Music History Study Guide

It’s a symphonic poem. It started out as an orchestral work, then a sonata, but ended as a piece specifically for piano. It tells a story, which is unknown, displayed through various harmonic progressions, over 5 against 9 patterns. Textures Found/lamentations: For piano Form: It has four sections, with variations of the A and B themes. Movement Descriptions: Section 1 goes from measure 1 to 27. It has both the A and B themes intertwined over block chords. Section 2 goes from 41 to 65.

At the beginning f this section, there is a fluctuating bass and middle voice with various rhythmic motives. At the closer end of the section, only the middle voice fluctuates, while the bass line arpeggios various chords. Section 3 has an A’, B, and transition theme. All three parts between measures 77-95 have rapid triplets, whether it’s over chords, leaping bass line, or alternating with tremolos or high-pulsed chords. Finally, section 4 goes from 107 to 125. Similar to section 3, it has tremolos and high-pulsed chords, with a look back on both the A and B themes, but the B theme has been cut short and is only the beginning.

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The piece overall isn’t technically tonal, but has variations of two triton sets, E-A#-G#-D, with a few C# or F#s intertwined. And the final note, D#, releases the tension that would’ve been felt. New/Recycled Material Found: There are also several dissonances that reflect the earlier works of Mussorgsky and Debussy. These dissonances provide harmonic color. Story/Text Synopsis: The title of this piece kind of portrays a Journey of sorts, but it isn’t really spelled out. Well as pitches that are at least three staves (whoa! ). There are a lot of block chords in the left hand, with the melody within the right hand.

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