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Creative Writing: The Nurse Essay

My nose was filled with the scent of old people and medicine as I roamed the hospital halls. I was searching for my brother. I looked around the long narrow hallway trying to find my brother’s room. I looked into the room closest to to me. I grabbed the paper file beside the door and opened it. “Nope not his. ” I stated. I went to another door. There was no file. The room must have been empty. I had checked a few more rooms in this hallway. “If he’s not in this hallway, he must be somewhere else. ” I could have asked a person at the service desk, but they wouldn’t let me near a cancerous patient.

I saw a person wandering the halls. A nurse: I panicked and looked around. If she saw me, the nurse would certainly tell my parents. I saw the empty room from earlier. Don’t do it. My self conscious told me. But of course, I did it anyway. I opened the door quietly and shut it. The room was completely dark. I searched through the room for a light switch. Finally, I found it! I cut on the light and turned to inspect the room. “I-is that b- blood? ” I said and looked at the blood soaked sheets on the rough hospital bed. I shrieked and ran out of the door. I didn’t bother to cut off the light.

I frantically turned my head both ways to make sure she was gone. “How did she get away so quickly? ” I had kept searching for isaac’s room after that bloody incident. I looked threw another file. Isaac Lewis guthrie. I questioned whether to eavesdrop or not. I leaned against the door like a spy on a mission. As I thought of the pros and cons I heard one of the doctors moving around in the room. I peered through the window, trying to capture what the doctor was doing. They scanned through papers being sure their current problem at hand was true or false. I sat there trying to indicate what they ere speaking of.

I looked into the room and my eyes locked onto the bed. Isaac lay there limply. “Is he d-dead? ” I whispered to myself. “What are you doing out here? ” I shrieked and jumped back almost falling. I looked up to see whom this strange speaker was. That nurse from earlier! “Well? ” She said and I realized that didn’t give her an answer. “Looking for my brother. ” I replied quietly. “Now young lady we don’t permit kids to explore. Neither adults. ” The nurse stated. “Uhm.. I know, but i was worried about him” I quickly answered. “Well young lady I need you to leave” She said angrily. No!

I want to know what y’all are doing to him. ” I growled. She scoffed and I saw a glint of red in her eyes. I turned on my feet to run. I ran down a different hall, then before. “Dang it it’s a dead end! ” I shouted. I looked behind my back. The nurse had returned. As she got closer I got scared. I balled up my fist and threw a punch. “. ” | didn’t feel the impact. Did she move? I questioned in my head. I opened my eyes to see my fist going threw her chest. I started to breath heavily. The last thing saw before fainting, was the woman smiling creepily, I slowly opened my eyes as a bright ight covered my vision.

I groaned as my head throbbed. “What happened? ” I questioned. My head burned and was filled with pain. I could hardly open my eyes. I finally got the strength to open my eyes completely. I sat up looking around the. cell? “Wait where am l? Who put me in here! ” I yelled, but it hurt my head more. I sat up and lifted my body off of the bed. As soon as my left foot carried my wait, I screamed in pain. When i had fallen on the floor there was a cream colored paper. “Don’t cut on the lights” was all the note said. I winced and tried to get up. I idn’t understand what it meant.

The lights in here were already on. I flopped back down on the bed, pulling my leg up as well. I inspected my left leg. My ankle was bruised and a purplish color. “It must be sprained or the bone is broken” My mother was a doctor at the hospital. That’s why Isaac got to come in for free. I Have to get Isaac out of here. There’s no way i’m letting him stay in here. What about my foot? I said in my head. I can’t walk. I bared the pain and stood up. As I got up I winced and limped to the door. I tried opening it, but it was locked. It was locked from the outside.

I kept wobbling the door knob. There’s no point. I looked around for another way out of here. I found a way out, but it would be hard. How would I pry the vent open? I questioned. I searched the room. It was a hospital room, there has to be something here. I checked a cabinet for something. It had a bunch of tools. “No screwdrivers.. Well that would be obvious. ” I huffed thinking there was no way out. “Wait! The scalpel can work. ” I Said and grabbed the sharp blade. “Now i need to find a way to reach it. ” I pul onto it. “Still not tall enough. Instead, I moved a desk over here.

I tood on top of it and started unscrewing it. The vent fell with a loud THUD. I cringed and climbed into the rafters. l crawled through them. “I’m glad I’m small enough to f-” I cut myself off. “How will I find his room! ” I whisper yelled. I searched and searched for hours. “How did nobody hear me? ” | said. I reached the waiting lobby and looked down through one of the vents. “Everybody’s.. Gone? ” I said, seeing not one trace of life. I thought for a moment. “Wait i’ll follow the way i went from the lobby to his room! Now that I see the lobby, I know where to go. ” I said determined.

I turned to the vent next to me and kept crawling. “There’s the empty room from earlier. ” I said. “That means i’m close. ” I added. After 20 long minutes I found his room. “There’s a vent” I whispered, not knowing if somebody was in the room. I peered down into it and saw nothing. I grabbed the scalpel out of my pants pocket and unscrewed it. It’s going to fall in 3. 2. 1 THUD. I knew somebody would of heard it so I waited a few seconds. “Nobody’s come in yet. ” I said. I grabbed the side with both of my hands and dropped my body threw the opened space. I landed on my feet. I let out a iercing scream.

I had forgotten about my foot. The lights were off. I couldn’t see where I was going. I limped over to the light and flicked it on. I wasn’t thinking about what the note said at the time. I was too busy trying to free isaac. I walked over to the closed curtain. With tears staining my face, I took in a deep up a chair and climbed breath and opened up the baby blue curtain. There, in front of my eyes was the nurse looming over Isaacs decided body. I looked at her with wide eyes seeing the bloody scalpel in her hand. “I told you not to cut on the light” She said and lunged at me. The End

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