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Kookie: A Fictional Narrative Essay

“Kookie! ” Jimin shouted running around the house checking every single room looking for Jungkook not leaving a single corner left unchecked. “Jimin what the fuck are you doing?! ” Yoongi cursed while sitting on the toilet as Jimin thoroughly looked around the bathroom for any sign of Jungkook “I’m looking for Jungkookie, have you seen him hyung? ” he said putting the shampoo bottle down looking over to his hyung who looked like he was ready to kill him “I don’t give a shit! So get the fuck out already! ” he picked up the toilet plumber and threw it at Jimin just skinning the top of is head “you’re lucky you’re short! Yoongi shouted as he ran out of the bathroom closing the door behind him “woah seems like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning” he shrugged continuing with his search “Jungkook! Jeon Jungkook! Where are you?! ” Jimin continued to shout over and over again upon entering the kitchen.

He stopped the moment he felt a slight wind blow by the side of his cheek. Stuttering he looked over to his side looking at the kitchen knife that was embedded into the wall. The blood flushed out of his face making him pale. He averted his gaze to he kitchen table where Jin was standing with his hands on his hip tapping his foot. o-oh hi Jin. How’s liiife? ” he said forcing a smile “you’ll lose yours if you don’t get out of my kitchen” he said sternly coldly staring at Jimin “o-okay” Jimin slowly backed out of the kitchen releasing his breath not even realizing he held it in “okay time to go check Taehyung’s room” Jimin stated heading up the stairs towards Tae’s room. He knocked on the door and opened it “hey Tae have you seen Jungk- “afjwncofbsjcjfbskxidbewvf! ” Tae screamed into his brush dancing around his room as his face burned a bright flush of red Jimin closed the door sighing “Namjoon hyung Tae’s trying to rap the cyphers!

Again! ” Jimin waited for Namjoon to show up so he could stop Tae from embarrassing himself, again. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “where is he?! ” Namjoon huffed placing his hands on his thighs catching his breath “he’s in his room” Jimin pointed towards the room that was right beside him “Move over! That boi needs to be stopped! ” Namjoon pushed Jimin to the side busting into Tae’s room shutting the door behind him. Screams were heard from the other side of the door. Jimin placed his ear on the door listening to Tae’s Screams. After a few more minutes everything went silent “did Namjoon kill Tae?

Shit I should check it out” he hesitantly pushed the door open sticking his head into the room “hey Tae you still breathing bro? ” *gasps* “I’m telling Jin hyung! ” “no don’t! He’s going to starve me! ” Namjoon looked up at Jimin as he sat on top of Tae’s stomach pressing a pillow down over tae’s face suffocating him “I won’t if he’s still alive, and you have to give me a raise on my allowance” Jimin raised an eyebrow while crossing his arms over his chest “deal, I think Tae’s still alive” he removed the pillow and slapped him across the face hey you alive Taehyung?! he said with a poker face still slapping him across the face “oh he twitched! Well he’s still alive so you can leave now” he said motioning his hand at Jimin telling him to leave “fine but have you seen Jungkook? ” “no” “okay then have fun” he waved at them and walked away continuing his search for Jungkook “well what am I suppose to do with him? ” Namjoon asked himself placing his hand onto his chin “ah I got it” he said hitting the palm of his hand with his fist “I’ll come get you later Tae” he said dragging Tae into the closet “hey what’s with all the commotion?!

Yoongi yawned scratching the back of his head walking into the room “Tae was rapping our cyphers” “so what! ” “your part. ” Yoongi’s eyes widened in shock and looked at Namjoon blankly “I’ll go get the rope and duct tape, you make sure Tae doesn’t wake up” he turned on his heel and walked out of the room “Roger that Yoongi hyung” he saluted sitting on top of Tae making sure he doesn’t run away Tae twitched and slowly opened his eyes to find himself face first on the ground with a weight on his back “Hyung? ” “yeah” “why are you sitting on me? ” “I’m waiting for Yoongi hyung to get back with the rope and duct ape” .. an you please get off me” “no” “but I don’t want to disappear again!! ” he screamed struggling to get Namjoon off of him kicking and screaming. “I’m back” Yoongi said walking in with a roll of duct tape in his left hand and in the other a long rope “fuck off Yoongi! ” “what did you just say? ” he hissed in a deep threatening voice “ah what I meant to say was please fuck off Yoongi hyung” “that’s better” he said in a satisfed tone kneeling down beside Tae’s head HOSEOK HYUNG! SAVE ME! YOONGI HYUNG IS GONNA MAKE ME GO MISSING AGAIN!! ”

“SHUT UP TAE! he hissed through gritted teeth placing a piece f duct tape over his mouth patting it down making sure it was secure “Don’t worry Tae l’ll make sure Yoongi hyung doesn’t let you go missing for that long” Tae nodded his head in approvement and put his wrists together placing them in front of Yoongi so he could tape them. After he finished wrapping the tape around he wrists and feet together they locked the closet and clapped their hands together dusting them off “what do think Jin made for breakfast today? l’m hungry” Yoongi said walking away acting like nothing happened “where’s Tae?! I heard him call me, is he in danger?!

Hoseok shouted running into the room oh he’s just playing hide and go seek with Jungkook” Yoongi said bluntly lieing right to Hoseok’s face “yeah just leave those kids alone and let’s go eat breakfast! ” Namjoon said flinging his arm around Hoseok’s shoulders leading him down to the kitchen Yoongi looked over to the closet and felt guilty of making him go missing again “I’ll release you at midnight today so you can use the washroom but I’m locking you back up right after that” There was nothing but silence as a response but Yoongi just shrugged it off and walked away **** “Jungkook’s POV “What the fuck is wrong with that hyung?

Jungkook complained looking through the window on the second floor sitting outside on the tree in front of the window “because of him I’m sitting in a tree” He sighed leaning back against the tree closing his eyes “at least it’s nice and quiet out here, and to make it better it’s Jimin free” he let out a breath of relief slowly drifting off to sleep “Jungkook! Jungkookie! Where are you?! ” Jungkook grinder his teeth together as he heard Jimin still shouting his name calling for him “tch persistent bastard” he cursed keeping his eyes closed, but the shouting got on his last nerve.

He sat up with an irritated expression on his face as the vain in his neck popped out making it extremely visible. “he’s so fucking annoying! ” he scratched the back of his head standing up on his feet. He looked down to the left of him and saw the front door “I’m to lazy for that kind of shit” he said looking back at the window which was at least 4 feet away from the tree where he stood “better than walking” he shrugged and without hesitation he jumped at the window holding his arms up covering his face as he crashed thought the glass shattering it causing everyone to stop what they were doing and question where the sound came from.

As he landed he summer saulted over his right arm sliding on his feet crouched down as he made contact with the ground “shit that was louder than I thought it would be” he said standing up dusting off the pieces of glass that got on his sweater. He saw a red droplet land on his sleeve as he dusted himself off, he touched his left cheek and looked at his fingers seeing blood “great now Jimin hyung is going to cry if he finds out that my face got injured” he sighed and kept dusting the glass bits off himself **** “what was that?! ” “why are you asking us Jin?! ” “what did you just say? ah nothing” Namjoon said quietly looking away “I thought so” “did you guys hear that?! ” Jimin asked running into the kitchen “everyone looked worried and shocked, we’ll except for Yoongi who just sat in his chair eating his grilled cheese sandwich not even the slightest bit worried or shocked “Yoongi hyung how are you so calm? ” Jimin asked walking up to him “well because I don’t give a shit or a fuck about it” he shrugged continuing to eat his sandwich “and besides it’s probably just Jungkook” he said with food still in his mouth “how can you be so sure Yoongi? ”

He looked up and smirked at us “how do you think I know? ” Jin gasped as he just got it and slapped Yoongi on the head with a spatula “you taught him?!! ” “duh, who else would teach him to be lazy and not use the door and just go through the window” “you son of a bitch! This is my house! ” “hey you told us not to swear so why are you swearing? ” “because I’m the Queen and I can do whatever I want and you guys are my peasants so you do what I say” “that ain’t fair! ”

“Who cares you said it was Jungkook right?! ” Jimin asked grabbing Yoongi by the cheeks staring into his eyes “yeah I did” yay Jungkookie I’m coming! he shouted with glee releasing Yoongi running up to the second floor **** “Yoongi hyung’s lessons on how to be lazy really helps” Jungkook said walking down the hall towards the stairs. He haulted to a stop when he heard Jimin running up the stairs calling for him “fuck” he sighed standing still not even trying to run away and hide since he knew Jimin was going to find him anyways “Jungkook are you okay?! ” he ran up to him scanning his body for any injuries “I’m perfectly fine hyung” Jungkook rolled his eyes at his Hyundai behavior and sighed “no you’re not!

Your face has a scratch on it! ” he said grabbing Jungkook’s face pulling his face close to his so he could examine “you’re really annoying” Jungkook croaked at him slapping Jimin by the wrist to get him away from his face “yah! Jeon Jungkook! ” Jimin angryly shouted at Jungkook gripping his wrist “what do you want now?! ” Jungkook hissed Jimin felt hurt by his words but didn’t want to seem weak in front of him so he held his ground, he took a deep breath to calm himself down and stared at him “you’re being extremely disrespectful, is that how you talk towards your hyung?! ummm seeing the way I talked to you just now my answer is yes” he smirked Jimin felt embarrassed and defeated by Jungkook not knowing what to say next “you know you’re actually really cute hyung when you’re at a loss for words like that after being defeated by me” he said patting Jimin on the head as he walked pass him “Bastsrd” Jimin mumbled under his breath clenching his fists as his blood started to boil from anger “come back here Jungkook! ” he shouted stomping toward the stairs. He was in such a hurry he extended his leg to far over the first two steps causing him to lose his balance falling over

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