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Nikola Tesla Impact On Society Essay

A Great Man Forgotten Could you imagine being outside on the hottest day of the summer and not being able to come into your AC cooled house? What about going through your day without your cellphone, unable to contact with the world around you? Thanks to one beneficial inventor we are able to obtain these luxuries that are sometimes taken for granted. If it had not been for the unfamiliar inventor, present day lives would look very different from what they are today. Cooling systems in our house would be an unrealistic dream, having a cell phone, computer, or even a television would be a foreign idea.

Thankfully most individuals around the world are able to obtain those items, and that may be attributed to one man of decades past, Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a powerful figure who benefited society by providing comfort in our homes, developing alternative electricity sources, and contributing to worldwide communication. Nikola Tesla was an intelligent inventor and engineer who benefitted modern society by providing comfort in our homes, developing alternative electricity sources, and contributing to widespread communication.

After graduating at the Technical University at Graz, Austria and the University of Prague with an engineering career in mind, Tesla moved to the United States. Once he arrived, he received his citizenship and invented the Tesla coil (“Top 11”). After having a few inventions and future plans under his belt Tesla caught the eye of many US inventors (“Tesla”). Tesla trained under the hands of both Westinghouse and Edison, two major inventors we still talk about today (“Tesla”). As stated by History. com Staff, “Tesla invented, predicted or contributed to the development of hundreds of technologies that play big parts in our daily lives. For this, tesla is known as a genius engineer who has greatly impacted our future. To begin, Nikola Tesla benefitted modern society by bringing comfort to homes around the US. Despite his former employer, Edison, Tesla launched the idea of the Alternating Current Unit. “Edison launched a campaign against Alternating Currents, meanwhile Tesla countered by publically proving the safety of AC” (“Top 11”). Tesla’s determination, allowed alternating current to become the nation’s electrical system. This system allows a safer electrical system throughout our nation today.

When Tesla came to the United States Mr. Westinghouse aimed for a partnership with the young inventor, and purchased patent rights of Tesla’s AC dynamics (“Tesla”). Tesla’s ingenuity as a young inventor sparked the interest of Westinghouse w helped fund his AC units. Had tesla not have been a keen inventor with well-developed ideas, we would be stuck in a sauna instead of our cool, comfortable homes that we live in today. To continue, with the help of backers supporting Tesla’s Ac research, it enabled him to share his work with other engineers (History. om Staff).

Tesla preserved through the discouragement he received and was able to spread the idea of AC units. This brought AC to homes around our nation. With perseverance, ingenuity and determination Nikola Tesla benefitted our everyday lives by bringing comfort to our homes with the use of AC conductors. Not only did Nikola Tesla benefit modern society by bringing comfort to homes around the US, but after Nikola Tesla’s AC unit advanced, he was able to assist our society by developing alternative electric systems.

For example, “Tesla designed the first hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls, New York, harnessing the power of waterfalls” (“Top 11”). Water power plants are very common throughout the United States, and with the help of Tesla’s hydroelectric plant, high amounts of electricity can be stored for later use. Additionally, “… he proved earth could be used as a conductor and made to resonate at a certain electrical frequency” (“Tesla”). The fact that our whole world may be used as an enormous conductor helps to improve alternative electrical forms.

This would help to lower money spent and be helpful in a power outage, due to the fact that our planet is so large and we can only imagine how much energy it may be able to supply. Moreover, “Tesla invented electric oscillators, improving lights and meters” (History. com Staff). As shown, Tesla invented numerous gadgets and overall the development of these items has helped with alternating energy sources in case of a disaster. With the development of Tesla’s many inventions and discoveries he has benefitted our society with alternative and efficient electrical systems.

To add on, Nikola Tesla assisted modern society by bringing comfort to homes around the US as well as developing alternative electric systems, and finally Nikola Tesla’s numerous inventions led to his contribution of widespread forms of communication which have greatly benefitted society. Tesla made the use of television, computers, radios, and even smartphones possible (“Top 11″). In society today, people are always on their phones, using computers, or watching television this is the main form of communication. Tesla’s contribution in the development of these forms of communication has greatly impacted lives every day.

For instance, “Tesla coils are a type of electrical circuit used to generate low-current, high voltage electricity, which can be used in wireless transmissions” (“Top 11”). Without the invention of the Tesla coil, electronics that are able to wirelessly transmit signals would be unknown. This means the form of communicating with others outside of an individual’s community would be next to impossible. To continue, Tesla began building a global communications network tower which would “provide worldwide communication” (History. com Staff).

Before Tesla, the difficulty of communication was a prevalent issue, but nowadays individuals do not think twice about calling a friend or family member outside of the state or even outside of the United States. Tesla has impacted society in such a drastic form, that the nation has been able to improve and excel ways of communicating worldwide. With the help of Nikola Tesla, he has made it possible for various forms of communicating. From televisions to phones, computers and communication towers, these developments have greatly benefitted society, and without Nikola Tesla those luxuries would be foreign to us.

Although Critics of Nikola Tesla say that he was a mad man who was an inadequate inventor. People wondered how Tesla should be regarded from his “futuristic prophecies” (“Tesla”). Some people dismiss Tesla’s great inventions due to eccentric claims of communicating with other planets, but this may have been his hopes for future advances. To attribute to these claims sources state, “The shock of the loss of his brother unsettled the 7-year-old Tesla, who reported seeing visions- the first sign of his lifelong mental illnesses” (History. com Staff). It is important to remember that with any tragic event there are repercussions on an individual.

Reports of Tesla’s mental illness caused people to doubt his ability. Additionally, Tesla’s obsessions and eccentric ideas caused people to be uncertain of his reliability (History. com Staff). Some point out Tesla’s corks and say that a man with such obsessions and eccentric ideas should not be granted with the glorification of such well-developed creations nor of high magnitudes of thinking. Overall, people may claim Nikola Tesla was a mad man who was incapable of advanced thinking; however despite his unusual corks, Tesla was a genius who deserves tribute to his great inventions and developments who are still used today.

Society has truly benefited from Nikola Tesla due to the fact that he has brought the luxury of comfort into homes around the world, has made it possible for the acceleration of communication and has provided diverse energy sources that will brighten our future development. The AC unit has proved a beneficial creation that makes comfort possible in an individual’s home and proves a safer electrical system around the nation. Following the AC Unit Tesla’s attribution to the vast forms of communication has made it possible for eople to express their ideas and views with a press of a button, and lastly Tesla’s contribution to alternative electrical sources has demonstrated future plans to better Earth. Overall, thanks to Nikola Tesla, an inventor wise beyond his years we do not have to imagine a life without the many luxuries we have grown accustom to. The next time we take those factors for granted remember Nikola Tesla, the man that made it possible.

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