Music and History

Hildebrand von Binge “Play of Virtues” At the beginning of the song, it wasn’t singing instead she was talking. Then she started to sing right after she was done talking. I couldn’t follow the translation because it sounded like Latin or French. I kept listening to it over and over but I couldn’t understand what the words meant. She does have the most beautiful voice though. She sounds like an opera singer. I noticed when she hit high notes she sounded off key. It was way too high pitch and much louder, and stronger vocal.

At the point when she went back to normal pitch, it sounds so much better and was a little quiet. The background sounds like music in a catholic church. I believe it is an chapel music with solo vocal without instrumental sound. In this song, the most striking feature is chapel music with monophonic texture. I think this song is successful because it is very calm and smooth background although some pitches are way too high for her to sing. She reached her highest pitch at 3:18 in the song. Music and History By diethylstilbestrol

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