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Nikola Tesla Biography Essay

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer who contributed to the American society through power sources. Nikola Tesla was an individual of change because he made the Alternating current power generator which we use today, and left an age of new possibilities, power, and energy sources. At this time Tesla was competing with edison, Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as America’s greatest inventor. Tesla leaves many legacies but one is the new possibilities he left behind. Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856,

Smiljan, Croatia, During a lightning storm at the stroke of midnight. His producers (parents) Dika Tesla, as the mother and Milutin Tesla as father, and he had 3 sisters and 1 brother. When the family first moves with Nikola they go to Gospic, They move because Nikolas father gets a job as pastor to a church in Gospic. One year later, Death of older and only brother Dane at age 12 after falling from a horse. This was a changing point for tesla because his only brother died. Tesla lived in Gospic for a total of 8 years then moved to Karlovac, and he stays with his aunt.

Three years later he moves back to Gospic and shortly after getting there he contracted Cholera. Tesla went to Tomingaj to heal and became a fugitive because he avoided the Army. (Author N/A Teslauniverse. com) Tesla at age 19 went to college at Austrian Polytechnic School in Graz on a Military Border scholarship. Tesla during the first year of enrolment was the best student he could be. And at the second year of enrolment tesla lost all scholarships and started to gamble. By the third year tesla did not show up at lechers the dropped out of school the following year.

In 1978 Tesla moves to maribor and gets his first job as a draftsman for a local engineering firm. Although working at his job he went to a pub and played cards plus chess. In the same year his father tried to make him go home but couldn’t. But a year later tesla got deported and tesla’s father died. Tesla’s uncles, Petar and Pavle, came to his rescue and put together enough money so tesla could come to prague. but arrived too late to enroll in Karl-Ferdinand University so instead he spent most of his time at the Klementinum Library and Narodni Kavarna, The Clementinum is historic complex of buildings in Prague.

Until recently the complex hosted the National, University and Technical libraries, the City Library also being located nearby on Marianske Namesti. Around one year later tesla gets his second job and his Uncle arranged it, he worked at budapest. the year after tesla wanted to solve the riddle of A. C. Power, then 2 months later tesla got job in paris, at a Edison fatality. After a year tesla shows his newly made A. C. motor to the former mayor of Strasbourg. The next year in tesla’s life he moves to the U. S. , New york and one day later metes Edison.

March, 1885: Tesla Electric Light Company was created then later that year tesla quit edison because Edison cheated tesla out of 50,000 dollars U. S. . Running out of money tesla ent to manual labor to survive. Two years later tesla had a speech before the AIEE which is now the IEEE then sells patches to wessing house Which is Cach payment of 25,000 and 50,000 in notes plus a royalty of $2. 50 per horsepower for each motor. Around a year later tesla , Tesla located a new laboratory at 175 Grand St. and opened it in his name. Tesla visited Paris for the Universal Exposition and nveiling of the Eiffel Tower so in a way tesla went to europe.

After a year tesla created the neon light to be one of his most important inventions. Then Edison did his execution. Then Tesla Forfeits A. C. Royalties from westinghouse. After the next year Tesla Lecture Before AIEE again. Then the succeeding year tesla goes to london to take one at bother lecture. Then lectures people in paris, then 2 months later his mother dies, after there is more lectures to various people. The next year The success of the Tesla Polyphase System installed at the exposition ensured Westinghouse would be selected to harness Niagara.

Then does more lectures for the rest of the year then after his lecture (the year after) Tesla is voted corresponding member of the Serbian Royal Academy of Belgrade which is a seberin role academy. A year later tesla’s fifth ave. lab burns and the first generator for niagara is tested. After a year niagra was finished plus Tesla was elected honorary member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. Then for the next 3 years tesla lectures. then tesla did current around the globe which is an utobiography which tesla sharted to work on in the 1900.

One year later tesla partners with jp morgan which owns 51% of his company. (highlighted the bio book by Sean patrick eslauniverse. com) The first thing that tesla was lost was when tesla rival, Guglielmo Marconi, succeeds in sending the first radio transmission across the Atlantic Ocean, but the real reason tesla was mad was because the first radio was really made by Tesla. Later that month tesla started working on a tower the tower was known as “The World-Wide Wireless System known as Wardenclyffe Tower. ” (tesla universe. om) Two years later they finished the Tower and they started testing the Wardenclyffe.

A year later the Colorado Springs power company sued tesla for his power usage. Although 2 years later tesla’s new turbine was made public but that same year Wardenclyffe workers laid off because J. B morgan withdrew his support and tesla was not able to pay all the workers. Also tesla was contracted to make a speedometer for a watch company Waltham Watch Company and this speedometer was only in luxury cars. One year later, tesla was eager to locate alternate funding for the Wardenclyffe roject so he opened an office building on broadway.

Although in an another 2 years the injustice when Marconi wid Nobel prise for radio when he really did not invent the first working radio it was tesla who shud have won and tesla knew it. The next year Gaining some initial success with his turbines, Tesla relocates his office to the Metropolitan Tower. Later that year tesla’s best friend Mark Twain dies if a heart attack. The next year Over a period of several months, Tesla tests numerous models of steam turbines.

The next year his best and wealthiest investor Mr. Astor and his wife were aboard the “Titanic” which began to sink after colliding with an iceberg, So in conclusion Tesla’s most generous investor died. George Westinghouse died in New York City, at age 67 as a Civil War veteran he had the perfect partnership with Tesla. The next year, Thomas Edison and Tesla had to share the nobel prize in the category of physics. The next year, Tesla declared bankrupt because the Wardenclyffe property had around 900. 00 U. S. dollar in debt and officially was penniless. But the next year Tesla receives an Edison medal it was the highest award the AIEE can offer.

Later that year the Wardenclyffe was destroyed then after 17 days tesla moved from new york to chicago. The same year tesla thinks of the Radar. The next year he comes back to New York and went to the hotel St. Regis and he stayed on the sixteenth floor and the seventh room coming out to 1607. Bt the next year tesla wrote the book “My Inventions” by Nikola Tesla 4 years later Tesla moved to the hotel Marguery with a tent of 15. 00 dollars a day U. S. which is an outrageous amount of money. The next the same hotel sues tesla for leaving with a 3,000. 00 dollar debt

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