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Personal Narrative: How Adoption Changed My Life Research Paper

Did you know that in 2008, 135,813 children were adopted in the United States of America? When I was sixteen my adoption changed my life. It was one of the most exhilarating and terrifying days of my life because I didn’t know what to expect. My adoption was emotional for me and all my family it impacted not only my life but many of the people around me lives as well. Everyday changes our life in some way shape or form however, some days have more of a lasting impact than others. My adoption was also part of an award ceremony for one of the judges.

My adoption was an extremely positively impacting moment that was filled with joy and love from everyone around. One of the best experiences I have experienced was my adoption. This day gave me a feeling of being part of a whole family instead of being the stepchild, not that my mother treated me like I was a stepchild. Not that it changed my day to day life, however, it changed how I looked at a number of things. My lawer and parents allowed me to pick they day I was adopted. As a result, I was adopted on Michigan’s adoption day, which always takes place the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

November 26 was Michigan’s adoption day in 2013. By my request, we started the adoption process over three years prior. I was one of the chosen cases that was adopted by the Supreme court. It is an amazing time to have this event because it falls just before Thanksgiving, which is a time people get together and express all of the wonderful things they have in life. My adoption just added to the list of things I am thankful for during the holidays and everyday in between. An adoption takes a lot of time and numerous court dates, however the last court day is the most exciting of them.

Finally, it was time to go to the courthouse. The pathway was made up of large cement squares and lined with tall lamp post on both sides. Walking up the large pathway and breathing in the cold morning air was exhilarating. It was overwhelming entering the enormous Supreme Court building. Upon entering the courtroom, you see rows among rows of wooden benches all facing the judges. There is a short quarter wall separating the rows of benches and the judges. in the space between the gate and the judges there is two tables for the defendants and their lawers along with a podum in the middle.

There was a curved row of benches for the judges. Behind the judges the wall is a dark wood instead of the cream on the rest of the walls. There is a large ceiling that extends upward in the middle and is shaped like a semicircle. The carpet is colorful and has a extremely distracting pattern. The courtroom was filled with joy instead of the normal negative aura they give off. Once we found our seats among the crowd of people, it seemed to take a long time for all of the judges to begin.

There was five judges sitting at their benches, all dressed in their long black robes. Then finally the proceeding began. Everyone had to rise then the judges stated how unusual the day was because this was a happy day where people would celebrate in the courtroom instead of try to plead their innocence. The bang of the gavel notified the starting of the award portion. They started the ceremony by giving the Daniel J. Wright Lifetime Achievement Award to judge Dorene S. Allen, which was actually my judge from Midland.

The award is to honor those who do outstanding work with children and families. While giving the award their voices echoed off the hard surfaces in the courtroom. The award portion lasted for over an hour. All of the children were becoming restless. They began to move around and some of the young children began to cry. It was uncomfortable sitting on the hard wooden benches in anticipation for the adoptions to start. The loud bang of the gavel began the adoption portion of the ceremony. Once the process began, I was the first of the children to be adopted.

Walking up to the bench with my parents and lawyer seemed like it took way longer than it should have. It was intimidating being the first one to go up there because I didn’t know what to expect. The Judge reviewed the facts of my case, then she signed the adoption papers. Each of my parents took turns signing the papers, with the traditional color changing pen. However, because I was over the age of twelve I also got to sign the papers agreeing that I wanted to be adopted. While signing the papers my palms were sweaty and shaky.

As we stood and walked back to our seats, I was so filled with joy it seemed we floated back to the seats. Following my adoption was several more. Each adoption that followed was celebrated with a round of applause. After the adoptions we went to have a relaxing lunch before going home. In conclusion, My adoption was one of the biggest, most impacting events in my life. This even change the way I see families and what they mean. This is now a day that I celebrate with my family as not only my adoption, but as our family becoming a whole.

This event not only impacted my life, but my sibling’s and parent’s lives. Sitting in the courtroom in anticipation for the adoption to be finalized was extremely eye opening. The most touching moments are the ones shared with the people closest to you. Some of the people who will care the most are the ones you meet along the way. It was touching to hear all of the amazing stories of the families that had been brought together and celebrated that day. It made me very thankful for my family and the life that I live.

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