and over again every single day would frustrate me and would feel depressed. Would end up regretting choosing a long and boring life over a short but memorable one because it is more sensational to have lived and lost then have never lived at all.

I’d rather live a life that is more unpredictable and exciting where can experience new things even though knowing that it will have a negative effect on me. Although I know that choosing a short but glorified life will have detrimental outcome, am willing to accept the adverse consequence it it means that my life had a meaning, knowing that will be remembered and I will have a long life through the memories of the people than physically have a long life. This also ties into the idea Of if there isn’t a Witness to see something happen then did it actually happen.

If live a long life but no one remembers me or recognizes me during and after my life, I don’t think really even lived a life. I believe in living a life that is memorable and am willing to accept the unfavorable aftermaths of y decision. If you were an ancient Greek athlete, would you have desired to compete in the Games? Why or why not? If I were a Greek athlete I would have loved to compete in the games. Personally, am a competitive person so I would have enjoyed partaking in the games. Loud have enjoyed the rush to adrenaline that the competition would have caused, The games seem diverse and I think would have fun participating in the different kind to events. Most to all, would have loved training and learning new skills for the games. Already work out daily and love it; can’t ago ay without working out so think that would have fun and would easily adapt to the conditioning and training for the games. Think I would get pumped up for the games: furthermore, would love to win.

Being a Greek athlete means that would be in great shape and would be able to perform well in the games. Would enjoy the glory that the winners gained at the end of games. I find the glory that the Winners gained really appealing and if not for the adrenaline or the completion, I would definitely compete in the games because of the glory that would earn. I enjoy recognition and being the winner Of the games was the highest form of recognition in the time period so believe that the games would suite me perfectly.

The event I would find the most amusement in would be the horse and chariot races; I love driving my car and accelerating to high speeds and I think I would love driving the chariot or riding the horses and experiencing the adrenaline rush from partaking in the fast paced races. Furthermore, am runner and was on my high school track and field team so think would also enjoy the running events in the games and because of my running background I hint can also excel in this and earn a medal.

Not only would love to participate in the games, I would also like to entertain people that came out to the games. Would love putting up a good show for the people to cheer me on. I would love the crowd and their cheering and enthusiasm, which would pun me up. In addition, would like showing off my skills at the games and being the center of attention of the public if was to win, I think that if I were a Greek athlete then would have loved to be a part of the games and tried to win and earn glory.

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