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John Lennon’s Assassination

When I first started my research I decided to use an Internet source because it seemed like it would be very simple to find information on the Internet. After searching fro hours and not finding much information on the Internet I decided to go look at my packet at some websites that could help me, I went to www. google. com, and searched from there. I found some periodicals on a website and continued to search on different sites. I found some information about Mark David Chapman on, the killer of John Lennon, on www. geocites. com, which was very helpful.

Then I got some books at the library and used them. I used the books much more than any other source. One book was extremely useful it was called The Covert War Against Rock because it talked about how the government played with the minds of John Lennon and his family. If I could I probably could have written my entire paper right out of that book but there were other required sources, and “required means required. ” I then used my Encarta, which really didn’t help at all because it talked of John Lennon’s life as a child and as a teen growing up in England and that not what my paper was about.

I had the most trouble trying to develop a thesis statement. I ouldn’t develop a thesis statement because there were many different theories and topics about John Lennon that I could write about. It was hard to develop a thesis statement also because I needed a statement that fit the paper like glove. It couldn’t be to vague where I could write a novel on it, and it couldn’t be to specific because then I wouldn’t be able to write enough on it.

I also had trouble finding information about John Lennon on the Internet because every time I would type his name into a search it would ask me if I wanted to download John Lennon music or get lyrics fro his music, and that is not what I was looking for. The hardest research question to answer was definitely how did John Lennon promote peace. There was very limited information on this topic, which surprised me because so many people are interested in John Lennon’s peace promotions and rallies.

When I found the book on the conspiracies and facts people didn’t know about John Lennon and the government called The Covert War Against Rock I knew it was going to be a major breakthrough. I then breathed a sigh of relief, because I had been in a slump trying to find information on that specific topic. I felt like I didn’t have any note cards compared to nybody else and when I found that book and took noted I was then ahead of the pack. Other kids in the class helped me take notes by giving me tips on how to interpret the information onto my note cards.

Also my mom went o the library fro me and picked up my books, which was probably the biggest help because if I didn’t have those books my paper would be about a page long. My parents did a big part in the project helping me with the format works cited page, and helping me proofread my entire paper. Also I interviewed my mom for the interview portion of the project. Throughout my project I learned how to take notes and write my entire roject in MLA format, which I know will help in the future.

I now know that when I get a project I want to get to the library early because when everybody has a project to do they are all going to go to the library and take out books and I need to get their early so that I can get what I need. Before I wrote this paper I didn’t even know there was such a thing as MLA format and now I know what it is and I can use it in high school and in college without a problem. The stories about how the government harasses Lennon and his family meant the most to me because I couldn’t even imagine how bad it ould be to live thinking every day somebody living in your own home was going to kill you.

To get letters and phone calls everyday telling you someone was going to kill you and your family would be unbearable. Before I knew all this about John Lennon I thought he had a great, peaceful life but now I know that it was terrible frightening and very hectic. Before I even started my research I didn’t know if I wanted to write about John Lennon’s life as a musician, but then I thought of it and everybody already knows about his life as a musician, so I found a book on his conflicts with the government and not many people know about that.

I wrote the paper about the parts of John Lennon’s life that weren’t all glory and happiness. Another person on our team had the same topic as me and throughout the project we helped each other out and gave each other information on Lennon and his family even though our topics were not exactly alike. It was difficult to stay organized throughout this project. It was very important to be organized though. If I had become too unorganized the entire project would have gone down the drain. So, organization was one of the biggest factors in this project that lead up to where I am now.

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