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Maxine Broker Title of Paper Nerdy few projects are ever completed according to the original plan. The changes to the plan result from either increased knowledge, a need for competitiveness, or changing customer/consumer tastes. Once the changes are made, there is almost always an accompanying increase in the budget and/or elongation of the schedule. “(Serener, p. 949, 2009).

The urge for any changes that come in the customer’s mind should go through a verification process to make sure that won’t give any trouble to the project’s milestones and resources’ schedules and limits. If the PM makes sure that the wishing changes are aligned with the project’s scopes, statement of the work, and WEBS or even can be beneficiary to the project by reducing the budget constraints, or can help saving time for the shareholders within a project; then it’ll be the time to consider those changes and ways to add them to the project’s tasks and sub tasks.

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The entire project has a project management structure: [pick] Projects are delivered in stages, and certain common project management processes run across these stages. ( Http://www. Middleton. Com/, 1996-2013). The project’s PM should undergo all the possible processes to harmonize any changes through the project. After making sure that the applied changes won’t bring any liability, safety and regulatory risks for the project and can compete the current product’s and services; then a PM should discuss it with the stakeholders to gain heir approvals and acceptance within the verification process.

Communication skills within the team can be the success key for any agenda needed to be added to the project’s essentials by Justifying the useful benefit factors for internal and external stakeholders. References Serener, H. (2009). Project management. A system Approach to planning, Scheduling, and Controlling (10th deed. ). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Http:// www. Middleton. Com/. (1996-2013). Retrieved from http://www. Middleton. Com [pages/ article/unwept 63. HTML

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