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Research Paper On Robin Hood

Robin Hood isn’t a bad person in particular. He just does what he thinks is best. But he is definitely not a Christian. In the Bible it says to love our brothers and sisters, Robin Hood judges people by their appearance. The fruit of who he really is doesn’t apply to who a Christian is supposed to be. Yes, he helps children and women and only hurts those who have done wrong. But being a Christian is not only about helping it’s about being forgiving and patient to those who don’t understand what God wants for them. Besides stealing and deceiving people it shows what type of person he is.

Doing this to people is never the answer to the problems you may have or want to solve. Even if a person that just has morals and doesn’t have a Christian worldview would believe that what he was doing was wrong. Robin Hood has his own rules that he goes by. He doesn’t follow anyone else’s commandments meaning he doesn’t know of God’s rules. The worst part is that he thinks he’s doing nothing wrong. Since this was set back in the eighteen hundreds Christianity wasn’t really that powerful at the time it was usually Catholicism which had the lime light.

Even throughout the book the characters would always praise and ray to the saints giving you a hint as to what they believed in. Maybe if Christianity was taught to the majority of the people things would be different. But in not doing so, people would have a different outlook on the things they did. Robin Hood would then realize his wrong doings and try to fix them. He may not be a christian but atleast he does what he thinks is best for not only himself but for the other people. He is therefore a do-gooder in my eyes.

Although he did make some mistakes along the way and he did actually kill a man he was just trying to survive through it all without the guidance of God. Robin hood lso had a tough upbringing as a man you have to provide especially at that point and time even if you were young. I feel like he grew up faster than he was supposed to but then again that never stopped him from being such a sly and smart person throughout his life. As colossians 3:23-24 says “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord”. Robin doesn’t give up easily which is what probably many people find either char or annoying.

He also was described as the person you just see and get along with. He perhaps has an angelic like appearance which makes people gravitate towards him easily. But is also a born eader you can tell by the way he acts around anyone. He’s never scared and is always up for anything and anyone. As well having as much confidence as he does since it is definitely alluring and can make him seem way more prerogative than he really is. This is all from a general perspective but if we want to get technical guys like him because they like a challenge and since Robin Hood is always so competitive they initially just want to beat him at his own game.

Then they start knowing him better and somehow they all find themselves as either gifted by his presence or becoming one of his merry men if you have the kills he qualifies you for. But just like anything else there’s that one percent chance you caught his bad side (meaning you were a bad guy) you got money stolen from you which sucks but it’s all part of his appeal. Here’s the real deal breaker though him and woman. Apart from Robin always wooing them at whatever he does. He is actually quite the gentleman he gives money to the poor and widowed women.

As well as helping the children, now tell me which women of the century was gonna play him off. Let’s not forget he was the infamous outlaw which made him a mysterious target to get to know. We all know we want the things we can’t have and his was a prime example of it being played out. He was rich at the time and could provide anyone of his choosing a lavish lifestyle. All in all he was the whole package smart,charismatic, a ladies man, great archerer and wealthy. He had many traits many are the ones i’ve just written about but one very important one was his heart.

He had to have a big heart to care for people he’s never seen before. To help others in the time of their need for example: his merry men were like his family if any one of them was in danger he would risk his own life for them. In the chapter of Guy of Gisbourne Little John was in anger about to get killed actually and Robin Hood like always swooped in and saved the day. Just like in the bible it says “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” 1 Samuel 16:7. There is no better way to like a person as you see them for who they truly are.

Robin hood could overtake them all if he just had an open mind and heart. All of this was just my opinion from what i read and heard. But as it turns out people liked him for other things as well. One of them being a hero, the typical knight and shinning armor of all fantasy childhood story. The other one being his true existence. Many believe he was just a myth made up by a bored writer. Many also believe that he was real and the story was just basically an autobiography of his life. Told by someone close to him. The amount of opinions are endless but what people like is the mystery of it all.

Was he ever real? Did he really do all of the things said in the book? Was it all really just a lie? It’s all up to the reader since we are the ones with the imagination in this case. The story of Robin Hood has captured the attention of millions across the world. It has been told in different ways, formats, languages, times and shapes and sizes. It’s a story for both adults and children. This story has impacted more lives than one. It’s truly amazing how one story can do that for thousands of years to come. Generation after generation can read the same thing and have completely different point of views.

On how things could have been done, changed or even fixed. His legend has really changed how many people feel and think after reading the book many want to be the best version of Robin Hood there is a classic hero usually childrens ofcourse. But for adults it’s usually different, they just want to be become as brave as him. To face your ears head on without anyone telling you otherwise. To be able to confront anything without the least bit of nervousness. Just like a legend the want an interesting lifeline so that when they get older they can have a story to tell.

I think a person’s worst fear is to live a life without purpose. Since Robin Hood did have one thanks to his God gifted talents. People seek to have what he did as well. They want to leave their imprint on this earth and not be forgotten about like the next person. Robin Hood’s stories have been travelling for quite a while now and they are still pretty known. That’s fascinates people most how well known he is. How you can speak of his name and heads will turn. People want to be known as a legend like he was because they find that there is no other way to be remembered.

This is what intrigues adults the most. It’s what has impacted them to think this way. Opinions are very powerful when thought of in a multitude it’s what makes a hypothesis a law. Many people thought that he was a good guy. Some thought he was a bad guy just trying to do some good. Since the majority thought he was good people that would hear of his name would also think the same as if it were a fact. If you haven’t read the book how can you just agree? Well it’s just how we humans sometimes think we agree to later on disagree.

Robin Hood could have right then created a controversy on who he was and what allowed people to think of him in such ways. Not many people or things can impact us or how we view things. Somehow Robin Hood’s stories did change the mentality of some people. Which shows how captivating or just plain interesting his story was to others. But it hasn’t really impacted me in such a way that i want to actually discuss how he’s changed my way of thinking. But one thing that it has left for me are lessons. Many different types of things happened throughout the story.

Including survival, death, action, adventure and maybe even a little bit of comedy. But something that i really did feel he did a lot and made him get problems. Was judging a book by it’s cover. He saw a person and just by the way they would dress he would go on fantasizing as to who the person was. He would make this whole big deal up in his head. Even going as far as thinking he knew all about them and their life experiences. If they looked rich in his book they were no good to him. He would go on and pretend to be someone he wasn’t and get into a fight for no good reason.

Most of the time he did win but in the off chance he didn’t it would just not be good reason to be fighting for overall. Not only that but he would cheat people out of their money and usually leave them with nothing. He doesn’t know how hard that person has worked for to receive what they did. They don’t all have to be snobs just because they are rich. He would then be stealing from a hard worker who spent his life sacrificing himself for just that money maybe to use it on his family or friends. Maybe it’s for an illness and he needs the cure.

You never really know but Robin wouldn’t know these things because he didn’t give them a chance. Matthew 7:1 says “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. This scripture is so true to me because only God can be the one to judge us some day. Who do we think we are going around and judging a person by the way they dress. By the way they carry themselves it’s none of our business but yet we act like it is. We have all been accomplices to this at one point or another. So moral of the story don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Another lesson that i learned was that no one is invincible.

We all have our flaws and imperfections. Even if other people don’t see it you do and you will always know what they are no matter how hard you try. God made us perfectly so we should see no flaws but we are never satisfied. Just like Robin the more men, power and money he got the more he wanted. We will all come to an end some day so why waste is on being greedy. No one can stop us from doing what we want the most. Even if someone came up to Robin and told him to stop what he was doing His own mother would have not been able to keep him away from his ambition.

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