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A Raisin In The Sun Play Analysis Essay

Through Struggle One Good Thing Comes. Imagine living in a small apartment with all of your family economically struggling, but you know you and your family will receive ten thousand dollars soon. Everyone holds a plan for that money including you. The money makes you think of your past and things you never could afford. It makes you think of the hard situation you’re in. It also makes you think of your future, and the increasing chances to provide for your family.

Mama had to deal with this situation in Lorraine Hansberry’s one-act play A Raisin In The Sun. Although some people overlook their importance, Mama’s Plant and check symbolize the past, present, and future of the Younger’s family. one act play of A Raisin In The Sun, Mama talks about her past and the things she dreamed of but could never obtain. She Along the discusses the harsh economic situation she and her husband faced in the past and continue to face after her husband’s death.

Unable to successfully accomplish her goals she lived a simple hard working life. In Mama’s mind the idea of raising a family in a small torn apartment all of her life never crossed her mind. he and Big Walter, her husband planned living there for only a year before moving on to bigger things but it never happened because the lack of money interfered with their goals. In the play, Mama states “I remember just as well the day me and Big Walter moved in here. Hadn’t been married but two weeks and wasn’t planning on living her no more than a year.

We was going to set away, little by little, don’t you know, and buy a little place out in Morgan Park. we had even picked out the house. Looks right dumpy today, but lord, child, you should know all the dreams I had had bout buying that house and ixing it up and making me a little garden in the back (she waits and stops smiling) and did none of it happen” (Hansberry 1553). Within this conversation, Mama shyly admits her hope to buy a house that will be large enough for her family.

A dream she had shared with her husband, whose death may now ironically provide the means to realize it. Mama owns a Plant that she cleans and takes care of, she looks at her Plant and starts to think of all the things she wished for and dreamed, however, It never became true because of their financial position. Mama became content with her life and gave up her dream to own a ouse, but now she wants to provide something better for her Grandson something that she could never give to her own children.

Lena, with her dignified hat and the lone geranium she nurtures as her piece of the garden promised as a sign of the dream’s attainment, is the continuing source of strength and active endurance who categorically rejects the idea of submission (Thomas P 2). In the final scene of A Raisin in the Sun, Walter Lee rejects the Clybourne Park Improvement Association’s offer to buy back the Youngers’ house because of his son and what Mama wants for him and the family.

The plat states “Furthermore, the family strikes out for Chicago’s embattled racial frontier” ( Michelle 53). Mama never planned to live and raise a family in a torn up apartment, but after a while, she became content with what she had, but her past consisted of hopes of having a garden and a house. Mama expected something better, but her reality differed from it. Younger’s family present wasn’t a good one. Walter argues constantly about the family’s financial problems and how needed they are. The Younger’s struggle day to day.

Nonetheless, they hope their luck changes for the best in the uture. Mama is receiving insurance money that everyone is waiting for eagerly, something that will change their lives, and give hope for a better life or so they thought. The families struggled. They’re a family of five that live in an apartment of two rooms. They live pretty clean, but everything seems to be falling apart. Although the Younger family’s spiritual condition changed, their material condition did not altered much as symbolized by the worn furniture they move to the new home.

The younger family struggles with money, they live in a worn out partment, this setting affects the story a lot because that’s the main reason they are in this story, they don’t want to live there anymore so everyone has different ideas on how to get out of there(Thomas P 1). In the short play, A Raisin in the Sun talks about a poor family that tries to cope with the realities of life on Chicago’s Southside. The Younger’s struggles with money and they argue about the money that they will get from Mama’s husband life insurance.

Walter seemed to be the biggest problem caused by the play. His risky moves with money always seemed to backfire. No one really trusted Walter because he talked very big about business and investments that would help the family make it big, and finally get out of their current poor situation. Everyone was shutting him down and never gave him a chance to talk about his dreams and goals because they just seemed too unrealistic to everyone else. Ruth; Walters wife almost always disproves of Walter’s friends and ideas he may have had. For example, investing in the liquor store.

She brings a sense of control mean to the story, she keeps Walter in check to a certain extent (DOMINA “Index”). Ruth and Walter don’t have a ery good relationship, they seem to always be arguing about something, either ruth not approving of Walter’s friend’s or not approving of his dreams, ruth is more of a realist and Walter is stuck in the clouds , they also argue about money and in what the check should be spent on (DOMINA “Literary Analysis”). The younger family go through big struggles and they argue a lot because of their needs and the lack of money.

Everyone in the family hopes for something better, Mama wants and hopes for a new home so does Ruth, Beneath hopes to go to medical school, Walter hopes to start a business, but Walter lets the hole family down as he invested all the money that Mama had given him. The check that mama receives brings a sense of hope to the family. Additionally, it gave the family a chance for their dreams to come true. The Younger’s future seemed very bright at first, and things seemed too good to be true.

The check was from the life insurance of Mama’s husband; Big Walter, the family would be receiving ten thousand dollars, and Mama’s dreams from the past were revived and she had the chance to buy a house and provide for her family. The family’s situation became better for a short time. Ruth’s dreams of getting out of that apartment finally were here. It also gave a chance to Beneatha to go to medical school. Walter made all of the impossible excluding the house because mama gave a down payment before she gave Walter the rest of the money.

Walter, he invested badly he was robbed for what was left. The check was supposed to be a good thing. However, walters choices but thoughts bring up conflicts within the family dealing what to do with the money, and brakes everyone apart rather than together, the ironic part is that when Walter loses the money is when the family actually come ogether and support each other (DOMINA “Literary Analysis”). As the family anticipates the arival of the insurance check the tension grows, and Walter becomes more agitated. He is resentful of his sister.

He believes her medical school expenses will consume money that he might otherwise use to finance his liquor store. The future of the family seemed bright in the end besides all the bad that happened and all the dreams shattered. Mama refused give up on her dreams, not again. They moved out at the end of the story to face new struggles but closer as a family. Mama has other plans for the money, she always wanted er own place, a place she could call her own. Mama uses part of the money to give a down payment on a house, and a place to save the rest of Beneatha’s schooling.

Walter dislikes her actions but mama always does whats best. Mama represents power within the family, she always has the last word but aalso wants her kids tobe happy. However, She sees and understands how Walter, her son feels so she gives up power to him per say, she gives him the rest of the money for him to manage. Mama is the strength of the family because she always finds the bright side to hard situations. She tries her best o give her family a better life and a better home.

The check gave hope at the beginning but when it was lost some hope was lost for some people from the family; however, Mama’s hope was still there, she was able to give a down payment to her new home. The Youger’s knew they were going to struggle but they were going to struggle together in a new home all because of Mama redeemed dream. In Mama’s mind they still have a bright Even though some people overlooked Mamas Plant future. and check, they are a big part of the story. Mama’s Plant developed the story by bringing her past back and explaining er dreams which tied in with the check.

The check provided the future of the family and granted Mama’s dream. It also the main problem csu up all the problems that the play is made up of. For example, Beneatha not knowing what she really wanted in life, Walter’s dream to be a businessman which caused the family’s money. However, everything seemed to work in the end, and new struggles seemed to await them. but her dreams were something she never forgot. She became content with her reality but once she knew she had a chance to give something better to her family she didn’t hesitate, her ream became true.

The Younger’s present wasn’t a bright one. Times were hard with all the argument, and lack of money, and the tower up apartment but they knew something better was coming. The future wasn’t exactly what they expected but things were going to be better than what they were in currently. Hope was lost for a few characters. For example, Walter who’s dream didn’t come true, to become a business owner, and Beneatha Mama’s past was hard whose school money was lost because of Walter. Mama made sure to get them out of that awful place that they called home.

Leave the reader thinking: bad times will come, struggles will attack your family, dreams might or might not come true. What’s important is to keep powering through and support those around you who supported you even though when you’ve failed. Learn from your mistakes, and family is the most important thing at the end of the day. For example the younger family, they went through struggles and disagreements but at the end, they came together as a family. The planet represented Mam’s past and what she was able to accomplish through the check which represented the future and also all the struggles they when through.

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