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Modern History and New Good Values

people nowadays work hard to buy more thing. This has made our lives generally comfortable but many traditional values and customs have been lost and this is a pity To what extent do you agree or disagree? It is undeniable that the average person’s life has changed enormously during the last few decades owing to the huge impact of modern technology and economic development. What some people believe is that many traditional values and customs have been lost in our generally more comfortable lives.

From my everyday experiences and observations, I will give a both-side look at this statement. It can be argued that some changes in our lives have had negative impact on not only the nature but also the human environment. For example, the value of family was very important in the past but on these days, people seem to have more things and more entertainment which cannot compensate for the loss of family relationships. One reason for this loss is that families spend less time together.

As a result of this, crime rates and divorce rates have increased and peole have lost any sense of community. On the other hand, the high standard of living enables us to remain and improve traditional values and customs, even creat new ones. As evidence of this, people nowadays have many opportunities to attend school for personal development. Education, therefore, is highly respected and becomes a great value to any person.

Furthermore, we can go over the world for volunteer social activities and humanity. The world seems to be smaller for sharing and helping people. In conclusion, I think everything has both two sides. There is evidence to suggest that some of the changes we have experienced in the modern world has affected some traditional values in a negative way, especially in term of the families. But it is clear that when we enjoy our comfortable life, we also creat new good values for our better world.

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