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Princess Diana Research Paper

Throughout his life, Prince Harry of Wales has made decisions that have been outside traditional royal roles. Like his mother, Princess Diana, he has been involved in charities that support people and have life changing impacts. The prince has completed a career of military service, along with supporting the charities. Prince Harry has been influenced by his mother throughout his life, and continues to live the life that has been inspired by her. Diana raised and inspired her children to be normal and productive members of society, which directly impacted Harry’s life choices and life in general.

Princess Diana was unlike other royals. Diana planned to spend time with her children. She aimed for her sons to lead normal lives. They are simply average people with a royal status. William and Harry were raised in a way outside of their royal status. They visited amusement parks, and went to fast food restaurants. This idea of a normal life soon came into action later in Harry’s military career. Diana wanted to “have meaningful public role, with a private life”. (Diana’s Public Role) Diana has been portrayed as having a personable touch within her charities.

She was able to contribute to her society and the world, and she has changed the lives and attitudes of many. She is a highly significant women, who has been able to clear most negative thoughts towards people afflicted with aids. She has gone outside of royal tradition, and added her own touch towards her charities. (Princess Diana Charity Work) Harry has been greatly impacted by his mother’s goal of having a normal life and leading a productive one. “I’ve always wanted to do this, it is what she was doing” (The Forgotten Kingdom: Prince Harry in Lesotho) He believes he has a little bit of his mother within him.

Harry has been fully influenced by her in his charity work. He does it to make her proud, and carry on her legacy. (Prince Harry Says He Hopes His Mother Diana, Princess of Wales Is Proud of Him) Prince Harry’s charity work is primarily based off of his mother’s inspiration. She raised Harry to contribute to society, like she did. Prince Harry had wished that his life was that of an average citizen. His efforts to live the normal life his mother had tried to give him would only get him so far. One of the main reasons I’m not allowed to be going [to iraq] is because of who I am”(Harry at 30 Documentary) Harry had only wanted to be treated as if he had no royal status. However, this goal was soon to be achieved. A top secret mission to Afghanistan was Harry’s ticket to living a normal life. “It’s as normal as I’m ever gonna get” states Prince Harry. Harry has dreamed of joining the military since he was a young child. Harry’s military contribution has been the direct effect of his mother’s goal of Harry leading a normal life.

A royal on the frontline is a rare thing, not at all meant for royal members due to the risks of them being targets. After retiring of 10 years of military service, “I am considering the options for the future and I am really excited about the possibilities. “(Prince Harry to Leave the Armed Forces) Harry continues to focus on wounded men and women service members. This will add onto his charity work and his life in the military. “Prince Harry has said that work in the service of military personnel throughout the Commonwealth will be a permanent feature of his royal and charitable duties for the rest of his life”(TODAY. om).

Retiring from the military gives Harry more time to focus on charities, and future projects. Harry is heavily influenced by his mother. “It’s something that our mother did a lot of and that’s the time that you really get to learn, you get the experiences and you actually get the honest truth out of people”. (The Stir) As Harry stated, his mother is his influence towards helping others. He was raised as she was a patron for 100 charities, giving young Prince Harry early experience in the idea of helping others. One of the princes well known charities is Sentable.

The work of this charity had been inspired by Diana’s efforts, with her work with aids. (HOLA) “I| hope she would be proud of what we [Harry and Prince Seeiso] are trying to achieve in her name” says Prince Harry at a gala for the Sentebale Charity. Princess Diana has aimed to lie ve an average life on top of a royal status. She has gone outside of royal guidelines and completed this. Throughout her years, she has influenced her son Prince Harry to live the life of an average citizen as well as completing all royal duties. Prince Harry has completed a proactive military career, and continues to support ongoing charities.

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