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Feminist Stereotypes

The word “Feminist” has become a word many try to avoid nowadays because of the misconceptions it comes with. Whether it be, “feminist hate men,” “women don’t want equal, they want superior,” or “they’re all rude and annoying. ” Society has broken down what once was a beautiful movement fighting for the ability to vote in America, or even having a position in the workplace, to becoming hated if they say anything remotely close to women’s rights.

If a woman is aggressive they are sought out to be rude and wanting to be dominate. If a woman is a feminist she is automatically thought to be lesbian. If a man considers himself a feminist he is “soft and submissive. ” Not only do non-feminist stereotype the movement, the very people in the community do as well, the feminazi. Behind the lies the truth is feminist are strong, caring, intelligent, open minded, individuals fighting for equal treatment in society.

When picturing feminist many envision them in Central Park or the main streets of LA marching together in a large group of tall short-haired women whose physique is built like the statue of Laocoon and His Sons, holding signs about abortion rights, chanting “my body, my choice” wearing only two very thin pieces of fabric that cover only enough to dismiss being arrested for public nudity, while making a statement against double standards. As one walks closer to the group of angry and aggressive women, their aromas spew dominance and condescending, ready to argue with a squirrel if it looks at them the wrong way.

Making any kind of eye contact with these women will create a commotion and have hundreds of women gathered around screaming, “are you checking me out!? I am not a piece of meat! I am not a to be objectified! I am a human being I deserve to be treated like one! ” but these “aggressive misandry” females many imagine, are actually down to earth and selfless individuals who have been so wrongly stereotyped. Feminism is the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. From before we could remember, women were protesting across the nation trying to have their voices heard and demand for their equal treatment.

Society needs feminists because they help redirect people’s mentality about being okay with women being less than men. Society need this community in order to keep peace within both males and females. Women have to be strong, not just physically, but mentally. In the workplace this is essential for women who are in the top of their field. She needs to be able to put her emotions to the side and not let her male coworkers see her vulnerable side in which they can take advantage of.

However, a woman who is “aggressive” at work is seen as a “bitch,” while staying quiet will have others step on you. If a woman is seen to be aggressive rather than assertive she may not be taken seriously and may be the target of teasing and demeaning insults. An assertive woman is seen to be opposing the stereotype of being nice and accommodating. This leads to labels such as bossy, demanding or condescending. ” according to Women In The Workplace- Assertive or Aggressive? Confusing aggressiveness with assertiveness is one of the mistakes many have made when judging this community as a whole.

However, it is not only non-feminist who make this movement hard to understand. Feminists hate men and are not longer fighting for basic rights,” Norma Zuniga expressed. Feminazis, as many call them today, are women who want to dominate, shame men, and stomp on anything or anyone remotely sexist. The feminazis have ruined the movement and given a bad rap to feminists because they have misinterpreted what this revolution is really about. Many people in society have this misconception about the community and stereotype all feminists as women wanting to be superior and not equal.

When Andrea Dottolo, a student at the University of Michigan, was asked why feminism is considered, “the F word,” she responded, “The media creates negative stereotypes of these powerful women. ” Having misinformed supporters ruins the image for the rest of these women and men who have to deal with the repercussions. When thinking about feminists it is automatically assumed they are female, rarely thinking that a feminist can be male. If a male does consider himself a feminist he is automatically categorized as “soft and submissive,” according to an interviewee.

This is partly due to the stereotype individuals are grown up thinking a man has to be dominate, strong, and the one in charge. Never thinking that a women can do all these things as well. Men nowadays are realizing that identifying as feminist does not make one soft it makes them a human being. “All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights the world will be a better place… We are better off when women are empowered — it leads to a better society, as John Legend once expressed in a concert.

Men identifying as feminist are empowering women around the nation to want to continue protesting about their rights because they see that they’re making a change in society. This community is known for protesting about important topics such as women’s health care. Unfortunately, many assume that because they protest for health care they’re protesting for the right to get an abortion. Which is true, but feminists do not want every woman to get an abortion. What they do want is the freedom to make their own decisions about their reproductive health.

It is important that these women stand up for themselves and have a say. They cannot sit back and let those around them make these decisions. However, because of their protests around the nation it has brought attention creating an image that all feminists are pro-abortions. Because of the thinking that “all feminists are pro-abortion” people also believe this group is not religious. That is not the case, there are many women who are feminists who will never have an abortion but still support and understand another woman’s right to choose.

Jess Mulvihill states, “One core thing that everybody should be able to agree on is that feminism is all about giving women choices and freedoms…. I think [feminism] should accept a whole bunch of different people from diverse viewpoints” (Crockett 30). Because of social media, the world is up to date with what goes on in society making everyone around the world aware of important topics that are making headlines and stirring controversy. Feminists around the nation are very passionate about what they preach and support.

Thus creating the misconception that the only reason for becoming a feminist is because it is ‘trendy. ’ this is partly due to the fact that female celebrities have made it once again ‘popular’ therefore, making many individuals believe this is just a phase and this movement is a joke. According the The Future of Feminism, when Scott London asked Christina Hoff Sommers if the movement still shows strength and promise she responded with, “… they have been fed these statistics… they are repeated and reinforced from textbooks, popular texts and newspapers. The misconception about feminism being a phase is not at all true.

For many decades women have been demanding for equal treatment and created conferences for women who also do not agree with the roles women were assigned. A popular stereotype and misconception is that feminist never want to marry. They would rather live with ten cats than any man who tries to support and provide for them financially. This is not at all true, there are many successful women in the workplace who consider themselves feminist but still have a male companion who provides that sense of comfort they have longed for.

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, an incredibly successful and professional woman, has become one of the most influential leaders for the feminist movement. She has given a voice for those who have trouble finding and having theirs heard. Beyonce has expressed numerous times her position on being a feminist and what it means to her. She is a great candidate for opposing the misconception that feminists do not want to marry because it makes them powerless.

In her short film, “Yours and Mine,” she spoke about feminism and her marriage, “It’s ok to depend on someone; it’s actually what we’re supposed to do, we’re supposed to depend on each other, and when you find the person that you trust and you love…. It is the most powerful thing you can ever feel in your life…” Being feminist does not mean being single forever or the opposition of marriage. The reason for the movement is to show that women are not to be stomped on, they should be treated equally and respectfully.

Because of the misconception that they’re all independent many also believe that they don’t care about their image. “They all dress sloppy and I think the reason is because they say they don’t need to impress a man,” stated a misinformed interviewee. According to a feminist, Nancy Arellano, “This is how people perceive them however it is not true. I dress nice and professional because it empowers me. We should not be categorized as sloppy women because some decide they don’t want to dress nice and presentable. If it makes them comfortable and feel good about themselves, more power to them,” she emphasized.

As for the feminists who say ‘we don’t dress to impress men they’re absolutely correct, but let’s get one thing straight it is not because we want to be single forever, it is because we don’t dress to impress or to get the attention of men we. Dress for ourselves and I think this is how a lot of non-feminist women feel. ” I consider myself a feminist because it is empowering and life changing. This community gives me and many others a sense of purpose and power, it motivates me to do anything and everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing regardless of what others say.

As a young girl I remember being told I should not become a doctor it’s too much work and dedication I would be better off as a nurse. As a ten-year-old girl I did not understand why I was not encouraged to become something bigger, but now as an eighteen-year-old young and educated woman I see the inequality women face socially, politically and economically. As someone who has grown up wondering why women are seen as “less than” it is essential to encourage young girls to believe in themselves because they are worthy of every chance in the world.

This group of feminist have been so wrongly stereotyped because of the feminazis and men and women who do not understand the movement. Judging individuals leads to negative and inaccurate impressions making it hard for this group because they have to deal with the repercussions. A lot of the misconceptions are due to the feminazis and uneducated individuals who assume before getting to know these group of men and women. The truth is feminists are open-minded individuals fighting for equal treatment in society.

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