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Literature Review On Gun Violence In California Essay

Literature Review

Gun-related homicide is a major concern for the state of California. The state of California created a law that was passed into law on March 23, 1989. The law was assumed to put a major dent in combating gun-related homicides and gun violence in general. California thinks the bill still does well for combating gun violence. The law banned weapons that were classified as “Assault Weapons”. The bill was named, the Robert-Roos Assault Weapons Act of 1989, which provided a general assault weapons ban, and registration of specified weapons for citizens in the state of California.
The overall trend the state of California thought this law would do is to reduce gun-related homicides and gun violence. What effects in gun-related…

Wyoming is a state that was used to research the differences between California assault weapons ban and other states. A few empirical studies have also been done on an Assault Weapons Ban that was introduced to the entire country that was an excellent comparative study on the issue of gun violence with assault weapons bans or no assault weapons ban. The center for disease control also did a study on strategies for preventing violence with firearm laws.
The Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989 is a law that made unlawful of owning and trading of over 50 models of semi-automatic firearms classified as “assault weapons.” Most of the firearms…

That question needs to be answered and the evidence needs to be great as well. The work displayed by Koper and other government organizations has been a great start on finding the truth in this research question, but more research needs to be done to get an absolute answer on whether or not an assault weapons ban is effective for reducing gun-related homicide. There is many gaps in the research in finding if the California assault weapons ban is effective or not in reducing gun-related homicides. The gaps in research are the multiple factors why gun-related homicides happen. Also, states have their own gun legislation including California, can deter results of this research, The research would also benefit from using the maximum size of population in the United States instead of comparing one state to another. My overall perspective on gun-related homicide is a problem and this topic needs to be studied by more people to get a group perspective on this…

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