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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie Character Analysis Essay

Scott Hudson Tackles the Good and Bad in Brotherhood Brotherhood tends to be Scott Hudson’s nemesis. Dealing with lost friends, or even a new sibling is a new hurdle he must climb, only to want to look back over to the other side. In David Lubar’s Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, there are many vivid examples of brotherhood friendships. A true brotherhood friendship is one who puts others before themselves. As external and internal conflicts constantly sicken Scott, he learns brotherhood, whether that is brothers or bonds like brothers, is always is most important in one’s faith.

Unfortunately for Scott, he doesn’t find this out until later… Scott can be careless and take his bros for granted. He does so by not caring, and passing by the support he is constantly being given. When Scott isn’t in the best of moods, or isn’t doing great, he will tend to learn on his bros and take them for granted, sometimes without realizing. Scott and Patrick were friends all their lives, with Scott distracted by internal conflicts, he forgot about Patrick for a week.

The next day on Monday, Patrick broke the news that he was leaving, and Scott felt as though he never really thanked Patrick enough, and for everything Patrick did, Scott took him for grandit. “So, like, you’re gone? ” “Yeah. I guess I’m gone. ” You can see the brotherhood bond between Patrick and Scott. The wish that he wasn’t so careless and clueless about all of Patrick’s deeds. One of the biggest parts of the novel, when Scott best friend, Patrick is moving out of the area.

Once Patrick is gone, Scott takes time to reflect when things are going rough, and he states that he wishes that he got to really understand the tremendous amount of support he was constantly being given from Patrick within the touch patches of life Scott was going through. Scott wishes he really took into fact all of the great times they’ve had, and not passed on times where Patrick really deserved to be thanked deeply by all of the support he’s constantly been giving to Scott.

That’s what brothers do, but Scott definitely took everything Patrick did for him for grandit. ut it still was a careless mistake of Scott. Another example being showcased, is the matter of expecting your bros to be there because that’s just what you’re used too. With Scott being programmed to thinking Mitch one of his bros will always be on his side and be around, he gets a taste of what it’s really like taking something for grandet, “Mitch isn’t around, he’s hanging out with that girl. “After being friends with Mitch for many years, Scott almost expects Mitch to be there to hang out, help him out, or just be there.

But when Mitch finds a girlfriend, he takes a different approach than what the boys would’ve hoped. He distances himself with the brotherhood bond of all of the boys, and only spends time with his girlfriend. It’s something that everyone takes for granted, you don’t just expect your friends to disappear on you one day, it’s very unlikely, but in the case that it does, Scott wishes he would’ve made sure he didn’t take all of the blessings he had for grandet. Scott Hudson is a good person, but sometimes he takes his brothers and their brotherhood for grandet.

Not understanding until those bonds are lost. At times, Scott can be extremely selfish, as he often relies on the boys. Sometimes he doesn’t give back, and appreciate as much as he should. When his bros do him a massive favour, if he’s not in the right mood, that might set him off, he has a selfish side to him when he’s not in the right mood. Scott always likes things to go his way, he doesn’t consider what others have to go through for him to get what Scott wants.

A good example is when Mouth is only trying to be a good friend, but Scott was being very selfish and inconsiderate. “Tuesday morning on the bus I sat with Mouth again, only because he saves me from all of the blows the seniors gave the freshman on the bus, he was a great punching bag for me to hide behind. ” Mouth is just a boy who wants to be friends with Scott, and nothing more. Knowing this, Scott decides it would be a good idea to sit with Mouth on the bus again, and not for any good reason.

The unfortunate reason being that he only wants to do such because when the seniors like the punch the freshmen on the bus, Mouth can block the huge blows, protecting Scott. This is not a good deed from Scott as he is taking advantage of Mouth, and relying on him to protect him, it’s a selfish move, and unfortunate for Mouth who is just trying to do anything he can by being a nice person to get Scott’s attention, and built a good friendship with someone he really likes being around. When Scott needed help, even after being rude to his bros, he made sure he got his help.

With the kind generous brotherhood friendship they always will have, Patrick and Kyle were late for their parents and they held up the bus driver because Scott was too selfish to wait until tomorrow, or he could’ve asked for help at lunch which he chose not too. “You’re holding us up! ” At the end of a rough school day, Scott is feeling extremely low. Things aren’t rolling very smoothly, and he is looking for some support. He’s running out of time as the boy’s parents are their to pick them up, and the bus driver is waiting for Scott.

Scott goes to the boys looking for help and some support, even though it wasn’t a good time, Patrick, and Kyle help Scott, and make him feel a little better but in the middle of this the bus driver screams at Scott as their waiting just him to get on the bus. This is a prime example of how Scott doesn’t appreciate as much as he should, and how he relies on the boys. It wasn’t a great time, and everyone was waiting for Scott, but he just relied on the boys help, making the boys parents wait, and also the bus driver. This shows the selfish trait Scott caries.

Scott hudson can be very selfish, when he relies on his friends, and when doing so doesn’t give the amount of thanks and credit his friends deserve for always being there for Scott no matter the circumstance. From all of the constant commotion, Scott is always distressed and is distracted very often, sometimes pushing people away that he should be pulling closer. When Scott is distressed, he forgets about everything, even the most important thing, brotherhood. Mouth is somebody Scott should be pulling closer… not pushing away. “Anyhow, time crawled along like a sleepwalking snail dragging a history book.

When Mouth is trying to start a conversation with Scott, Scott just makes a joke out of it and references to the fact that all Mouth does is blab about nonsense, and it seemed like he was talking forever. Scott was extremely distressed at this time, and it caused him to be on the grumpier side. Later on the book, Scott was desperately trying to get a hold and try to be good friends with Mouth because he realized what a good person he really was. But because of Scott’s distressed emotions, he is pushing away someone he really should be pulling closer, because he is another one of Scott’s brothers, Scott just doesn’t notice it yet. She seemed to grow more gorgeous each day.

At this rate I figured I’d explode around mid-November. I’d look at her and just blow apart in a gruesome hydraulic disaster. ” At this point of the book, Scott wants nothing more then Julia. His emotions are going crazy with Scott being super busy with his new baby brother being born in a little while, family complications, and busyness in school. He is extremely distressed and worked up. At a time like this, it’s almost a routine to talk to no one other than his bros as that always gives him a lift and makes him feel like he’s got support.

But instead he takes his anger out on Patrick and Kyle, and ends up pushing them out of his life, when at a tough time like this, he should be pulling them closer. The quote shows that all that was on Scott’s mind was Julia, and he was using her to deal with his problems, when it only made them all worse. He would’ve been better sticking with his bros and asking for help while maintaining the Julia situation. You can’t deny Scott Hudson lives a very busy life.

Meaning sometimes he doesn’t know where his emotions are going, leading him to make wrong choices, and take alternatives to doing the smart and easiest hing and talk to his brothers. Throughout Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, there are numerous reasons to believe that Brotherhood is the most important part of Scott Hudson’s life. Whether that be dealing with brother like friends, or a new baby brother, Brotherhood is always most important in one’s faith of success. Scott Hudson is a good person, but when his life is always a commotion, he can be a careless, and selfish person when he is distressed which tends to be often. Brotherhood, is always most important.

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